You Idiots!  It's Not Obama They Fear, but the Millions of Poor Blacks Living in Ghettoes  


Poor Barrack Obama!  The media is now basically constantly asking him if all this opposition in the health care debate to universal health care is because of the color of his skin.  Here's a guy that has strived to be above race and even to avoid discussions of it.  He wants to live in a "post-racial" America, but now the media is directly asking him about the connection between his skin color and hatred of him by racists.

But this problem of race is not mostly about Obama or even much about Obama.  Most whites would probably welcome him to their home.  He is a nice fellow with proper manners and is not someone to fear. 

It's not Obama the racists and rednecks are focusing on!  What really scares them is the fact that the liberals are once again trying to help the black and brown minorities (and many poor whites) and they have been fighting that ever since the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott of 1956. 

The problem of race is primarily a social and political one.  Skin color, of course, is very important too.  Whites are scared of what they have created.  Ghetto families are mostly multi-problem families.  It would take a lot of money to overcome the many problems facing ghetto families.  In other words, equality is expensive.  The whites are afraid of blacks especially because they know they have lots of problems and bring problems with them wherever they go.  The prejudice and discrimination toward these people insures that they will stay in the ghettoes and continue to have multiple problems.  It's a never ending cycle. 

Whites do not want liberals spending money to improve the situation of the blacks.  After all, white people do get a lot of benefit from having white skin.  And they don't want to lose their advantage. 

The people of the USA just refuse to have an honest discussion of race.  They refuse to admit that it is a much more serious problem for the nation than ever described before (except for yours truly!).  This intellectual and factual dishonesty is reflected in our media focusing on just one black man, Barrack Obama.  No, it's Obama plus millions and millions of other black people.  (And browns.)


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

September 20, 2009


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