What is a Redneck? 




The problem with the United States is that there are too many rednecks in the population.  But there are lots of liberals who act dumb and say they have no idea of what a redneck is.  Or they say that there are rednecks in New York State just as there are rednecks in Alabama.  The last part is true.  There are rednecks in northern states and far western states, but they are not in the great proportion as they are in the states of the old Confederacy. 


A redneck is a person who first and foremost is prejudiced against minority populations.  The degree of racism can vary considerably, but it's still racism. 

Racism is part of a larger problem of being afraid of others who are different.  For instance, rednecks are afraid of immigrants, primarily those who are considered "people of color".

The fear of others who are different also explains the redneck foreign policy approach.  rednecks think they must be tough toward others who are different.  They will support numerous wars out of their fear that the other nations are out to destroy them.  The Vietnam War did not discourage the faith of the rednecks in war; a war in Afghanistan did not stop them; a trumped-up war in Iraq doesn't discourage them.  They are the first to support the demand to start bombing other nations, especially Iran. 

Given the fear factor, the rednecks always support the police and the military.  They are most concerned with maintaining the social order.  This is especially important given that they think the minority populations (especially the blacks) have to be contained.  rednecks also will support what others would consider "police abuse" and the use of torture by the armed forces. 

rednecks are very willing for the government to take away basic civil rights in favor of greater social control of others not like them.  In the process, they will also lose civil rights but they think they are over-valued anyway.  Only the liberals really like civil rights, they reason. 

rednecks tend to like evangelical religions because these religions stress the need for social control that rednecks think is so necessary.  These religions also tend to justify redneck ways.  They are a part of redneck culture that is racist, xenophobic, anti-civil liberties and for social control. 

rednecks always face the potential of becoming political fascists.  They are the type of people who would support a Hitler. The USA has a great potential for fascism.  There have been many examples in American history of the use of fascist methods to get what rednecks want politically: the Palmer raids, McCarthyism, hate radio and the use of torture.    

rednecks are much more approving of lies in social and political life.  The worst of them don't believe in evolution or the green house effect.  Many of them believe the the Bible is literally true.  And they approve of destroying others by using lies.  They don't really care about the truth of political ads, for instance, at least not for the ads against liberals.  In fact, rednecks make up falsehoods and then spread them to other rednecks who then tell other rednecks.  (I remember how the redneck shipyard workers in Jacksonville, Florida -- where I grew up -- would say that if you go down to the ghetto you will see lots of "n"'s driving around in pink Cadillacs.

rednecks are the backbone of the Republican party.  This party's geographic support is from the states of the old Confederacy (and some border states) as well as states that are highly rural.  In other words, the areas that are less developed. 


Am I insulting these people?  Of course.  They need to be insulted.  Racists and fear-mongers need to be insulted.  Certainly the liberals are too afraid politically to speak out against them.  In fact, the liberals with their "politically-correct" approach to the truth have made the perfectly descriptive term "redneck" non-usable because it is defined as politically incorrect. 



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. d.

October 9, 2008


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