The Voters of Massachusetts End Any Chance of Changing the United State for the Better, at least for Now; 

But on the Positive Side, At Least This Disgusting Health Care Debate will End for Awhile


Liberal Massachusetts?  Massachusetts, of all states, slaps the memory of Teddy Kennedy right in the face (or should I says spites in his face?), as they reject for the whole nation the chance to finally have reform in our terrible health system.  And it is not only that Massachusetts destroyed the hope for chance in the health area, but also in many, many other areas.  For instance, what's the chance of any legislation passing in the last three years of Obama's presidency?  Very slim indeed.  No other advanced industrial society is in such need of reform and yet Massachusetts rejects change for all of us, except for regressive change.   The United States is such a terrible role model for anything and everything, that not only can't it lead the world to a better situation, it can't even lead itself there. 

The Republican voters who stopped change in the United States (except for small things done here and there) are the same ones who caused our near depression in the United States.  After they nearly ruined the country financially and economically, they suddenly decided that no spending programs that don't help the white middle class, should be rejected.  These Republican voters are rednecks, domestic terrorists and liars.  They are just morally disgusting. 

But on the positive side, for my own happiness, at least I won't have to listen to all this Republican crap propaganda about Obama being a fascist, socialist, communist politician.  (I still haven't figured out what the hell a fascist-communist is?  And I won't be able to figure it out, because the terms are diametrically opposed.)  And maybe now there won't be any more talk about these stupid tea bagging parties with rednecks everywhere, threatening liberal citizens with violence.  Or, at least, one can hope they disappear. 

I just hope that our passive liberals won't start criticizing Obama for the loss.  The blame belongs only on racism and the rednecks.  The United States has been two societies in one ever since the beginning.  Two societies that with very different economies,therefore, had very different ways of life, including values.  We fought a civil war because of this division fed by racism and we fought a tough battle for the triumph of the civil rights movements in the late 50's and 60's against racists galore.  We desperately needed a change from that proto-fascist George Bush II and Obama provided at least offered a chance for change. 

But just because Obama became president, didn't mean that suddenly the rednecks and racism were going to disappear in the United States.  And that's not Obama's fault.  So, lay off Obama, and especially the white journalists and other pundits should be looking for the causes of our terrible performance in the same problem the USA has always had:  the racism of the whites, primarily in the South and in rural areas, especially in the Midwest. (And yet still much alive in whites even in places like Massachusetts!)

Ah, the poor world!   They held out hope that finally the United States would be a good role model and leader for a world that fights racism, poverty and global warming.  They thought we would move away from our redneck heritage and be a model for change.  But no, the USA is still a tea bagging nation of rednecks.  You'll have to look elsewhere for leadership.  Europe should try to unite itself more and work as the role model.  A racist country like the United States cannot be a role model for the world.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 

January 20, 2010

It's almost funny to watch the liberals on television asking each other what happened in Massachusetts.  They mention the health care debate and the high unemployment rate.  They say Obama didn't get involved enough or the Democratic candidate didn't work hard enough.  Why do these pundits never really mention race and racism?  When 70% percent of the whites without college education vote for the Republican and nearly all the blacks for the Democrat, this is almost complete racial polarization!  And yet even knowing these facts, the liberals are afraid to call a racist, a racist.  There really is an agreement between conservatives and liberals to always downplay racism, because they are afraid of the political and economic results of doing so.  It's like they have an agreed upon script to mention everything under the sun except race!  I would say you can bet everything you own that if in a liberal state like Massachusetts, the Democrat gets trounced, that racism is the problem.  Less educated whites know that the health bill will really help the blacks and browns because so many of them don't have any kind of insurance.  And they are going to oppose spending a lot of money on the minorities, when this could move the minorities closer to the whites in equality.  They are not going to spend their money on that!  Youshould know that when you have white guys in Massachusetts acting like out-of-control rednecks that, as a liberal, you've got a real big problem.  But let's pretend that racism is not involved in this, shall we?  Of course.

So, let's just smile and laugh at the pundits as they go around in circles trying to explain what happened in any terms other than race and racism.  It almost makes me want to give up on the country, frankly.  Is there any hope for the USA, when you can't even count on the liberals? 



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