The Vernon Johns Society Entry on Facebook is Personal Theft of My Name and Reputation and a Personal  Insult to Me and Vernon Johns 



I sent the following message to Mr. Freeman concerning his theft of my Vernon Johns Society name. 


June 5, 2012


Dear Mr. Freeman: 

My name is Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

I am the author for almost everything on the Vernon Johns.Org website.

I know the Johns family well.

I looked over your website. It's terrible. It has little to do with Vernon Johns. And you have military spokesmen and anti-terrorist people on the site. And then you have information about such bastards as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Vernon Johns would have no truck with all this nonsense.

What connection is there between the name of your Facebook entry and Vernon Johns? Your work is a travesty.

I want you to rename your site, because I am on Facebook now and will use my society name for the real work of civil rights.

I will contact the Johns family to see what it will take to get you to give up the name of my Vernon Johns Society and the name of Vernon Johns.

I am also going to contact Facebook directly and says that I will sue them for putting a stolen name on your website.

You really have a nerve. You steal my intellectual reputation to boost your own website and you insult both me and Vernon Johns. You don't deserve you use the name!!

You're defaming the Vernon Johns Society by your Facebook setup. It has got to stop!

I would like to hear from you, but I am still going to force you off whether you answer or not.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



Actually I think this Freeman character must be a conservative person with a conservative website that is the very opposite of what Vernon Johns Stood for. 

He has lots of conservative people writing him.  I looked through the messages and found them offensive or vapid.  I don't detect a single liberal writing to Joel A. Freeman.  What a farce his Facebook site is.  And what a thief he is.  And I didn't see anything about Vernon Johns in the website.  What a charlatan!!!