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When I started this website, many years ago now, I was still somewhat naive, even though I had discovered already that racism is a much underrated social factor in American society and culture.  In fact, my intellectual journey has involved a steady rethinking of the impact of racism, each time becoming more depressed about its importance.  I discovered that I live in a racist society and in a time where not even blacks speak out against in any important way to impact the depth of that racism.  (We live in a Booker T. Washington world, phase II, and I am virtually alone in speaking out against its terrible consequences. I have wondered if there is room for a prophetic voice, such as that of Vernon Johns, in these conservative days.  Probably not.  But at another point in time, where the negative consequences of racism have increased in intensity and number, there will be time for what I have written.)

So, to illustrate my once great naiveté about just how strong racism is both within the white and black worlds, I leave this part of the website on here for historical interest.     Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 


Vernon Johns was an important figure in the civil rights movement; the sociology of race relations; and predecessor of Martin Luther King Jr.

It's not so much that humans can't handle the truth;

it's more that humans don't want to know the truth.   

The Vernon Johns Society wants to know the truth, regardless of whom we might upset.

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General purpose
Speak Now Against the Day: The Southernization of the United States
Why American Sociologists are Racist
Sociological & Social Scientific Lies in a Racist Society
Multiculturalism as the New Segregationism
In Support of Segregation: Civil Rights Societies
A Non-Racist Theory of American Society and Politics
Recent Disgusting Trends
Good News
Membership Information
A Call for a New Civil Rights Movement
Who was Vernon Johns?
Vernon Johns Bibliography

The R. R. Moton Museum Needs Your Help

A Racist Party with a Racist Strategy: The Republican Party




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