In Support of Segregation: Civil Rights Societies


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


The current civil rights societies do not constitute a civil rights movement. Rather they are largely accepting of the current system of segregation and work on small changes to get better results for their membership.

They are actually very supportive of the liberal status quo where the government gives out goodies on the base of race in order to keep the various minority members and support groups relatively contented. The problem is that most of these societies are largely accepting of this situation. Proof of this is their actions in censoring anyone dissenting from the current multicultural segregationist system.

Actually, nothing proves the similarity of blacks and whites more than the similar selfish and status quo actions of both black and white so-called liberals.

We have tried to get so-called civil rights activists interested in supporting a new civil rights movement with little success. They are much too happy with the current degree of segregation.




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