The second volume of this anti-racist trilogy argued that social scientists created a second myth of Genesis. These disciplines resurrected Adam and Eve by declaring that evolution did not apply to humans. According to these theorists, humans came into the world pristine and are corrupted only by poor childcare or by the larger society. This is, of course, a very unscientific idea contradicting the whole thrust of chemical evolution.

American social scientists, however, are not interested in science per se. They see themselves as anti-racists, fighting the racism of biology. Considering the argument of the first volume of this anti-racist trilogy, this line of reasoning is almost humorous. Liberal social scientists are only liberal in an American context that offers a choice solely between conservative and liberal versions of racism. The so-called politically correct thought American liberals have worked out is really nothing more than liberal equality of opportunity racism.

Instead of seeking to defend and continue the myth of the second Genesis, psychologists and sociologists need to adopt the new perspectives arising from the findings of natural science concerning humans. This part deals with that need to establish a more scientific psychology and sociology. Chapter 17 reminds us of the nature of the myth of the second Genesis. Chapter 18 deals with psychology, and chapter 19 treats sociology.


This chapter argues that there is a fundamental flaw in the way social scientists approach the study of man. Put in the simplest terms, with a few exceptions, social scientists have either ignored or rejected the relevance of the findings of the natural sciences. In ignoring the natural sciences, psychology and sociology are ignoring that both society and culture preceded humans in evolutionary development. It also ignores the fact that the social factors were crucial to the evolutionary development of modern humans. Furthermore, social scientists are largely unaware of the new findings that man's brain contains the evolutionary developments of other animals. And, lastly, social scientists tend to ignore the findings that the brain and body are complicated neural and chemical factories that clearly impact human behavior.

The real reason why American social scientists rejected a radical Darwinism is because of their own liberal equality-of- opportunity racism. This then led to moralism and culturalism. This racism underscores the need for a new social science. And this means there has to be a new psychology and a new sociology that is non- racist, moralist, and culturalist. Once psychology and sociology purge themselves of the racist assumptions about human nature, then political science and history will also change.

The idea of evolution as applied to humans was especially disturbing to liberal social scientists. Indeed, many social thinkers refused to accept the full implications of the evolutionary idea. In other words, they argued that man was fundamentally different from other life forms, refusing to accept the full implications of man as animal. Indeed, a group of American liberals mounted a "social philosophic" attack on evolution. These men, known as the Cambridge metaphysicians, included John Fiske, Chauncey Wright, C. S. Pierce, and William James. These philosophers refused to accept the deterministic implications of evolution. Instead, they argued for the compatibility between religious faith and science, and for the inherent value of intuitive and value-oriented thought. This, they said, is what made humans different from the animals.

The fact is that Darwinism was too radical for not only our early social scientists, but even those of today. Instead of adopting Darwinian evolution, they turned to Lamarckianism, which was more attuned to liberal values. Lamarck said that organisms could adapt to their environments and pass these adaptations down directly to their offspring. It was comforting to liberal reformers, but scientifically incorrect. The end result was a non-Darwinian revolution.

After the triumph of Progressivism in America, American social scientists rejected all biological theories of evolution as applied to humans. Instead they accepted the free will philosophies of William James, and then the scientifically-wrong Freudianism. These psychologies were non-biological in nature, and thus more amenable to America's equality of opportunity racism.

The second genesis theory of human beings has been devastating in several major areas. The end result of the second genesis is an anti-scientific attitude towards the natural sciences. Social scientists basically ignore anything but social scientific knowledge. The second genesis theory also supports narrow-minded moralism. Ignoring the fact that many human behaviors are the result of chemical imbalances, only supports intolerance of humans toward each other. This theory of humans also cuts off humans from their own biological past.


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