Things I Have Learned Since Graduate School



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



1.  Human beings are arrogant with little humility.

2.  Human being are great liars about most things in life.

3.  Human beings (in a non-spiritual sense) are ultimately chemistry.

4.  Human beings are evolutionary creatures sharing a great heritage of evolution with all living and dead creatures.  It is ultimately destructive to consider humans separate from that evolutionary heritage.

5.  The universe is a tough place with scarce resources.  This makes for a very competitive world in which humans are ultimately driven by that drive for survival and, therefore, are motivated primarily by the basic need to survive and not by ideas.  Never explain fundamental processes of human life with ideological variables.  (Ideas are certainly important, but not primary.)

6.  Humans have very little power to change the long range trends of events, which are rather caused by large-scale ecological facts (natural resources, ecology, weather, etc.).  Rather he is more carried along with these large scale forces and analyzes them only after the fact.

7.  In societies, like the United States, where there are great social, economic and political inequalities, the intellectuals and academicians tend to follow the acceptable liberal line of slow change (if not the conservative line of little change).  Very little original thinking is done by these people and one reason for this is that they are punished if they get too out of line with acceptable thought.  Even organizations devoted to social change follow the acceptable liberal line and don't think out of the box.  That's the main reason humans are usually prisoners of their own times.  Original thinking usually is only possible when a society shows cracks in its armor and the possibility of actual change looks promising.  And these cracks are usually due to large-scale events beyond immediate human control.

8.  One should always try to have a happy home  -- a safe port that keeps one grounded in what is ultimately important.  Fame and wealth are ultimately false gods and should not be worshipped or too greedily pursued.

9.  A good religion or spiritual belief helps ground one and provides a method to measure human behavior and thought  -- a measure that is beyond the corruption of the lies and vanity so often employed by humans.    


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