Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Is there any good news? Not much, when even the civil rights organizations are neo-segregationist.

When we get some good news, we will let you know.

Yeah, we have some good news.   Patrick L. Cooney and Henry William Powell just finished a biography of Vernon Johns and are now pursuing publishers. Congratulations to them!  The Vernon Johns story is one of the cooperation of blacks and whites, conservatives and liberals, in the South to keep segregation going.  No wonder few of our "diversity" people pursued the story.  Much more than reading the biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.,  reading the biography of Johns reveals the full nastiness of a racist structure supported by both black and white.   

The Vernon Johns Society is acting in the role of prophet , this time to the third civil rights movement. But, is anyone listening in this new age of Booker T. Washington multicultural separatism?


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