The Third Civil War: Why We Would Be a Bunch of Fools to Elect Romney



The South has always been a problem for the United States. This is not an opinion, but a fact. The South was the home base of slavery and that fact tainted the values and ideas of the Southern people. Because the South was so committed to enslaving blacks, the USA started out with a weak federal government and relatively strong states, which we still suffer from right up to today.

The South just decided not to change with the world and be modern. They just wanted to stay exactly as they were: a backward people not in touch with the times. They were not about to change with the times. They decided to secede from the union and start a civil war that killed more than 623,000 men, the highest number of dead American soldiers in the history of the United States.

The South lost the war. So did they adapt to this fact? No. They just decided to exchange legal slavery for economic slavery. The South only modified their racist system so that racism would still rule as king in the South.

World War II brought big changes to the United States, but the South was not about to be decent and reject slavery and all it stands for. They just kept on with their separate but equal system of racism.

Because of the Great Depression, liberals got their biggest opportunity to change the nature of the United States because there were more liberals in government and on the
Supreme Court in the post-war era.

The Supreme Court decided that racism in the schools of the United States was just wrong. A Civil Rights Movement arose from this decision.

And for the second time the South used force and guiles o they didn't have to change substantially. Instead the South started a "massive resistance" to basic fairness. They were not about to live equally with blacks and other minorities. They would seal themselves off the the blacks by bringing more racial segregation into our different communities.

Since the passage of the Civil Rights acts of 1964 and 1965, the South has completely switched to the racist Republican Party because of their resistance to blacks and other minorities. They have concentrated their power so much, that they have become an almost solid racist block in their voting patterns.

And as their power grew, they were able to elect presidents and congress men and women that were increasingly racist and far right representatives. Nixon was bad enough, but he was an angel (and a Keynesian) compared to what we got later. Ronald Reagan was the big sign that there was much more right-wing power to come and lord it over the non-South areas.

The South has not become so powerful that it can go to war by proxy with the less racists states of the USA. The South couldn't start a shooting war, so they declared war on the liberal states by undermining the efficacy of the federal government.

This has resulted in an almost stagnated federal government and the rise of the nastier form of the old racism. (Including, the unconstitutional tearing away at the right of minorities to vote in this country.) They are so strong that they supported a candidate, Mitt Romney, who basically declared that, like the Tea Party, he was a right-wing extremist that would open the flood-gates of racism and damage the USA so badly that we would come to be regarded as basically a fascist country.

Now the chameleon Romney has suddenly dropped his old act, because it wasn't working and has become a moderate Republican, which was a dying political species.

Look, the bottom line is that the racist South has always hurt the USA as a whole and continues this "great" tradition to this day.

Racists are extremely mean and nasty people. They would destroy the entire nation, so they can save it as a version fit for the Southern way of life and government. This would be catastrophic.

Once Romney got in, there is no telling what he would do, since he is a consummate liar, but he will most likely move the nation farther to the right and make this country a right-wing nation bordering on fascism.

The South has already ruined the Supreme Court. They kept picking so many stupid conservatives that now there is a danger that the liberal bent of the few liberal laws we still have left will be overturned and new laws that favor the South and the filthy rich will be put in their place. (Say goodbye to our civil rights.)

The United States is already regarded as a right-wing, hot-headed nation. So do you white people want to go fascist just so you can avoid being around black people? Are they really that bad that you would destroy the nation to save it?

The South will not stop its evil ways, unless decent people stand up to the bullies and protect our at-risk democracy.

I just pray that the Americans won't be so poisoned by their own racism that they will put the racist Republican Party in power and the nation made over into a fascist one.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

October 10, 2012