World Without End (2012)





Director:     Michael Caton-Jones.

Starring:     Ben Chaplin (Sir Thomas Langley),

Charlotte Riley (Caris),

Nora von Waldstätten (Gwenda),

Oliver Jackson-Cohen ( Ralph),

Rupert Evans ( Godwyn),

Tom Weston-Jones ( Merthin)

Cynthia Nixon ( Petranilla),

Tom Cullen ( Wulfric),

Blake Ritson (Edward III),

Sally Bankes (Madge Webber),

Neil Bell (Sim Chapman).


TV mini-series set at the start of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) and the Black Death


Spoiler Warning:


Episodes 1:  Knight.

England, 1327. A Brutal Civil War Ends. King Edward II is defeated by his wife, Queen Isabella. She imprisons him and crowns their son, Edward III King of England.

Kingsbridge, England. Pretty Caris walks through the market place and a vendor presents her with an apple. A female vendor asks her if it's true that the old king has been killed? She says that she doesn't know. Caris goes to see Mattie, because her mother is having her headaches again. Mattie will fix up a potion for mother. Mattie says she heard that the old king's dead. Caris says her father told her that he was murdered in prison.

On horseback, a knight is being chased by two men on horses and armed with cross bows. One dart hits the knight's horse and the horse falls to the ground. Then a dart hits the knight in the left forearm. Now the knight runs into the forest. The two men pursue him.

Two young men a practicing their swordsmanship in a clearing in the woods. The knight comes running into the clearing and falls down. Then the two men reach the clearing. The two young men hide behind a tree and watch as the knight fights off his two pursuers. The knight kills his pursuers and then collapses. Now the two young men show themselves. When the knight sees them, he starts to go after them. The boys declare that they have no fight with him. The knight demands to know their names. The younger one is Merthin Fitzgerald, and the older one is his brother Ralph. Their father is Sir Gerald, the Earl of Shiring.

The knight asks if this is the man who fought for the King in the late civil war? Yes. The brothers want to know which side the knight fought on? The knight says: "It no longer matters." He says he was heading for Kingsbridge Priory and now asks for their assistance.

Mother Cecilia sees a young monk, Godwyn, and teases him for looking at his reflection on a shiny goblet. An old monk, Prior Anthony, comes in with a cooked goose for his meeting with Mother Cecilia. She asks what are they celebrating? The old monk says that it's the birthday of his nephew Godwyn. Godwyn says for a birthday gift, his uncle is sending him to Oxford to study medicine. Mother Cecilia complains that she will be the one to have to pay for the lad's education. Prior Anthony replies: "Well, since the nuns hold the Priory purse strings . . ."

Mother Cecilia is now informed that there's a wounded knight in the kitchen. They all go to check on the knight. They arrive right at the time that the doctor pulls the rest of the arrow all the way through the left forearm. Now that hurt! Mother Cecilia asks his name and the knight says it's Sir Thomas Langley, knight to Queen Isabella.

Mattie Wise with Caris enters the room and starts taking over for Doctor Joseph, who seems a bit incompetent. The doctor tells Mattie to stop interfering with his work, but Mattie just ignores him and gets a clean towel to wrap around the wound. Joseph says Mattie's only the barber's daughter. Mattie says her father was also a surgeon. The bleeding stops.

Martin introduces himself to the lovely Caris. She answers: "I know."

Tom tells the Prior that he wants to become a monk. The Prior says they can only take him on if Tom can pay the considerable cost of taking on another member. Tom says he has a sponsor.

Westminster Cathedral, London. Funeral of King Edward II. Isabella holds the hand of her son.

The Prior tells Mother Cecilia that Tom's sponsor is none other than Queen Isabella. Mother Cecilia is suspicious of the Queen and her knight, Tom.

Palace of Westminster, now the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, London. A banquet is being held. Sir Roland comes to speak to the Queen. By her side sits Lord Robert Mortimer. He says he was the only man who fought on the Queen's side from Kingsbridge. The others from Kingsbridge were too busy feeding the King's army. Roland adds that it's the home of Sir Gerald, the Earl of Shiring. He believes that Sir Gerald and many others in Kingsbridge are conspiring against the Queen. He now gives her a list of the name of the conspirers in Kingsbridge.  The Queen looks at the list and tells Roland that it seems she needs new blood in Kingsbridge.  She then asks Roland if he would be up to the task?  Oh, he's only here to serve Her Majesty.  He takes his leave.  Mortimer says the man is a toad.  The Queen comments:  "Toads also have their uses."

Tom buries a leather pouch under the grass of the Priory.  As he does so he has flashbacks to a day he stabbed someone in a prison cell  -  details unknown.

Godwyn is at home.  His mother, Petranilla, asks what was he thinking when he was with Mother Cecilia when patching up the knight?  Godwyn says:  "I don't like blood."  She adds that he must never show his weaknesses in public if he wants to the a success in life.  But medicine seems to be out of the question.  Mother says then she will just have to provide the money for his education.  Godwyn tells her that she has no money.  She says she will sell this rickety old house and then move in with her brother.  Godwyn tells her Uncle Edmund has no room for her.  In that case, she says, the Lord must provide for her.  At the table she cuts up some fresh mushrooms.

Caris goes home and her father asks her which garment would she prefer?  She picks out the red one because it is softer to the touch.  Dad says the problem is that the rougher garment of blue is the Kingsbridge garment, while the softer red garment is from Shiring.  They will have to find a way to make Kingsbridge wool softer or they will see Kingsbridge ruined. 

Knight Tom writes the Queen a letter.  He tells Prior Anthony that the Queen will definitely read his letter.

Mother Rose is upstairs and Caris brings her some medicine.  Petranilla comes upstairs to see the two women.  Caris is her niece.  Caris is saying that there's nobody in Kingsbridge worth marrying.  Her aunt tells her to marry when she can, young lady.  And don't be so high and mighty.  Caris leaves the room.  Petranilla says she has baked a little cake with a little dirt from the grave of St. Adolphus.  This, she says, will really cure headaches for sure. 

Caris tells her father that mother and auntie want her to get married.  Dad asks what would she rather do?  She says she wants to do what Mattie Wise does.  She helps people. 

Petranilla calls out for Edmund and he and Caris come running up the stairs.  Rose is in a terrible condition.  Caris says she will go fetch Mattie, but her aunt tells her to go get Doctor Joseph instead. 

Doctor Joseph bleeds Rose, taking a lot of blood.  The result is that Rose just gets weaker.  Caris tells the doctor he shouldn't have bled her mother.  They should have gotten Mattie.  The doctor says bleeding is the standard procedure for people in Rose's condition, and, if it didn't work, it's because God didn't want it to work.  Rose contradicts the doctor, saying that's not true.  It's just that her mother has some sickness.  Rose dies.  (Probably from poisoning by Petranilla.)  Petranilla tells her brother Edmund that she shall never leave him.

Shiring Castle.  Roland and his men come rushing into the castle while the family is eating.  Roland comes in saying that Sir Gerald is under arrest for plotting against the new King.  Sir Gerald says:  "That's absurd! I swore an oath of allegiance!"  Roland says he's new new Earl of Shiring now. 

A funeral is held for Rose.  Auntie tells Caris that she's so sorry about what happened to her Mother.  Caris thanks her.  Then auntie shocks Caris by saying that she's moving into her brother's house  She has already talked to him about it.  And she has already sold her house. Now Roland and his men come and arrest Edmund. 

Kingsbridge Guildhall, Court of Petitioners.  To save her brother, Petranilla bribes Edmund with a basket of coins.  The next petitioner is Lady Maud once of Shiring Castle.  She demands the release of her husband.  Roland says the Queen considers her husband a traitor and there's nothing he can do about it.   So Lady Maud asks Roland to take her sons as his squires.  Elfrik the Builer says he needs a new squire, but he will only take the stronger brother.  So the sons are made to fight each other.  Naturally, the older and bigger brother Ralph defeats Merthin.  So Ralph becomes a squire and Martin becomes a laborer. 

Westminster Palace.  The new King hears his mother and Mortimer having sex together.  He hears Mortimer says:  "He 's buried. We won.  England's ours."

The hangings of ten or so men are about to take place on a wooden bridge over a river.  A bit crowd has gathered around the execution place.  A team of three pickpockets roam through the crowd snatching money purses.  Caris asks her aunt how can Roland do this when he took their bribe?  Auntie tells her to hush. 

Roland says these men are traitors, but one of them is pardoned.  It's Edmund Wooler whose life is spared.  But the bad news is that both of Edmund's legs will be broken.  The rest of the the condemned men are hanged.  Edmund has his legs broken with a huge wooden mallet.

Later at night, the three pickpockets return to the bridge.  The older man, the father, tells Gwenda to take the shoes from the dead.  She says she won't because it means bad luck.  Dad slaps her and now she grabs the shoes.  In the morning the son awakens to the voice of his father trying to have sex with Gwenda.  The son puts his knife to dad's throat, while he tells dad to leave his sister alone. 

Later Gwenda tells her brother Holger that he must leave or else he's going to kill dad.  Holger says he won't leave her behind with their father.  She tells him to go and join the army as the magnificent archer he is.  Besides, if dad tries anything with her again, she'll cut off his cock.

The Queen receives a message.  She yells for Mortimer to come with her.  She scolds Mortimer saying that he was in charge of Thomas Langley and he told her that Langley had been silenced.  And, yet, now, Langley has claimed sanctuary in Kingsbridge Priory.  He wants to become a monk, while the Queen pays for the privilege.  Mortimer says it will be easy to kill a monk.  Isabella tells him that Langley threatens that everything he know will come out if he is killed.  She leaves.  Mortimer throws the letter in the fire. 

The King was listening to the Queen's conversation.  After the two people leave, he comes down to save the letter.  But all that is saved is the signature of Thomas Langley. 

Mattie gives some poultice to Caris to help lessen the swelling of her father's legs.  Caris asks her to teach her how to help people the way Mattie does it.  All of a sudden, Prior Anthony appears breathless.  He says that the knight's arm is putrefied and Joseph is about to amputate the arm.  Mattiue, however, arrives too late and Tom's left forearm is gone.  Mattie comes in calling Joseph a butcher!

Mattie tells Caris she wants to learn so come her and help Tom's arm from bleeding.  Caris goes and does alright.  Later Mattie starts teaching Caris what she knows about medicine and surgery. 

Caris passes by Martin laboring and the look at each other.  And at home, Caris takes very good care of her father.

Gwenda says goodbye to Holger.  Before he leaves, he gives her a good knife and says, if she needs to use it, then use it.  She looks very skeptical about this, but accepts the knife. 

King Edward III has Mortimer arrested from his mother's bedroom.  She demands to know why and the King says he stands accused of assuming royal power and other crimes.  What crime?, she asks.  The King replies:  "He murdered my father." He goes on to say that Mortimer is a traitor who conspired with Thomas Langley to take his father's life.  Mortimer says that's not true, but the King tells him:  "Langley was my father's keeper in prison, under your orders. . . . Langley disappeared on the day that my father died.  Yet only today I saw you trying to burn this letter."  Mortimer now begs for Isabella to say something to save him, but Isabella says she knows nothing about this matter.  She adds:  "We have been betrayed,"  The guards take Mortimer prison.

In private the King calls his mother a whore.  And she's his mother. He suggests:  "I suggest you choose which you want to be.  I will not have both." 

The guards tie a noose around Mortimer's throat.  Then they throw his body off the balcony floor over the large courtyard.  He probably died immediately from a broken neck, as the rope was very long. 

At night the Queen sits in front of her fireplace and looks at the remnants of the letter from Langley.  To herself, she says:  "I will make Kingsbridge bleed."

Just when Caris was starting to know Methin better, she is betrothed to Elfric Builder.  Apparently, Petranilla set it up.  Her aunt tells her that Elfric has agreed to finance Caris's father business and to make Caris the wealthiest woman in Kingsbridge.  Her dad thanks Caris for agreeing to the marriage and saving the family, but Caris is devastated.  Elfric is in the room ready for the celebration of the betrothal.  Caris simply marches her way upstairs without a word to anyone.  


Episode 2:  King.

Kingsbridge Cathedral, autumn 1327.  Caris marries Elfric.  Methin watches the ceremony in sadness. 

Court of Petitioners.  Roland appears before the Queen and says he has good news.  Two more traitors have been hanged.  The Queen is unhappy that neither of the two executed men were monks.  Nevertheless, she raises the taxes on the wool coming out of Kingsbridge.  She says a war is coming, and wars are expensive.  She adds that Roland is to tax the monks too. 

Kingsbridge Summer Fair.  Lots of people pour into Kingsbridge over the bridge.  It's slow going.  A man suggests to Caris that she tell her father that the bridge needs to be widened. 

Caris comes and gets Merthin telling him to come with her.  She takes him over to the bridge where the key people are gathered to discuss the building of a wider bridge.   Prior Anthony is opposed to widening the bridge, while Edmund and Tom want to widen it.  Merthin says that if he was to widen the bridge, he would wait to late summer when the river is at it's lowest point.  He would only leave a little room for the visitors and residents to walk on.  And he would certainly build the bridge cheaper than Elfric.  Edmund says the guild will pay.  And the Guild will own it.  That makes Prior Anthony worried about the money from the bridge for the Priory.   So, he remains opposed to widening the bridge. 

Merthin tells Edmund that the bridge should be completely rebuild because it was never built to carry so much traffic as which flows over the bridge these days. 

Ralph sees a pretty girl at the fair, who he takes a liking to.  She has long blonde hair and is named Philippa.  She is at the fair with Lady Margery.   Ralph comes over to make small talk with Philippa, but he is interrupted by the arrival of Sir Roland's oldest son, William who says hello to Philippa and introduces himself to Lady Margery. Lady Margery is to marry Roland and so William will become her stepson.  He takes the two ladies to another part of the fair, leaving Ralph still standing where he was before. 

Ralph starts walking, but is stopped by a pretty blonde.  She says she knew Ralph as a little girl and then he was the handsomest lad within 20 miles of Kingsbridge.  Ralph is interested and asks her name:  Annet.  Her father is Perkin of Wigleigh and this stand is his stall.  Ralph tells Annet that  she is quite handsome herself.   He asks her to go walking with him, but she says her fiancé, Wulfric, will be jealous.  Ralph looks over at Wulfric and tells him to take care of his customer, because he is being taken care of quite nicely by the young lady.  He then gets very brash with Annet.  Wulfric comes over to Ralph and bashes his head into Ralph's nose.   Ralph charges Wulfric and takes him down, but Wulfric gets the better of him, that is, until the constable grabs Wulfric telling him that Wulfric is in big trouble.  Philippa sees him bloodied and on the ground.  She doesn't look too impressed with him.

The Queen tells her son that the French have blockaded all of the English ports.  The King says when his new ships are built, he will clear the French from the English coast.  But he is not going to invade France.  He goes on to say that he has no interest in France and her claim to French land only brings them trouble. 

Elfric is a big man.  He's also a man dissatisfied with his new wife.  He complains about her cooking and calls her a barren bitch.  And now he grabs her savagely to rape her on the kitchen table.  Merthin hears the grunts of Elfric as he has sex with his wife. 

Mattie tends to Caris's wounds.  She tells Caris:  "One day he's going to kill you." 

Gwenda comes to town.  She see Wulfric in the stocks.  She likes the way he looks.  She goes over to talk to him.  Gwenda asks his names and he tells her.  She asks:  "Wulfric of Wigleigh?  I've heard of you."  Wulfric says he's heard of Gwenda the Saxon too.  Gwenda walks over to the constable and gives him some money to let Wulfric go.  

Elfric visits Merthin and starts picking on him again.  He says Merthin pisses him off.   Just then Caris comes in calling for Merthin.  This really infuriates Elfric.  He accuses his wife of giving all his jobs to Merthin.  He knows because the monk Godwyn told him.  Elfric slaps Caris across the face knocking her to the ground.  Merthin comes up from behind Elfric and throws him to the floor.  He then starts stomping on Elfric.  Merthin then grabs an axe to take to Elfric's body, but Caris stops him saying that he'll be hanged if he does this.  Now Elfric fires both Merthin as his assistant and Caris as his wife.   The two leave together.

Caris urges Merthin to find work as a build in another town, but Merthin rejects the idea.  He tells Caris:  "Don't you know I care for you."  She tells him not to talk like that because she isn't free.  He asks her to run away with him.  She answers:  "It's a step too far, too soon.  I just need some time."

Godwyn stares at the body and face of one of the young nuns.  He's definitely interested.

At home Godwyn tells his mother the Priory should return to the old ways, when there were no women allowed.  And celibacy should be enforced.  His mother disputes his idea that women are inferior to men.  She mentions the sexual power women have over men.  And she reminds him as a young lad he was great taken by his cousin Caris.  Godwyn denies that, but when his mother leaves, he goes upstairs to check on the sleeping Caris.  He loosens her blouse and exposes her right breast.  (brief nudity)  He starts breathing heavy and fondling her.  She awakens and looks at Godwyn.  He makes the sign of the cross over her and then gets out of the room. 

Gwenda's father tries to have sex with her.  She slashes the top of his left hand and tells him to stay away from her.  Later her father comes to her and introduces her to her new husband.  He bought Gwenda for a cow.  Gwenda objects so the husband puts a rope around her.  Caris and a big woman intervene.  Godwyn shows up and sides with the father, saying the Bible sanctions selling children by their parents.  Gwenda tells the people that her father made her into a thief at the age of seven.   And he has had sex with him when he has too much to drink.  Godwyn decides and tells the mentally challenged man to take Gwenda away. 

Caris comes up to Godwyn, asking:  "You call yourself a man of God?  I doubt the devil's even proud of you." 

Gwenda is tied up while her "husband" plays dice with other nere-do-wells.  One man wagers to get Gwenda himself.  The husband agrees and the other man wins.  He takes Gwenda and is going to rape her.  She says she will take her clothes off.  She takes some of her clothes off and lays down on the ground.  The fellow puts his knife into the ground not far from Gwenda.  When he starts having sex with him, she grabs the knife and sticks it into his neck.  He husband to to check on her and finds the other fellow dead on the ground.  Gwenda has run away. 

A witch is to be tried.  A large crowd has gather to watch.  But first, Roland will read an order from the Queen.  He announces the increases taxes on wool and the giving of discounts to soldiers buying food from the merchants. Roland is booed heartily by the crowd.  He shouts to the crowd:  "Your complaints are treasonous."   He tells the people to shut up and listen.  The people go right on shouting at and booing Roland.  Ralph decides to ingratiate himself with Roland by telling the people about the French fleet blocking English ports and prevent their wool from being exported.  He goes on to say if they can get rid of the blockades, they will still make a good profit and be able to pay the increase in their taxes.  He starts turning public opinion by saying that this is all for the greater glory of England!  Now when Philippa looks at Ralph, she smiles at him. 

Meanwhile, the unwanted husband keeps pursuing Gwenda saying she's his wife. 

The witch turns out to be Mattie.  The chief witness against her is Brother Joseph.  Joseph gets up and says Mattie uses Moorish texts and medicines and is half-Moor herself.  "A Muslim infidel!"   Caris's friend, the big woman, says that Mattie cured her infant son of an awful fever.  Casris shouts out that many more of Joseph's patients die than do Mattie's patients.  Joseph tells everyone not to listen to Carris, because she's the witch's assistant.  Bishop says this is a trial and the defendant has a right to have witnesses speak for her.  So Caris gets up and talks about all the good things Mattie has done for the people.  She condemns the Priory for just trying to get more money from the people and they use Mattie for their entertainment. 

Friar Murdo, witch hunter, says he will show that Mattie has the third nipple, typical of all witches.  Under her left breast, she has a mole and the friar says this is the third mole.  Now the bishop says to hang the witch!

Roland tells his son William that his work is done here and it's best that they leave now.  The take Mattie to the hanging bridge.  Under the weight of the massive amount of sight seers, the bridge starts groaning mightily.  The unwanted husband comes chasing after Gwenda as she dives into the midst of the people on the bridge.  This causes more shaking of the bridge and the bridge starts to fall apart.  The bridge gives way and the people starts falling into the river, including Gwenda and he husband who has not caught her again.  The husband yells that he can 't swim.  He keeps holding onto Gwenda wbhich pushes her head under the water.  Wulfric swims over and slugs the husband, thereby, freeing Gwenda. 

Philippa yells for someone to save Lord Roland.  Ralph starts looking for Roland.  Methin jumps into the river and helps pull  a woman to safety.  Ralph starts pulling Roland to the shore.  Gwenda is saved.  Prior Anthony tries to make it to shore and Petranilla rushes over to him to make sure he drowns.  She holds his head under the water.  Godwyn sees his mother killing the Prior.  He dies.  And now Petranilla starts yelling for help.

Caris finds Mattie dead in the river.  She cries while holding her up in the river. 



Episode 3:  Prior. 

In Kingsbridge, the dead are brought to the Kingsbridge Cathedral. 

Kingsbridge Cathedral, 1333.  Many are dead and many are badly injured because to the failure of the bridge.  Roland is still alive.  Caris examines Roland and finds his brain is open through the skull.  She cleans out the wound. 

Wulfric realizes that he father has drowned.  He cries over his father's corpse.  Gwenda sees her husband dead.  She does not cry.  She spits on his corpse. 

Godwyn gives Caris a hard time, saying that God is punishing Kingsbridge for becoming a haven for witches, whores and filth.  Caris replies:  "Well, you would know, cousin."

Isabella comes into the King's room and plants something there under the war maps.  She leaves. 

One of the King's advisers says a French ship almost scuttled an English ship by ramming the English vessel.  He tells the King:  "Sire, this is an act of war."  The King asks if war has been declared?  No.  The King's daughter says Isabella thinks they should attack Paris and Calais and she rather agrees with the Queen.  The King asks the daughter if she even knows where Calais and Paris are.  She goes over to the map and stabs at where Calais is.  Then she stabs at where Paris is. 

Isabella must have place a packet file with blood under Paris, because the stab penetrates the packet and blood starts flowing from Paris.  The adviser tells the King that this is a bad sign. 

The King gathers the entire court together and tells them that he has been given a sign.  He says through his French mother, he is the lawful, God-given King of France!  He will end the blockade of England.  "Once again, the English flag will fly on both sides of the British Sea!"

Caris continues to nurse Roland who is in a stable condition.  Mother Cecilia tells Caris that she is very sorry what they did to Mattie.  She also says she admires Caris for speaking up for Mattie.  Caris thanks her. 

Merthin talks with Caris.  She tells him that she doesn't want any part of a church who would kill a good person like Mattie.  It was evil.  Caris says she doesn't know enough to replace Mattie.  She says the situation at the cathedral is still in chaos.  They can't just leave people strewn across the cathedral floor.  They need a place for put these people.  Merthin tells her that "we" will build such a place.  Caris tells him thank you. 

Roland recovers from his wounds, in spite of the fact that it was Petranilla nursing him.  He says that Petranilla looks as beautiful as an angel and asks when they shall marry?  But now they are interrupted by the arrival of Lady Margery who is thrilled to see him awake.  Petranilla doesn't like that. 

Now there is talk of building a stone bridge over the river, but Brother Carlus, physically blind, takes the position that God destroyed the bridge saying that they don't need it.  Edmund says the Priory will go bankrupt without a bridge within a year.  Prior Anthony says that Edmund must have more faith because God will provided for the Priory.  Edmund tells Merthin:  "What a fool.  Blind in more ways than one."   He adds that they need another monk to take over from Prior Anthony.  And he is thinking about Tom as a possible candidate.  

Godwyn complains to his mother that she said he would become the new Prior, but Brother Carlus is running for the position and the older monks will vote for him.  Petranilla says it will be easy to take care of Brother Carlus.   But Brother Thomas is also running to be the Prior.  Mother tells son to do some research into the background of Brother Thomas.  

Godwyn does the research and then shows it to his mother, who is surprised that Queen Isabella sponsored Sir Thomas Langley.  She says that Langley was stationed at Berkeley Castle where King Edward II was murdered and then, shortly after the murder, Thomas arrives here in Kingsbridge injured and seeking refuge.  Petranilla tells Godywn to find out if Thomas was involved in the regicide. 

Godwyn asks Tom about it and that makes Tom mad because he believes Godwyn is implying that Tom was involved with the murder.  Godwyn says that since Tom is running to be the Prior, people will want to have a simple inquiry into Tom's background. 

In the cathedral, Godwyn sees Bishop Richard having relations with a young woman.  The woman turns out to be Lady Margery, who is to be his stepmom. 

Village of Wigleigh. Wulfric lost his father in the bridge collapse.  And now they are giving him problems about collecting his inheritance.  The people side with Wulfric and against Nate, the man in charge.  Gwenda is one of those speaking up for Wulfric.  Nate says that the new lord will have the final decision once he's appointed. The problem is that appointment may take months. 

Annet, a bit jealous, asks Wulfric who is that woman who spoke up for him?  He says he just met her at the fair.  He goes over and thanks Gwenda.  She says she can help Wulfric with his plowing and other work.  Wulfric says she's already done enough for him.  And now he has to go back to Annet who calls for him. 

When Wulfric shows up to start his work, there is Gwenda waiting for him by the plow.  He tells her that he can't pay her because he has no money.  She says he can pay her back in other ways.  Where are his oxen?  Wulfric has no money for oxen.  So, Gwenda says she will push the plow as he pulls the plow.  And so the work begins. 

At lunch break Gwenda asks who was that girl he was with?  Wulfric says that's Annet, the girl he is to marry in autumn. 

Town of Kingsbridge Priory Land.  Caris talks to Mother Cecilia about building a hospice for the sick.  Mother Cecilia has reservations about the idea because the hospice would be run by Caris who would just be a lay person.  She tells Caris that she will have to think about it.  

Kingsbridge Priory.  Sir Roland and Margery are fed at dinner.  Godwyn takes the opportunity to ask Sir Roland for his help in his run to be the new Prior.  Roland says he thought Thomas was also running for the position.  Godwyn says no, because Tom had a change of heart and withdrew his name.  Roland asks why should he support Godwyn?  Godwyn says because he wants to build up the Priory to be like it was in the glory days of Prior Philip.  He will accomplish this by suppressing temptation.  For example, he will built a wall to keep the nuns and the monks separate.  Whores will be hanged.

Roland looks directly at Godywn and says:  "You're even more of a cunt as an adult than you were as a child.  Carlus may be blind, but he's not a prude."

Godwyn is forever spying on anyone and everyone who has anything to do with the cathedral and the Priory.  Today he watches Brother Carlus practice walking down the aisle of the church to the altar.  He has to count the steps as he goes.  After the practice is over, Godwyn goes over to  the moveable wooden step up to the altar.  He moves the step so it won't be at the center of the altar and will probably cause a spill for Brother Carlus.

Godwyn goes up to see Bishop Richard.  He says:  "I'm here to stay that I will be the next Prior."  Richard says that Godwyn already heard what his father had to say about that.  Bodwyn counters with the monks make the decision and the bishop ratifies it.  He then goes over to the bed curtain and pulls the curtain back.  Sitting in the bed, covering herself nakedness with the sheet and her hands is Lady Margery. 

Godwyn asks:  "You will support me, won't you, Bishop?"

The wedding between Sir Roland and Lady Margery takes place.  Brother Carlus misses the wooden step and falls.  This causes the statue of the Virgin Mary to fall and break in pieces.  Roland is furious at Brother Carlus.  He says to Lady Margery that the man has turned their wedding into a "sacrilegious carnival".  Bishop Richard now reports to his father that Brother Carlus took his fall as a sign from God that he should not be Prior.  That leaves only Godwyn running for the position.  

Godwyn is elected Prior. 

The first action of Godwyn is to build a wall between the monks and the nuns.  Mother Cecilia glares at Godwyn. 

Merthin and Elfric both hand in bids to construct the bridge.  Elfric's design will cost 295 pounds, while Merthin's will cost 307 pounds.  Caris speaks up saying that Methin's design is twice as wide, which is what is needed.  The Guild members vote to accept Merthin's design. 

Merthin thanks Caris for supporting him during the bidding.  A little later he asks her how can he win her over.  He wants her to tell him, please.  Caris and Merthin are about to kiss when one of the Guild members invites Merthin over to the inn for a celebration. 

Shiring Castle.  Ralph tells Sir Rolands that the Queen wants to see him. 

Westminster Petitioner's Room.  The Queen now doubles all the rates of taxation on Kingsbridge.  That's shocking news to Sir Roland and the representatives from Kingsbridge.  The Queen asks Sir Roland if he has something to say?  Roland says they can pay the taxes, but it will be trying for them because they have just embarked on building a new stone bridge over the river.  She asks him:  "You think I should care about a bridge when we have a war with France?"  Roland says the future of Kingsbridge depends on building this bridge.  The Queen is harsh:  "Kingsbridge can wither and die for all I care.  I will have my taxes!"  The only thing Sir Roland can say now is:  yes. 

Granddaughter asks the King why does grandmother hate Kingsbridge so much? 

Ralph now has the job of riding to Kingsbride to stop the building of the bridge immediately.  Ralph tells his brother that he must stop the work on the bridge.  Those are the Queen's orders.  Merthin says he will appeal the orders, because the bridge is not even on royal land.  Ralph says Merthing doesn't stand a chance because the only court of appeal is Westminster and that under the jurisdiction of the Queen's son, the King.  One of the workers refuses to stop working.   He says:  "Fuck the Queen!"  This makes Ralph really angry and after an exchange of words with the man, Ralph kills the worker with his sword.  Everyone is shocked at this brutality, especially Merthin. 

Now Ralph reports to Sir Roland.  Ralph creates quite a stir because he never wiped the blood of the worker off his face and neck.  Everybody is quite shocked by his appearance.  Ralph leaves quickly.  Sir Roland comments:  "Now, there's a man who knows how to take an order."

Wulfric and Gwenda have made a lot of progress on the farm.  They, with the help of others, are now harvesting the crop.  In the field, Wulfric gets the message that Sir Roland has appointed the new Lord of Wigleigh.  The new Lord will hear Wulfric's case tomorrow. 

And wouldn't you know it, the new Lord is none other than Ralph, who Wulfric beat up in a fight over Anett.  Of course, Ralph denies Wulfric's appeal about his inheritance.  Next!

At night Wulfric cries out in the fields.  Gwenda comes out to try and smooth his pain.  She tells Wulfric that he can appeal the case.  He asks who's going to listen to him?  He then says that Annet left him.  Wulfric tells Gwenda to go home, but Gwenda says her home is here now.  She virtually jumps on Wulfric and gives him a good kiss.  He grabs her hard and they passionately kiss each other. 

The next morning Wulfirc and Gwenda are still in the fields.  Gwenda awakens and leaves quietly.  She walks straight over to Ralph's place and awakens him with a knife to his throat.  She says she wants Ralph to give Wulfric's lands back to him.  He just pushes her off of himn.  Ralph says if she has intercourse with him, he will give Wulfric his land back.  Gwenda says no and walks out of the bedroom.  Gwenda, however, comes back in the room shortly and tells Ralph to swear on the Bible he will hold his part of the bargain. 

Godwyn tells his mother that Bishop Richard disgusts him for stooping to his base desires.  It's an abomination to fuck one's father's wife.  And now Petranilla starts thinking about how she could use this knowledge to help herself or her son or both.  Later she writes a letter to Roland about "some very distressing news.

Ralph does not give Gwenda and Wufric the land.  Instead, he gives it to a man named George Perkin.  Gwenda confronts him saying he swore on the Bible.  Ralph just says no he didn't and rides off.

Roland has read the letter.  His pregnant wife comes up to see him.  He asks her to come over to him.  She comes over and Roland lets it be known that he knows that she has been having intercourse with Richard and that Richard is probably the father of her child.  She protests that she would never do such a thing.  Roland grabs her, telling her to get out of his house.  He throws her down a flight of stairs.  He checks on her and finds her dead at the bottom of the stairs. 



Episode 4:  Check.

One year later, Antwerp, 1334.  The King arrives at the encampment.  His daughter Joan runs up to welcome him.  She is here with her grandmother.  He goes up to his mother and tells her that she is not needed here.  The Queen asks what's new and her son says that making war enlivens him.  Flanders has declared neutrality and the Low Countries are bartering to side with the English.

Back home, the work on the bridge has restarted.  Ralph comes to the Kingsbridge Fleece Fair.  He passes by some whores who have been hanged by Godwyn.   He passes by Gwenda holding a baby. 

Godwyn's mother wants her son to be more ambitious.  She does not share her son's belief that people need to separate themselves from their worldly desires.  Mother says her son inwardly her son can live in a cave, but if wants to accomplish anything big, he has to think bit.  She suggests that he build a palace. 

Ralph tries his best to flirt with Lady Philippa at the fair.  She tells Ralph that she's with child. 

Edmund objects to Ralph's men taking more of their resources.  Ralph goes to quiet the grousing about the King taking too much from the people.  Caris tells Ralph that she wants to see some official papers about what Ralph is doing, because, otherwise, how to they know that Ralph's order are legitimate.  Ralph laughs and asks what man here can even read?  Merthin steps up and says he can.  Ralph tells his brother to not get involved in this.  Merthin says he's involved in this because Kingsbridge is his town.  Ralph knocks his brother down and then starts hitting him over and over again.  Caris tries to stop Ralph, but he just pushes her away.  Brother Thomas steps in and stops Ralph saying Ralph has already made his point. 

Godwyn goes to speak with Mother Cecilia about have private quarters build for him and a place where their special guests can stay.  Mother Cecilia doesn't like the idea.  She says they are thinking about building a hospice.   Godwyn asks her if she would put Caris's witchcraft before the glory of God?  She replies that she would put the common good above priestly vanity.

Mother Cecilia tells Caris that Godwyn wants to use their land to build a palace, but she has decided to build the hospice.  Caris is ecstatic over the good news. 

Godwyn burns the document written by Prior Philip giving the land to the nuns.  And in the cathedral he says that he looked through the archieves and found no documents saying that the land belonged to some other parties besides the Priory.  Therefore Godwyn as Prior will manage "our" property.  And he alone will make the decisions regarding the use of the land.  Mother Cecilia walks out of the church.  Caris follows her a little later. 

Caris catches up with Mother Cecilia, who tells Caris that she is going to London.  And would Caris like to accompany her?  Yes.  Mother Cecilia says:  "We'll have the court put Godwyn in his place."

Ralph is out in the forest hunting deer when he hears women talking and laughing.  He and his assistant walk over to the river and see four naked women coming out of the river.  (some nudity)  One of the women is Anett.  Ralph hears her say that the new Lord of Wigleigh flirted her once and she got a feel and there wasn't much there.  Ralph resents her saying that.  The three women start going home, while Anett slowly gets out of the river.  Ralph walks up to Anett confronting her about what she said.  She says she and her friends were only joking around.  Ralph tells her to lie down.  She tries to run away but she is grabbed by his assistant who throws her to the ground.  Ralph proceeds to rape her. 

Wulfric and Gwenda with the baby find Anett in tatters.  Gwenda asks her who did this to her?  Ralph Fitzgerald.  Wulfric says he will kill Ralph.  Gwenda tells him no.  Ralph is a lord now and Wulfric would hang if he killed Ralph.  Wulfric listens to Gwenda. 

Godwyn has to appear before a judge along with Mother Cecilia and Caris.  Godwyn is sure that he will prevail since he destroyed the original document given the land to the nuns.  Mothere Cecilia, however, has a copy of the document from the convent's archives.  The judge says he will read over the document and then give them his verdict in the morning. 

Godwyn meets with his mother and tells her how Caris stopped his plan by convincing Mother Cecilia to build the hospice.  He says:   "Caris Wooler is Satan's apprentice."  Mother tells her son:  "So if Satan provides the enemy, and God provides a just opponent in you, your duty is clear.  However you defeat her, God will approve."  So Godwyn goes to see the judge at his home and kills him with his dagger.  He then finds the document and sets it on fire.  He then uses the burning document to start a larger fire. 

In court, Godwyn does not make an appearance.  He went back to Kingsbridge.  And now a new judge comes on the case.  Mother Cecilia asks where is Judge Wheatfield?  The new judge says he died last night in a fire.  His whole place and all their contents were completely destroyed, including Judge Wheatfield.  Caris asks:  "Including the will?"  The new judges looks puzzled, asking Caris:  "What will?"

Godwyn now tries to stop the building of the bridge at the meeting of the Guild for the annual renewal of the contract.  The Priory backs Alfric to rebuild the bridge.  Godwyn says the real problem is that women and the Jews run this town.  He literally screams:  "Kingsbridge belongs to the Priory!  Not to the Guild  Not to the convent, the women or the Jews!"  He says he, Godwyn, is in charge here and if they don't hire Elfric the Priory will rescind its permission to build the bridge.

Merthin is furious over the actions of Godwyn.  Thomas tells him that Godwyn is a fool.  Merthin says that Elfric can't even follow his plans because he doesn't even begin to understand them.  "This bridge will be a disaster."  Thomas tells Merthin that he is extremely talented and he should go where his work will be appreciated. 

Caris and Mother Cecilia return to Kingsbridge.  Merthin tells Caris that he has been dismissed and Elfric will build the bridge.  So, he's ready to start on her hospice.  Caris tells him that there will be no hospice because they lost their appeal.  They have both gotten setback by Godwyn, but now Merthin realizes that he and Caris are now free to go to Florence, where Merthin can learn architecture and building from the Italian masters.  He asks Caris to come with him and she says yes.  They hug each other. 

Brother Thomas thinks he has a solution to their problems.  He tells them that a borough charter would enable Kingsbridge to operate as an independent town.  Edmund says he and Thomas will travel to London and broker a deal. 

Caris tells Merthin about the changed situation.  She says that her father is going to buy a borough charter from the King.  It's a small chance, but she feels they must see it through.  It will free the town from Godwyn.  Merthin agrees to stay and see it through. 

Sister Elizabeth now becomes a spy for Godwyn.  She tells Godwyn that Mother Cecilia has lost her way.  She is too much  under the influence of Caris who practices the dark arts. 

Godwyn goes to his mother and tells her to kill Edmund, her own brother.  Mother balks at the very idea.  So Godwyn spouts her philosophy that the end justifies the means back to his mother and she weakens.  She still resists.  So, Godwyn finally tells mother to then just do it for him.  "Besides, I can always absolve you later."

Sister feeds brother Edmund his dinner.  The dinner is poisoned and Edmund dies.  [All these deaths and nobody puts two and two together?]

Godwyn himself performs the funeral ceremony.  Caris leave the ceremony still in progress.

At dinner, Sir Roland receives a message.  He reads it and asks for Ralph Fitzgerald and Alan Fernhill to come before him.  They are accused of rape and the sheriff has a warrant for their arrest.  Ralph, of course, it was consensual sex.  Roland tells him that the woman was examined and was found to be torn and bruised.  Roland then says:  "I always knew you would fuck up."    Ralph panics and draws his sword.  He fights off his opponents, until Wulfric grabs a lit torch and uses it to knock Ralph out from behind.  

A battlefield in France.  King Edward III comments:  "This wars should have been long over."  He needs more troops and has to come up with a way to get them.  His adviser has an idea. 

Merthin goes to see Ralph in prison.  Ralph was convicted of rape, but he assures Merthin that the woman gave herself to him.  And now Roland is going to have him hanged, like he hanged their father. 

Godwyn officiates at the hanging.  He says the rapists will be half-hanged and then disemboweled while still alive.  Alan goes first.  When Alan is dead, they bring in Ralph.  Godwyn announces that Ralph will be castrated first.  But now arriving is King Edward III himslef.  His Majesty is pardoning all criminals willing to join him if fighting against France.  Ralph is thrilled by the arrival of the King.

Roland escorts the King on a little tour of Kingsbridge.  The King winces in pain in his right forearm.  Roland asks what's the matter and the King tells him that he received a wound in the battle at Sluys and the damn thing just won't heal up.  Roland recommends Caris as a physician, but the King is transfixed because he thinks he saw Knight Thomas in the crowd.  Thomas sees the King and he sneaks away.  When the King takes a second look, Thomas is gone.  So he tells Roland to take him to this female doctor. 

Caris bows to the King.  She asks him to come into the house and she will tend to him.  The King tells Roland that he's going in alone.  Edward III says that a French arrow caught him in the right forearm and he still suffers pain from it.  Caris looks at the wound and says there still a piece of the arrow in the forearm.  The King gives her permission to take it out.  She quickly removes the piece, bandages the wound and tells the King to change the bandage twice daily and keep the wound clean.  And, there must be no dung poultices.  The King asks her is she does not approve of such poultices?  Caris says they do more harm than good. 

Outside Godwyn and mother wonder if Caris is trying to get a city charter for Kingsbridge from the King.  Godwyn regards her as a witch and thinks she can charm the King into it. 

Godwyn entertains Roland and sons at a banquet at the Priory.  The cook, of course, is his own mother. 

Thomas comes to talk to Caris about treating the King.  He tells her that she was right not to use the occasion to ask for a charter from the King.  He then tells Caris that when he was a knight he fought for the King's mother and against his father.  He wonders if the King said anything about him.  Caris says, no. 

At the Priory dinner, Roland's son William becomes very ill.  Philippa suggests getting Caris and Petranilla volunteers to go get her.  Caris prepares something for indigestion.  She then goes to get her bag.  Petranilla uses the opportunity to place some poison in Caris's potion.

Caris gives William the potion and William promptly dies.  Now Roland accuses Roland of poisoning his son.  And, of course, Godwyn is right there to suggest that it's witchcraft.  He grabs the medicine and gives it to a dog.  The dog dies quickly.  Godwyn now says that Caris Wooler is under arrest on suspicion of murder and witchcraft. 

Godwyn speaks to a  crowd outside the cathedral.  Caris is about to be hanged.  Some of the people in the crowd say that Caris helps people by curing them.  Merthin says that Godwyn is a liar.  Godwyn says he will check Caris for the third nipple of the witch.  She starts to check her, but Mother Cecilia speaks up for Caris.  She says she will check the woman herself, not Godwyn.  They must follow the rules of propriety. 

Alone, Cecilia tells Caris that she can confess and claim sanctuary within the Priory.   Caris objects that she is innocent.  Cecilia says but you could never prove that to those that want to see Caris dead.  She can become a nun and have permanent protection in the Priory.  Caris says that she's married to Elfric.  Cecilia replies that the wishes of God supersede Elfric's claims on her.  Caris fears being unhappy as a num.  Cecilia begs her to live.  Live and Caris will become happy. 

Bishop Richard announces Caris's decision to the crowd.  She will be a nun and cannot be touched.  He then tells Caris that if she breaks her vows as a nun, she will be hanged. 

Merthin comes into the cathedral to plead for his Caris, but Thomas says he must not interfere in this or Caris will be hanged.  Thomas says he's sorry twice.  Merthin gives up and marches out of the cathedral. 

Caris puts the habit on.   Godwyn has the contents of Caris's place brought out and he lights them on fire.  Merthin starts packing for Florence.  Godwyn saved one of Caris's garments and just loves to smell Caris on the fabric.  He masturbates while laying stomach down on Caris's garment.  Merthin crosses the river by ferry.  Caris cries over her current predicament.  


Episode 5.  Pawns.

France, seven years later.  Seven hellish years of war.  The King learns that the English are surrounded by the French.  Edward III says then they must cross over the river.  One of his commanders says that they can't cross the Somme.  The French have burned down all the bridges.  Edward III now says they will cross the river without the bridges.  Someone says that the river is really shallow at Abbeyville.  The commander says the French know that too.  Ralph says they can get across at Abbeyville if they immediately start on the three day journey to the town.  The King says to make it a forced march and they will get there in two days. 

Wulfric and Gwenda now have two sons: Sam and David.  Gwenda has to shout out at Wulfric to  make him keep an eye on the boys.  Caris puts flowers on her father's grave.  Gwenda comes to see her.  She has brought Caris a fresh supply of feverwort from Wigleigh forest. 

The two boys have seen a trick using fire at the fair.  They go behind the scenes and look to see what the magician was using to make fire.  The mixture is sticky and Sam gets it on his hands.  He rubs it off on his shirt sleeve.  They walk through the market square.  Sam puts his arm into an open oven to grab a meat pie and the mixture catches fires on Sam's sleeve.  Someone rushes over with a thick material and smothers the fire on Sam's sleeve. 

Gwenda tells Caris that Wulfric is madder than ever.  They work the land hard, but Perkin pays them nothing but food.  Wulfric is so frustrated that he's hard to live with.

Caris is called over to take care of the burns Sam received.  Caris starts working on the boy and Gwenda yells at Wulfric for not watching over the boys as she told him to do.  Caris tells her not to argue now. 

The boy is badly burned and Caris asks for a poultice of Spanish aloe.

A man named Gregory comes to town.  Godwyn welcomes him, but Gregory says he has come specifically to talk with Mother Cecilia.  Elizabeth stays right at the side of Cecilia.  Elizabeth is the convent's treasurer.  He has sad news for Cecilia.  Her cousin Marilyn in Hereford has died.  And on her death, she left the convent 150 gold coins. 

Mother Cecilia goes to tell Caris that they now have enough funds to build the hospice.  Caris is exited at the prospect. 

The English are on the forced march to Abbeyville.  Holger, brother of Gwenda, is on of the soldiers.  They are nearing the river.  Ralph goes ahead up onto a rise.  He looks down and sees that the other side of the river is covered with a French encampment.  He goes back and tells the King that the French have outflanked them.  The King says:  "Damn them to hell."

Elizabeth is opening up the container of gold coins.  Godwyn comes in.  He heard from Gregory that he just brought in a bequest.  He asks Elizabeth what is Mother Cecilia going to spend the money on?  Mother Cecilia and Caris come in and Cecilia says she's going to spent the money on a hospice.  She then tells Sister Elizabeth to lock the money up tight, because there so many thieves these days.

A sister, Caris's assistant, hears two men talking.  She listens in and then opens the door a bit and sees the two men.  They are naked in bed with each other.  The sister is shocked.  One man is Brother Thomas and there's another Brother, Mathias, with him. She closes the door and leaves. 

Caris sees her assistant and asks her what's wrong?  The assistant says she saw Thomas and Matthias together in bed.  Caris tells her assistant:  "Godwyn must never find out."

A Mr. Caroli comes to see Caris.  Caris asks him about the plague in his land of Florence.   He agrees with Caris's assessment that a person can go to bed well and wake up dying.  But the reason he came was that he has brought Caris a letter from Merthin. 

In private she reads the letter.  Merthin is married with one child.  He is a successful builder in Florence.  His wife is named Lulalulina. He says he loves his family, but Caris still holds a special place in his heart.  In fact, he never stops thinking of Caris. 

Now Mathias doesn't want to be seen together with Thomas, who tells him that he doesn't think Sister Mair will tell.  He says he loves Mathias.  Mathias would like to return the sentiment, but he says that Thomas keeps everything inside himself, hidden away.  Thomas says that if he opened up to Mathias, it would put Mathias's life in danger.  Mathias doesn't accept that as a legitimate excuse for Thomas being so closed off. 

Mother Cecilia and Sister Elizabeth confront Godwyn.  Cecilia asks for her gold coins back.  She knows he stole the coins because Sister Elizabeth confessed.  Furthermore, the bishop has given her to okay to start building the hospice immediately.  Godwyn asks her if she has it in writing that cousin Marilyn left the money specifically to the convent?  No.   Now Godwyn tells Cecilia that she may leave. 

Cecilia asks Caris to get an order from the King that the Priory money must be used specifically to build the hospice.  She wants Caris to go to France and talk to the King. 

In Florence, Merthin sees that his wife has the pestilence.  He rushes to go get the doctor.  The doctor tells him there are only two remedies: hope and prayer. 

France, Hopital-des-soeurs.  Caris and Mair walk down the road.  They see two dead men hanging from the limb of a tree.  They are approaching a burning town with dead bodies all around the road.  They ask a holy woman and she says that the English came and killed everyone in the town.  Caris says they are their way to speak to the English King.  The old woman tells them to just simply follow the trail of dead bodies. 

Caris falls into a well filled with dead bodies.  She starts screaming her head off.  Mair gives her a hand getting out of the well.  Mair then holds the traumatized Caris.  Around the fire at night Mair starts kissing Caris.  Caris says no, but Mair says what she said about the two gay brothers:  God doesn't mind, if it's done out of love.  Caris kisses her back.  

In the morning English troops find the nuns fast asleep.  The soldier in charge says they should go with them.   So that's what the women do. 

The military situation looks very bleak for the English.  The King is very saddened by the mess they are in.   His main general thinks they should surrender.  The King leaves his tent to think in private,.

Caris sees the King and comes to speak to him.  He doesn't recognize her as a sister until Caris reminds him that she fixed his arm in Kingsbridge.  The King, however, doesn't want to deal with such petty things as church squabbles.  And yet, Caris gives a lovely speech about both he and she have to do their duty to the best of their abilities.  And her duty is to ask the King for help.  The speech was so heartfelt that the King lightens up and tells her:  "Your spirit and heart are all that I love of England.  If I am still King after tomorrow, I will grant your petition."

The King goes back into the tent saying that they will attack the French at dawn.  Some of the officers object, but the King says the last thing the French are thinking about is being attacked by a defeated army.  To make the attack easier he will send Ralph with a commando group to dispatch the French sentries.  Then their archers with their famous long bow can ford the river safely and get into range to inflict heavy damage on  the French.

Ralph leads his men across the river slowly.  They have to stop when a French sentry scans the river.  When the sentry leaves, the cross the river to the other bank.  Ralph kills the first sentry, slitting his throat.  Now the me move fast, killing more sentries.  Now Ralph signals for the long bows to cross the river. 

French camp at dawn.  The English bowmen are ready to pounce on the French.  Holger is there on the riverbank.  Now the English are told to get into position. 

Now Edward III gets ready to lead the entire army in an attack on the French encampment.  The archers are given the order to fire.  Hundreds of arrows head for the French camp.  Frenchmen start falling as they are hit by arrows.  Now the King launches the full attack as the soldier now cross over the river.  The French camp is in chaos.  The English are killing French soldiers all over the place.

Now the English soldiers can just walk through the French encampment.  Caris and Mair now pass through.  Edwards rides up to Caris Wooler and writes out his petition.  He gives it to Caris.  He then tells her:  "I shall visit Kingsbridge again and see how you have fared."  And now it's time for the English to go home. 



Episode 6:  Rook. 

Autumn, 1341.  The ship with Caris and Mair lands in England. 

Mother Cecilia is so happy to see the two women.  Caris tells Cecilia that she hopes Mother can never imagine just how horrible war can be. 

Mother Cecilia tells the women that Prior Godwyn has started construction of his palace.  Mair says and he's doing it with our gold.  Mother Cecilia says, yes, with our gold.

Mother Cecilia and Caris bring the note written by the King for Godwyn to look at it.  He says he doubts it's authenticity. And, anyway, the King is not going to come to Kingsbridge to check on the situation.  Caris tells cousin Godwyn that the King said himself that he wanted to come down and check on their progress one day.  And when he does come, if it's the palace that is up and not he hospice, the King may want to have Godwyn's head for it.  Mother Cecilia tells Godwyn to stop the building of the palace right now. 

As the two women walk back to the convent, Caris says she used to think that God wasn't with us human beings, and now she knows for that God is not amongst us. 

Ralph comes to Shiring Castle to speak with Lord Roland.  Roland tells the now Sir Ralph congratulations on his knighthood.  He adds:  "The King rewards criminals well."  And yet, Roland doesn't know the full extent of just how much Ralph was rewarded.  The King not only gave Roland his original property at Wigleigh back, but also gave Ralph the Tench estate, a property nearly as extensive as Shiring's.  This is the Earldom of Tench.

Lady Philippa comes in with a little girl with her.  Ralph and she say hello.  Philippa and the girl soon leave the room.  Ralph comes after them and he asks if he might have a word with Philippa.  He says he wants to marry her.  He loves her so and he knows that Philippa loves him too.  But Philippa tells him:  "I never loved you.  I pitied you as a young man deprives of his inheritance.  But you have since become a rapist and a murderer.  I'd sooner die than marry you."  She walks away from Ralph.

George Perkin is now given even more land to control.  Gwenda speaks up against it, but she can't change the situation.  When Gwenda and the family has walking back home, Gwenda asks why Wulfric doesn't stand up for his children and his wife.  Wulfric raises his voice:  "No one can stand up for you.  You've got a bigger cock than any man in Wigleigh.  He walks away from her.  Gwenda is so mad that she chases after him and jumps on his back.  They tumble and roll down the descending hill road a bit.  Wulfrice gets up and continues walking.  Gwenda jumps on his back again and they go rolling down hill ago.  They both get up and Gwenda starts hitting Wulfric.  He doesn't fight back, until she slaps in the the face.  He slaps her back.  The kids at yelling at their parents to stop the fighting. 

Gwenda now tells Wulfric to just go and get out of her life.  Wulfric starts walking away.  The kids asks where is Da going? 

Merthin returns to Kingsbride.  He checks out the condition of the completed bridge over the river.  Methin goes to see his one-time assistant.   The former assistant is now Elfric's only competition.  Elfric runs the Guild now, and the former assistant only gets the work that Elfric doesn't have the time to take on. 

Merthin now goes to see Sister Caris.  He says Mother Cecilia told him that Caris was writing a book.  Caris is a bit stunned by all this.  She slowly gets up from her desk, saying:  "I didn't think you'd ever come back."  Merthin explains that the pestilence took both his wife and child from him.  He got a touch of the illness, but he survived.  He asks Caris how is she?  She tells him she now practices the art of healing.  She reminds him that if she leaves the convent, she will be hanged.  And she says that she has changed over time and she's certain that he has too.  He tells her how much he has loved her, but she tells him:  "Pray for me, but don't love me."

Caris returns to her writing, but a tear drop smudges what she has just written. 

The King tells his mother that he has been wondering if this war is still worth fighting.  Isabella tells him that the pestilence has devastated France and it's the perfect time to strike at France again.  The King asks why the war started in the first place?  His answer is that mother wanted to be in power in both England and France.  He now tells his mother that she must move out.  He doesn't want to see her at court ever again.  Edward III walks out on her. 

Mother leaves London.

Feast of Winter Solstice.  At the fancy banquet, Philippa gets up and dances with the others.  Ralph keeps watching her.  Sir Roland comes in and tells Petranilla that she must dance with him for she is the prettiest woman in Kingsbridge.  He asks her if they can get together after all these years?  She says, yes.  There's a problem.  Roland wants to have sexual intercourse with her right now.  Petranilla protests that she is an honorable woman.  Roland gets mad at her.  He tells her that she would be lucky at her age to get anyone to have intercourse with her. 

Ralph goes aside in the snow to urinate.  Gwenda comes up to him, kneels before him and asks to be a tenant on her land and not a serf.  Ralph is not going to do that.  So Gwenda says to give the land to her eldest son.  Why should Ralph do that?  Because her eldest son is the son of Ralph.  Ralph just walks away from her. 

An important Guild member spits up blood.  He is rushed over to Sister Caris.  Caris discovers that the man has the pestilence.  She asks Merthin to confirm the diagnosis.  Merthin agrees with her.  He says the only way to stop the pestilence is to isolate the sick.  Merthin adds that in Florence they wore linen face masks.   Caris tells Mair to have everyone wear masks of linen over their nose and mouth.  "The Great Mortality has come to Kingsbridge."

The hospice is being overrun by people sickened by the pestilence.  Caris want to convert one of the houses into a room for those afflicted with the disease.  Godwyn, of course, tells her no.  He says that the pestilence is punishment for a wicked world.  Mother Cecilia speaks up saying that the Prior knows next to nothing about medicine and his beliefs are fetid and malevolent.  Suddenly, she has to stop talking because she starts coughing up blood.  Godwyn tells her to get out at once.  He steps back from the nuns. 

Caris tends to Mother Cecilia, who tells Caris that she must be her replacement.  She's the only one who can take her place.  Mother dies.  Caris cries.

February, 1342.  The Great Mortality has claimed one third of the lives in England. Elizabeth comes to Godwyn saying that the sisters want Sister Caris as their next Prioress.  Elizabeth adds that she would be willing to run against her.  Godwyn starts think up a plan.  He suggests that the masks can be seen as just so much pagan superstition.  He tells Elizabeth to stop wearing a mask for they know the plague is the work of the Devil.  God will protect Elizabeth and kill Caris.

Petranilla has the pestilence.  She calls for her son in the middle of the night.  Godwyn is angry that his mother called him in the middle of the night.  Then he sees his mother's face and realize that she has the plague.  He tells her:  "What kind of mother are you putting me in danger?"  Godwyn crosses himself and then leaves in a flash.  Petranilla puts on her coat and leaves her house.

Elizabeth speaks to the sisters, denouncing her for reading heretical books of the Arab infidels.  But as Elizabeth speaks, her nose starts to bleed. 

Godwyn tells the brothers that they are leaving Kingsbridge almost immediately.  Thomas stands up to say that he will stay to nurse the sick and bury the dead.  He asks for others to do the same.  Godwyn shouts:  "And anyone who disobeys me will risk his immortal soul!"  Thomas replies:  "And that's God's work too, not yours."  Godwyn says they leave within the hour. 

A vote is taken and even Elizabeth votes for Caris as Prioress. 

Petranilla goes to see Earl Roland, but she learns that the castle is closed to all visitors because of the pestilence.  She tells the guard that the Earl has a son that he doesn't know about.  The guard will go to find out if the Earl is interested in seeing the person.  Roland looks over the parapet and wants to know what son of his is she talking about?  She says the son who Roland never knew of.  She had the son that sprang from their love.  Roland says he never loved her and that she is to go home and die.  He leaves. 

Thomas tells Mother Caris that Godwyn has left during the night.  Caris says:  "Of course, he has."  In addition,  Godwyn took everything of value with him, even their money.  

The King is marrying his daughter Joan to the Prince of Castile, a wealthy man.  She has to marry the Spaniard because Spain will give her a crown and England an ally against France.  And today the King says goodbye to Joan. 

Godwyn and some of the monks go to St. John in the Forest Monastery.  The Prior there tells Godwyn that he and his men cannot stay with them.  They are afraid of the pestilence and they haven't enough food to feed Godwyn and his people.  Godwyn objects, but the Prior tells Godwyn that he should have stayed in Kingsbridge where they have plenty of food and whose people need him.  The Prior now starts milking a cow with his back turned on Godwyn.  The evil Prior locks the bar door from inside, takes up a metal tool and strikes the good Prior eight times in the head. 

Godwyn comes out, lock the bar behind him and says that Prior Saul has discover boils on his body and voluntarily isolating himself in the barn.  And Godwyn says he will the sole physician treating Saul. 

Thomas and Caris take over the running of Kingsbridge.  Their first act is to hand out masks to their audience.  These people will hand out masks to their neighbors.  Everyone is to wear the masks.  They also need volunteers to bury the dead.  Next they will construct a town wall to isolate Kingsbridge from the pestilence. 

Caris goes to see the bishop to be officially ratified as Prioress.  Merthin goes with her as her escort.  The bishop makes her the Prior.  Just before going into Kingsbridge, Merthin tells Caris that he will leave her here.  He takes her is his arms and kisses her.  He tells her:   "When this is over, you are mine."  She smiles and gives a little laugh, turns around and walks to the entrance through the wall.

Merthin finds his mother with the plague.  He takes her to the hospice.  He then tells her that he will send for Ralph to come to her.  Merthin leaves.  Mother tells Caris her secret.  She was barren.  She did have a stillborn child.  Her husband brought her a baby and told her that its mother had died. After that, she gave birth to a baby boy, the legitimate heir to Shiring Castle.  Mother now dies. 

Petranilla is seeking vengeance.  She cuts the boils on her left forearm and pours the liquid on a  rose flower.  She sends the rose in a little packet to Sir Roland.  He picks up the rose and smells it. 

Brother Joseph returns from St. John in the Wilderness saying that they brought the plague there.  He takes off his hood to show the boils on his skin. 

A man digs a grave in a area surrounded with bodies dead of the plague.  The man is Godwyn. 


Episode 7: Queen.

Thomas, Caris, Merthin and Mathias start on the trip to St. John in the Wilderness.  They make camp at night.  Mathias wanders off and Thomas goes to check on him.  Caris and Merthi hear some twigs snapping in the undergrowth.  Marthin takes his knife with him to go check on the noise.  Merthin see the brothers flirting with each other.  He goes back to Caris and says it was nothing.  Caris goes to bed. 

The King's best advisor comes to him in the middle of the night.  He says he has terrible news.  Princess Joan, passing through France, got the pestilence.  She's dead.  The King cries over his loss. 

The small group from Kingsbridge arrive at the isolated monastery in the woods. We see the bodies laying around in the open in front of the church.  We also see the grave that Godwyn was digging.  The smell of the place is terrible. 

Thomas finds Godwyn before the fire.  There is a terrible smell in the room.  Godwyn says:  "It's the fumes of our excrement that ward off the disease.  It saved me.  The others wouldn't listen."  Brother Saul is the man buried in the grave.

Caris asks:  "Where's the Priory's money, Godwyn?"  He answers:  "I ate it." 

The visitors leave the room.  They decide that the first thing they should be is to give these dead good Christian burials. Merthin and Mathias start digging.  Mathias starts digging up Brother Saul's grave.  When Godwyn sees this he tells Mathias to stop digging.   Mathias uncovers a precious chalice.  Now Godwyn goes crazy and attacks Mathias.  He bites the poor monk on the neck like a vampire.  Merthin throws Godwyn off of Mathias.  Now they see that Godwyn has the boils of the pestilence. 

Joan's dead body is brought back to the King's castle.  Gwenda's eldest son dies of the plague.  She and her living son, with Holger, bury the body.  Wulfic shows up at the end of the burial.  Gwenda tells her brother to let her speak to Wulfric in private.  Holger ajd Sam walk away.  When Gwenda tells him about the last words of their son were of Wulfric and waiting for him to bring Mother Caris to heal him.  Gwenda hugs her husband. 

Coming back to Kingsbridge, Caris asks Thomas where are the agricultural workers?  Thomas says there is a great shortage of workers because of the plague. Then he reminds the new Prior that these grounds belong  to the Priory.  That makes the situation a lot simpler for the new Prior.

Mother Caris gives a speech to the congregation.  (As a nun, she cannot give a mass.)  "This is the end of the old world.  And it may be the beginning of a new one."  So she and Brother Thomas have agreed to offer an honest wage to anyone who will farm their newly fallow lands.  Gwenda and Wulfric are ecstatic at the news.  After the talk, Gwenda comes to see Mother Caris.  She tells the Prior that she and Wulfric want to be wed.  Caris is happy for the couple.  Caris also warns her that she will still be working under Ralph. 

Caris and Thomas officiate at the marriage.  

At a picnic, Wulfric and Gwenda have sex.  The next morning the whole family, including Holger, leave Wigleigh to work on Prior Caris's fields.

Mother Caris goes to see Roland.  He is very sick with the plague.  When Roland sees her, he calls her a witch and tells her to go away.   Caris just waits there. 

Thomas goes to check on Mathias.  He finds his friend very ill with the plague.

Wouldn't you know it, Petranilla survives the plague.  She now nurses his son, saying she is a better mother than Godwyn is as a son.  Caris informs her that Roland has died of the Mortality. 

Petranilla goes to the funeral for Roland.  She goes over to Ralph and asks him why the long face?  After all, Roland killed Ralph's father and took his title.  She adds that now the path is open for Ralph and it's a day for rejoicing.  In fact, according to Petranilla, this his Ralph's chance to win his rightful title back.  To make things even more tempting to Ralph, Petranilla says Ralph could also have a shot at Philippa. 

Thomas tells Mathias how much he loves him before he dies.  Mathias tells him not to let his (Thomas's) secrets die with him.

Isabella returns to the King's castle. She says she has come to mourn her granddaughter, Joan.   Her son tells her that she's not welcome here.   Isabella says she doesn't care if she is welcome or not and she's staying for three days.  Her son says:  "Two days."

Caris tells Thomas that she is sorry about the death of Mathias.  She knew how much Thomas loved Mathis.  And now Thomas tells his secret to Caris.  He says when he was at the prison, two men came with orders to executes  the King.   He killed the knight.  Queen Isabella hates Kingsbridge because he (Thomas) lives here.  It was the Queen who ordered the execution.  The King was spirited out of the castle land given a new life.  Rumor says he fled to Italy. 

Ralph comes to conspire with Petranilla.  She tells him that she will do everything she can to make him the new Earl of Shiring.  Ralph wants to know why she wants to help him?  Petranilla says that the son that she has out of wedlock was raised by Sir Gerald and Lady Maud as their own child.  "It was you."  Furthermore, Ralph's biological father was Earl Roland.  Ralph tells her that she's a liar. 

Ralph rides fast to confront Merthin about this.  He holds his sword point near Merthin's throat and asks him in a loud voice if he knew that they were not brothers?  Merthin says, yes.  Mother told Caris before she died.  Ralph wants to know why Merthin didn't tell him?  Merthin says he didn't want to hurt his brother.  Ralph says no, he's not his brother.  He's the rightful Earl of Shiring.  "You're nothing to me."

Merthin is thinking about leaving Kingsbridge.  He asks Caris why should he stay?  He starts to leave.  She tells him:  "Because I love you."  Merthin stops and she repeats what she said.  They hug and kiss and then have sex.  

The King asks his mother why hasn't she left?  She says she is in great pain.  She adds that her doctor says she won't see another Christmastide.  Isabella says about the only thing she is proud of leaving behind is her son, the King.  She goes on to say he is greater a leader than those who came before him.  She starts to leave.  The King weakens and says he will have his own physicians care for her.  She thanks him for that.  

Ralph learns that a dozen of his peasants have deserted him and are now working on Priory land.  Wulfric and his "whore" were the first to go and others followed.  Ralph gives the order to prepare the gallows.  He rides off to Priory land.

Ralph tells the workers that they are to return to Shiring land at once.  Wulfric says if they go they will have to be paid in silver and not just food.  The evil Ralph takes Gwenda's son Sam as a hostage with a knife up against the boy's throat.  He tells Gwenda he will kill her boy if she doesn't return to Wigleigh.  Wulfric gives in and kneels before Ralph.  Ralph then makes him kiss his foot.  He knees Wulfric in the face and knocks him out.  He has Wulfric bound.  He tells the other workers that if they report by tomorrow, they will be pardoned.  If they do not report in, they will be hanged.

Ralph has Wulfric pulled behind two horses with Wulfric running to keep up with the pace.  He tells Gwenda that if she wants to see her man, she will bring Sam to the castle Sunday afternoon.

From Sister Mair Godwyn learns that now Caris is Prior Caris.  Godwyn starts to rape the Sister, but she throws a bowl filled with a mixture that burns Godwyn's eyes and leaves him crying from the pain.  Two monks and Merthin grab Godwyn and put him into a room with a bed.  They tie him to the bed.  The whole time he screams curses at Prior Caris.  He says he's the one who run Kingsbridge, not Caris. 

Wulfric is set to be hanged. Gwenda tells her brother Holger that she won't let him die.  Gwenda shows up and appeals to the crowd to save Wulfric from the evil lord of the manor Ralph.  She denounces him for the brutal way he treats his serfs.  He even raped Annet and got away with it.  Ralph orders his men to silence Gwenda.  She is hit on the back of the head and goes down but not out.  Some of the male serfs start pushing Ralph's men away from Gwenda and the men pull their swords and start slashing people.  Holger now starts shooting arrows into Ralph's men.  The serfs start stomping on Ralph's men.  Gwenda takes Wulfric down from the gallows. 

Ralph gets on his horse and starts riding away.  Holger tries to shoot an arrow into him, but he can't get a clear shot at him.  He says:  "Now we're in for it."

Ralph shows up at Petranilla's house.  He tells mother that his peasants have risen up against him like so many rabid dogs.  Ralph angrily says he will hire some soldiers and kill all the peasants and burn Wigleigh to the ground.  Mother tells him that he can turn this revolt to his advantage.

Ralph appears before the Queen with his complaints about his rebellious peasants.  He says it's not just he they are rising against, but against all authority, including the crown.   The Queen says:  "Find them and hang them!"   He says he would like that very much, but these peasants are from Shiring and can only be tried and punished by the Earl, but he died in the Great Mortality.  So, if Ralph could be the Earl, then he could squash the rebellion.  The Queen, still hating Kingsbridge, asks if Ralph can do a better job than Rolland did in controlling Kingsbridge?  Petranilla speaks up and says that he can both control Kingsbridge and the Priory as well.  Isabella becomes very angry at this woman who is speaking out of turn.  She demands to know who she is.  Ralph says she's his mother. 

The Queen calms down and asks what's the problem with the Priory?  Petranilla says the problem is a woman Prior who gave the peasants land to lure them for their lords.  Prior Caris was installed by the recently deceased Bishop of Kingsbridge.  Kingsbridge needs a new Prior, namely her son Godwyn, the previous Prior who was ill but now is cured. 

Now made the Earl of Shiring, Ralph rushes over to Shiring Castle to inform Philippa that he is now master of Shiring.  He says it's wonderful to be the Earl of Shiring.  And he can marry whom he chooses.  He intimates that the could marry Philippa or the young girl,Odila, with Philippa.  He grabs the girl and acts like he is going to take her away to rape her.  He basically coerces Philippa to agree to marry him in order to save the  girl.  Godwyn officiates at the wedding. 

So now three wicked family members are running Shiring and Kingsbridge. 

And now Ralph will ravage poor Philippa.  Sitting in  a bathtub, leaning up against the back part of the large  tub, she tells Ralph that she sent Odila away.  "You can't have her."   Ralph says he doesn't want Odila.  He only wanted Philippa.  Philippa tells Ralph that he can't have her.  As Ralph approaches the bathtub, he sees the water is now red with the blood of Philippa.  She has slashed her wrists deeply and the blood is pouring out of her wounds. 



Episode 8:  Checkmate.

In Kingsbridge, Godwyn is back in power.  He strikes back at  his enemies.  The widow Maud's market stalls are torn down by his men.  Maud protests, but Godwyn says that since Maud is no longer married, she cannot run a business without a husband in  charge.  Two prostitutes have been hanged and left there to rot.  Caris is on longer even a nun.  She's just a layperson now.  Merthin and Caris are leaving Kingsbridge for they know there is nothing left for them in Kingsbridge anymore.  This is especially true since now Godwyn is the bishop. They have to get away from Godwyn.   Thomas comes to virtually beg them not to leave Kingsbridge, because people like the are the very soul of the town of Kingsbridge.  Thomas forgets that Caris could still be hanged as a witch.  Merthin says he won't stand by and see that happen to Caris. 

Wulfric tells Gwenda that Ralph will be coming back with more soldiers.  He suggests that they take to woods, but Gwenda says she won't run anymore.  So, Wulfric says that will have to fight Ralph. And that means they probably die.  Gwenda would prefer to fight than to run. 

Thomas digs up the pouch that he buried when he first came to the Priory. 

Thomas comes to talk with Merthin and Caris.  He has brought with him the borough charter that will free Kingsbridge from the Priory forever.   He says he lettered the document this afternoon and signed it as King Edward II.  Caris says that document will do them no good because he doesn't have the royal seal.   Now Thomas shows the the contents of his leather pouch he recently recovered from its hiding place.  It's the royal seal. 

Thomas melts some wax and applies the royal seal to it.  Merthin looks at the seal and says this is the seal of Edward II, not Edward III.  Thomas drops a bombshell:  "I told you he lives."  He explains that the knight who accepted to be the King's executioner was Thomas Langley.  With a dagger, the King killed Thomas Langley and the head guard helped the King escape.  He took Langley's name as his own.

Thomas takes the document and shows it to Godwyn.  Godwyn says he could have Thomas tried as a forger and a liar.  Thomas tells him to take a good look at the seal.

The big baby always runs to his wicked mother for help and this case is no exception.   Godwyn tells mother that this is sorcery.  Petranilla says the Queen will not be happy about this. 

Here comes Godwyn and ten soldiers to deal with Merthin and Caris.  He comes to arrest Caris for practicing witchcraft.  The soldiers grab Caris.  Merthin knocks the bishop to the ground and then hits him with his fist.  Two soldiers hold Merthin and Godwyn slugs Merthin in the stomach, doubling him over.  Now Merthin is arrested. 

The Queen kicks everyone out of court after she sees the seal on the borough charter.  She shows it to King Edward II and says that the seal disappeared when his father died.   Edward III asks his mother if she's saying that his father is alive?  Yes, he's now living as a monk at Kingsbridge Priory.  Edward remembers and says:  "I saw him."   Now Isabella tries to poison Edward III against his father.  She adds that Edward III can't be king if Edward II still lives, so it's:  "Your throne or his life."

It would seem improbable, but Edward III believes the untrustworthy Queen and decide to lead an army against Shiring to put down the rebellion.  "All traitors will be put to the sword!"

Godwyn plans to burn Caris at the stake and make Merthin watch from the stocks he now is held in. 

Godwyn comes into the cell of Caris.  He masturbates to her beauty standing directly in front of her.  He then slaps her.  He leaves the cell. 

The next morning Caris is taken to the place of execution.  She sees her Aunt Petranilla and asks for her intervention.  But this auntie is not going to help her.  As she says, she has come here like all the others to watch as witch burn. 

Godwyn officiates at the execution.  He tells the people that Caris is a witch.  Quite a few people say that Caris is not a witch.  Thomas speaks up against Godwyn.  He says Caris is not a witch and this is not justice.  "But the work of an evil man settling old scores!"  Thomas shouts to the people that they have a charter now and Kingsbridge if free of the Priory!  "And free of this man's madness."

The people are mad now.  They set Merthin free and start pushing forward to save Caris.  Godwyn sets the wood on fire.  Godwyn now slinks away.  Merthin reaches Caris and sets her free. 

A young boy starts ringing the town bell.  He says the King's men and Earl Ralph have destroyed Wigleigh and now have Kingsbridge surrounded.  They are killing everyone.  The people start running to the gates to flee from the soldiers, but Ralph and the troops are right outside the gates.  Ralph says that the people are all arrested and at dawn when the King arrives, Kingsbridge will be razed to the ground and everyone will be put to the sword!  Ralph now gives the order for the archers to fire.  Down go the people in front.  The people now run back into the town and close the gates. 

Thomas rallies the people around him.  He says the King is going to make Kingsbridge an example to everyone, but  the free people of Kingsbridge will proved the King himself with an example.  "Let us lfight and die, if GTod lwills it so, as free men and women!  Let him find an example of fearless resistance in the face of tyranny!  An example of the matchless power when the righteous fight for good."  The people are fired up. They start building their defenses. 

Godwyn is scared of Ralph.  Petranilla tells him that he doesn't have to be afraid of Ralph because Ralph is his younger half-brother.  Godwyn becomes enraged and grabs Petranilla by the throat, shouting that she is a whore.  He says that God wants him to kill his mother as the whore that she is.  He spits in her face.  He promises that after all this is over he will have her stripped and hanged.  Now Petranilla tastes some of her own poison.

In the morning, Edward III comes to Kingsbridge.  Ralph starts the assault before the King's actual arrival.  The fight begins!

Caris runs back out of the cathedral to go get the book she has been writing. 

The King comes into Kingsbridge and sees some of the slaughter there.

Caris gets her book, but runs into Petranilla, who tells her own sob story and expresses her fear that Ralph will have everyone killed, including her.  Godwyn will be killed, too.   Caris suspects that Petrnilla has taken poison.  The wicked woman says she took some sleeping nightshade.   Caris tells her aunt that she can save her by giving her a purgative.  Petranilla tells her:  "I'm sorry I never got to see you burn."  Caris still acts as a very good person, so Petranilla says that she killed her parents.  Caris now infuriates her aunt by saying a prayer for her.  She watches as Petranilla falls to the floor dead. 

Ralph reaches Holger and kills him with his sword.  Poor Sam has to see his biological father kill his uncle.  Merthin gets a sword and now he will face off with Ralph.  It will be a challenge for Merthin to survive because Ralph is so much bigger than Merthin is.

Thomas comes out dressed in his knight's clothing.  He and his son see each other.  The two of them now start sword fighting.  

Ralph is about to kill Merthin, who is now on the ground, but suddenly Ralph is hit from behind.  Ralph falls to the ground.   Sam has shot Ralph with an arrow. 

Godwyn find Caris standing over the body of his mother.  He says:  "She was a whore, anyway."  Caris says may God forgive Godwyn and Godwyn responds by trying to strangle Caris to death.  She picks up a heavy metal cross and slams it into the neck of Godwyn.  Godwyn falls to the ground bleeding heavily from the neck and mouth.

Thomas defeats his son, but then tells him that there can't be two Kings and he gives his life over to his son.  He only asks that his son spare Kingsbridge which has treated him with kindness.  Thomas goes to his knees.  Edward III promises his father to spare Kingsbridge.  He now kills his father.

The sole King now shouts for all the fighting to stop.  The fighting does stop. 

Godwyn, Ralph and Petranilla are all dead.  Thomas is gone.  Maud is dead.  Gwenda, Wulfric and Sam are still alive, as are Merthin and Caris.  The family and the couple are reunited.  And all their torturers are dead. 

Edward III leads his troops out of Kingsbridge.  He rides past his mother without saying a word to her. 

"Edward III ruled for more than 50 years, and was greatly admired during his reign.  His war against France continued another 76 years after his death and became known as the 100 Years War.  The Black Death led to a peasant uprising which unraveled feudal Europe and paved the way for the Renaissance."




Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.





Historical Background:


1307-1327  --  20 year reign of Edward II of England.  His wife was Isabella of France, the daughter of the powerful King Philip IV.  Decisively defeated by Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.  Executed the Earl of Lancaster.  Wife turns on him when she is negotiating in France and with the help of Robert Mortimer defeats Edward II on the battlefield.  Edward II died in Berkeley Castle in 1327, probably murdered on the orders of the new regime

1327-1377  --  50 year reign of Edward III of England. 

1328-1350  --   22 year reign of Philip VI of France. 

1337 --  Edward III of England refuses to pay homage to Philip VI of France, leading the French King to claim confiscation of Edward's lands in Aquitaine.


The Hundred Years War (1337 to 1453) of England versus France. 

The war had three phases:


the Edwardian Era War (1337–60):

1337  --  Battle of Cadzand                    Edward III (1327-1377)                Philip VI (1328-1350)

1338  --  Battle of Arnemuiden

1340  --  Battle of Sluys, naval victory for England.

1340  --  Battle of Saint-Omer

1340  --  Siege of Tournai (1340)

1341  --  Battle of Champtoceaux

1342  --  Battle of Brest. 

1342  --  Battle of Morlaix

1345  --  Battle of Auberoche

1346  --  Battle of Saint-Pol-de-Léon

1346  --  Battle of Caen

1346  --  Battle of Blanchetaque

1346  --  Battle of Crécy

1346-47  --  Battle of Neville's Cross

1347  --  Battle of La Roche-Derrien

1350  --  Les Espagnols sur Mer                                                                    John II the Good (1350-1364)

1351 --   Battle of Andres

1351  --  Combat of the 30

1352  --  Battle of Mauron

1353  --  Capture of Saint-Jean-d'Angély

1353  --  Capture of Lusignan

1353  --  Battle of Comborn

1354  --  Battle of Montmuran

1356  --  Battle of Poitiers

1364  --  Battle of Cocherel

1364  --  Battle of Auray                                                                                Charles V the Wise (1364-1380)

1367  --  Battle of Nájera (Navarette)


the Caroline War (1369–89):

1369  --  Battle of Montiel

1370  --  Siege of Limoges

1370  --  Battle of Pontvallain

1372  --  Battle of La Rochelle

1372  --  Battle of Chiset

1382  --  Battle of Roosebeke                  Richard II (1377-1399)                Charles VI (1380-1422)

1385  --  French Invasion of Scotland


                                                                Henry IV (1399-1413)

the Lancastrian War (1415–53), which saw the slow decline of English fortunes after the appearance of Joan of Arc in 1429:

1415  --  Siege of Harfleur                        Henry V (1413-1422)

1415  --  Battle of Agincourt

1418  --  Siege of Rouen

1419   --  Battle of La Rochelle

1420  --  Battle of Fresnay

1421  --  Battle of Baugé

1422  --  Siege of Meaux                                                                                Charles VII (1422-1461)

1423  --  Battle of Cravant                    Henry VI (1422-1461)

1423  --  Battle of La Brossinière

1424  --  Battle of Verneuil

1426  --  Battle of St. James

1428  --  Siege of Orléans

1429  --  Battle of the Herrings

1429  --  Battle of Jargeau.

1429  --  Battle of Meung-sur-Loire

1429  --  Battle of Beaugency

1429  --  Battle of Patay

1435  --  Battle of Gerbevoy

1449  --  Battle of Rouen

1450  --  Battle of Formigny

1453  --Battle of Castillon.


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