The White Angel (1936)




Director:     William Dieterle.

Starring:     Kay Francis (Florence 'Flo' Nightingale),  Ian Hunter (Reporter Fuller of the London Times),  Donald Woods (Charles Cooper),  Nigel Bruce (Dr. West),  Donald Crisp (Dr. Hunt),  Henry O'Neill (Dr. Scott),  Billy Mauch (Tommy 'Tom', the Drummer Boy),  Charles Croker-King (Mr. Nightingale),  Phoebe Foster (Mrs. Elizabeth Herbert),  George Curzon (Mr. Sidney Herbert),  Georgia Caine (Mrs. Nightingale),  Ara Gerald (Ella Stephens),  Halliwell Hobbes (Lord Raglan),  Eily Malyon (Sister Colomba),  Montagu Love (Mr. Bullock, Under Secretary of War).

 Florence Nightingale


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