The Westerner (1940)





Director:    William Wyler

Starring:     Gary Cooper (Cole Harden), Walter Brennan (Judge Roy Bean; Brennan winning his third Oscar), Doris Davenport (Jane Ellen Mathews), Fred Stone (Caliphet Mathews), Forrest Tucker (Wade Harper), Paul Hurst (Chickenfoot), Chill Wills (Southeast), Lilian Bond (Lily Langtry), Dana Andrews (Hod Johnson), Charles Halton (Mort Borrow), Trevor Bardette (Shad Wilkins), Tom Tyler (King Evans), Lucien Littlefield (The Stranger).


A drifter (Gary Cooper) is falsely accused of horse stealing and has to face the "hanging judge," Judge Roy Bean (Walter Brennan).  He only gets away from the judge by claiming that he personally knows Lily Langtry, who Bean adores.  He then gets himself back in trouble with the judge when he defends a group of poor homesteaders.  



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