Uncle Tom's Cabin (1987)




Director:     Stan Lathan.

Starring:     Avery Brooks (Uncle Tom), Kate Burton (Ophelia), Bruce Dern (Augustine St. Claire), Paula Kelly (Cassy), Phylicia Rashad (Eliza), Kathryn Walker, Edward Woodward (Simon Legree), George Coe (Mr. Shelby), Frank Converse (Trader), Albert Hall, Jenny Lewis (Evangeline 'Little Eva' St. Claire), Troy Byer (Emmeline), Shirley Jo Finney (Aunt Chloe), Samuel L. Jackson (George), Endyia Kinney (Topsy).

This is an adaptation of Harriet Beecher's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.  Edward Woodward plays the evil overseer Simone Legree.



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