Tonka (1958)





Director:     Lewis R. Foster.

Starring:     Sal Mineo (White Bull),  Philip Carey (Capt. Miles Keogh),  Jerome Courtland (Lt. Henry Nowlan),  H.M. Wynant (Yellow Bull),  Joy Page (Prairie Flower),  Britt Lomond (Gen. George Armstrong Custer),  Rafael Campos (Strong Bear),  Herbert Rudley (Capt. Benteen),  Sydney Smith (Gen. Alfred Howe Terry),  John War Eagle (Chief Sitting Bull),  Gregg Martell (Cpl. Korn),  Slim Pickens (Ace),  Robert 'Buzz' Henry (Lt. Crittenden).

a young Sioux boy tames a wild horse to prove his man-hood; later the horse is named Comanche and is made famous as the only survivor taken from Custer's Last Stand; Disney movie




Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.






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