Ten Commandments (1956)




Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Starring:  Charlton Heston (Moses),  Yul Brynner (Ramses),  Anne Baxter (Nefretiri),  Edward G. Robinson (Dathan), Yvonne De Carlo (Sephora),  Debra Paget (Lilia),  John Derek (Joshua), Cedric Hardwicke  (Sethi),  Nina Foch (Blithia),  Martha Scott (Yochabel), Judith Anderson (Memnet), Vincent Price (Baka),  John Carradine (Aaron),  Woody Strode (King of Ethiopia). 

story of Moses from the Bible



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Historical Background:


2100 B.C.  --  Abraham leaves Ur in Chaldea; he goes to Haran, then to a mountain between Bethel and Ai, to Ai, and then to Egypt.  He then travels out of Egypt to Bethel, then to Herbron, to Hobah, and back to Hebron.  

Joseph, son of Jacob and Jacob's favorite wife Rachel, is sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers.  Jacob, upon finding out, moves his entire family to Egypt.

1500 - 1001 B.C.  -- sometime in this period Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt to Canaan.  

Some say the tale of Moses is an Egyptian story that dates from a late period, such as that of Ramses II or later. Others say he lived before the Hyksos period.

Ramses II (1290-1224);

Merneptah (1224-1214).



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