The Ten Commandments  (1923)





Director:     Cecil B. DeMille.

Starring:     Theodore Roberts (Moses - the Lawgiver: Prologue),  Charles de Rochefort (Rameses - the Magnificent: Prologue)Estelle Taylor (Miriam - the Sister of Moses: Prologue),  Julia Faye (The Wife of Pharaoh - Prologue),  Pat Moore (The Son of Pharaoh - Prologue)James Neill (Aaron - Brother of Moses: Prologue),  Lawson Butt (Dathan - The Discontented: Prologue),  Clarence Burton (The Taskmaster - Prologue),  Noble Johnson (The Bronze Man - Prologue),  Edythe Chapman (Mrs. Martha McTavish),  Richard Dix (John McTavish - Her Son),  Rod La Rocque (Dan McTavish - Her Son).

Biblical story of Moses.



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