Taza, Son of Cochise (1954)




Director:     Douglas Sirk.

Starring:     Rock Hudson (Taza), Barbara Rush (Oona), Gregg Palmer (Capt. Burnett), Rex Reason (Naiche), Morris Ankrum (Grey Eagle), Eugene Iglesias (Chato), Richard H. Cutting (Cy Hegan), Ian MacDonald (Geronimo), Robert Burton (Gen. George Crook), Joe Sawyer (Sgt. Hamma), Lance Fuller (Lt. Willis), Bradford Jackson (Lt. Richards), James Van Horn (Skinya), Charles Horvath (Kocha), Robert F. Hoy (Lobo).





Historical Background:



Late May.  Cochise was fading fast because of possible stomach or colon cancer. He appoints his son Taza as his successor.

June 8.  Cochise dies. 


March.  Trader Nick Rodgers gave out whiskey in trade with the Apaches. Pionsenay became so drunk that he killed two of his sisters. He demands more whiskey from Rodgers, who refuses the request. So Pionsenay shoots and kills Nick Rodgers and his cook.

Pionsenay is shot and wounded by Taza and Pionsenay’s brother is killed by Taza’s brother Naiche.

Clum takes a group of Apache leaders on a tour of Washington and other cities. On the trip Taza dies of pneumonia. The Apaches back in the future Arizona believe that Taza has been poisoned by the whites.  Naiche became Taza's successor, but Geronimo became the real leader of the tribe. 



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