Tap Roots (1948)




Director:     .

Starring:     Van Heflin (Keith Alexander), Susan Hayward (Morna Dabney), Boris Karloff (Tishomingo), Julie London (Aven Dabney), Whitfield Connor (Clay MacIvor), Ward Bond (Hoab Dabney), Richard Long (Bruce Dabney), Arthur Shields (Reverend Kirkland), Griff Barnett (Dr. MacIntosh), Sondra Rodgers (Shellie Dabney), Ruby Dandridge (Dabby), Russell Simpson (Big Sam Dabney).

very loosely based on farm owner reacting to the attempt by his Jones County to secede from Mississippi



Spoiler Warning:




Compared to the film of Free State of Jones (2016) [Southern deserter Newton Knight forms the Knight Company on October 13, 1863 to oppose the Confederates in Mississippi; First Battle of Corinth, April 29 to May 30, 1862], Tap Roots is a poor movie indeed.  If Wikipedia hadn't mention that it was loosely based on the rebellion in Mississippi led by Newt Knight, I would never have noticed the movie.  The movie is way too loosely based on history that it hardly qualifies as an historical movie.  The film is okay as an adventure, but a disaster as history. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 



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