A Tale of Two Cities (1958)





Director:    Ralph Thomas.

Starring:     Dirk Bogarde (Sydney Carton),  Dorothy Tutin  (Lucie Manette),  Cecil Parker Jarvis Lorry), Stephen Murray (Dr. Manette),  Athene Seyler (Miss Pross),  Paul Guers (Charles Darnay),  Marie Versini (Marie Gabelle),  Ian Bannen (Gabelle),  Alfie Bass (Jerry Cruncher),  Ernest Clark (Stryver),  Rosalie Crutchley (Madame Defarge),  Freda Jackson (The Vengeance),  Duncan Lamont (Ernest Defarge),  Christopher Lee (Marquis St. Evremonde),  Leo McKern (Attorney General-Old Bailey),  Donald Pleasence (Barsad),  Eric Pohlmann (Sawyer).

This is not the best, but a good version, of this famous book.  Bogarde plays both parts, Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay.




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