A Tale of  Two Cities (1935)




Director:     Jack Conway

Starring:     Ronald Colman (Sydney Carton),  Elizabeth Allan (Lucie Manette),  Edna May Oliver (Miss Poss),  Reginald Owen (Stryver),  Basil Rathbone (Marquis St. Evremonde),  Blanche Yurka (Madame De Farge),  Henry B. Walthall (Dr. Manette),   Donald Woods (Charles Darney),  Walter Catlett (Barsad),  Fritz Leiber (Gaspard),  H. B. Warner (Gabelle),  Mitchell Lewis (Ernest De Farge), Claude Gillingwater (Jarvis Lorry), Billy Bevan (Jerry Cruncher), Isabel Jewell (Seamstress).  

This film was a lavish MGM blockbuster.  Ronald Colman does a great job as the carefree lawyer finally awakening to the horror of the crimes committed in the name of the French Revolution and aiding victims of the Reign of Terror.  




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