Sword of  Lancelot (1963)




Director:     Cornel Wilde

Starring:     Cornel Wilde (Sir Lancelot),  Jean Wallace (Guinevere),  Brian Aherne (King Arthur),  George Baker (Sir Gawaine),  Archie Duncan (Sir Lamorak), Adrienne Corri (Lady Vivian), Michael Meacham (Sir Modred), Iain Gregory (Sir Tors), Mark Dignam (Merlin), Reginald Beckwith (Sir Dagonet), John Barrie (Sir Belvedere), Richard Thorp (Sir Gareth), Joseph Tomelty (Sir Kaye), Graham Stark (Rian), Geoffrey Dunn (Edrick).

Country:     British film

None of the Camelot movies are that good, but this is above average of the rather poor lot.  



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