Sudan (1945) 


Director:  John Rawlins

Starring:  Maria Montez (Naila), Jon Hall (Merab), Turhan Bey (Herua), Andy Devine (Nebka), George Zucco (Horadef), Robert Warwick (Maatet), Philip Van Zandt (Setna), Harry Cording (Uba), George Lynn (Bata), Charles Arnt (Khafra)


This is a B movie.  Following the murder of her father in a slave uprising, Queen Naila of Khemis (i.e., the ancient name of Egypt),  is threatened by possible enslavement or worse by those who want the power of the kingdom.   The Queen seeks out the leader of the revolt, Herua, but before she reaches him, she is enslaved.  Hearing of her predicament, Herua starts an attempt to rescue the Queen.



Spoiler Warning:





Historical Background:


Was there a Queen Naila?  I can't find an historical reference for her.


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