Sodom and Gomorrah (1962)




Director:    Robert Aldrich

Starring:    Stewart Granger (Lot), Pier Angeli (Ildith), Stanley Baker (Astaroth),  Anouk Aimee (the Queen), Rosana Podesta (Shuah),  Rik Battagliam (Melchior), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Ishmael), Scilla Gabel (Tamar), Anthony Steffen (The Captain), Gabriele Tinti (Lieutenant), Enzo Fiermonte (Eber), Daniele Vargas (Segur), Claudia Mori (Maleb), Feodor Chaliapin Jr. (Alabias), Mitsuko Takara (Orphea), Massimo Pietrobon (Isaac), Mimmo Palmara (Arno), Liana Del Balzo (Rich Hebrew Woman).

Country:    Italian film

A movie about sin is a way to wallow in it without getting blamed for making a movie with too much sex.  At 154 minutes the movie is too long and just barely o.k.  



Spoiler Warning:




Historical Background:

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lot breaks off from Moses and leads his nomadic band across the desert into the Twin Cities of Sin, where some of his charges become entangled with the Helamites, who are reveling in sin and sex.  Sodom and Gomorrah, according to the Old Testament (notably Genesis 18, 19), were two ancient cities near the Dead Sea. Together with Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar, they formed the five "cities of the plain," the first four being destroyed by fire and brimstone.

The biblical story of the destruction of the cities is considered by many similar to tales found among the Arabs (and other ancient peoples) used to explain the sudden disappearance of places. Today there is evidence that the old cities now lie under the Dead Sea. The Bible says that God allows Lot to lead his people away, but his wife defies God's command to not look back, and is turned into a pillar of salt.


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