Sergeant Rutledge




Director:    John Ford.

Starring:    Jeffrey Hunter (Lt. Thomas Cantrell), Constance Towers (Mary Beecher), Billie Burke (Mrs. Cordelia Fosgate), Woody Strode (1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge), Juano Hernandez (Sgt. Matthew Luke Skidmore), Willis Bouchey (Col. Otis Fosgate), Carleton Young (Capt. Shattuck), Judson Pratt (Lt. Mulqueen), William Henry (Capt. Dwyer), Walter Reed (Capt. MacAfee), Chuck Hayward (Capt. Dickinson).




Good acting by black actor Woody Strode makes the movie worthwhile. A buffalo soldier, a sergeant in the all-black (except for the white officers) 9th Cavalry, goes on trial accused of murdering his commanding officer and then raping and murdering the dead man's daughter. The trial is charged with the racially-motivated testimony of the white personnel at the fort and the work of the equally racially-biased prosecutor.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




Historical Background:

Buffalo Soldiers (1997)



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