Salome's Last Dance (1988)





Director:    Ken Russell.

Starring:     Glenda Jackson (Herodias / Lady Alice), Stratford Johns (Herod / Alfred Taylor), Nickolas Grace (Oscar Wilde), Douglas Hodge (John the Baptist / Lord Alfred 'Bosey' Douglas), Imogen Millais-Scott (Salome / Rose), Denis Lill (Tigellenus / Chilvers), Russell Lee Nash (Pageboy), Ken Russell (Cappadocian / Kenneth), David Doyle (A. Nubin), Warren Saire (Young Syrian), Kenny Ireland (1st Soldier), Michael Van Wijk (2nd Soldier), Paul Clayton (1st Nazarean), Imogen Claire (2nd Nazarean), Tim Potter (Pharisee).

 Country:    British film. 



This is a weird combination of different times film.  Believe it or not, Oscar Wilde  (Nickolas Grace) is in a brothel watching a staging of his work on Salome put on by the proprietor.  

The real Wilde's Salomé is a serious drama about obsessive passion, originally written in French and produced in Paris in 1894 with the celebrated actor Sarah Bernhardt. It was translated into English by Lord Alfred Douglas and illustrated by English artist Aubrey Beardsley in 1894.

It was subsequently made into an opera by the German composer Richard Strauss.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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