Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (1954)




Director:     Harold French

Starring:     Richard Todd (Rob Roy MacGregor),  Glynis Johns (Helen Mary MacPherson MacGregor),  James Robertson Justice (Duke Campbell, of Argyll),  Michael Gough (Duke of Montrose),  Finlay Currie (Hamish MacPherson),  Jean Taylor-Smith (Lady Margaret Campbell MacGregor, of Glengyll),  Geoffrey Keen (Killearn), Archie Duncan (Dugal MacGregor), Russell Waters (Hugh MacGregor), Marjorie Fielding (Maggie MacPherson), Eric Pohlmann (King George I), Ina De La Haye (Countess von Pahlen), Michael Goodliffe (Robert Walpole), Martin Boddey (General Cadogan), Ewen Solon (Maj. Gen. Wightman).

Disney production.

This version of Rob Roy pictures him as the leader of a Scottish clan that actually plans an uprising against England's King George in the 18th century.  




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