Jack the Ripper (1959)




Director:     Robert Baker, Monty Berman.

Starring:      Lee Patterson (Sam Lowry), Eddie Byrne (Inspt. O'Neill), Betty McDowall (Anne Ford), Ewen Solon (Sir David Rogers), John Le Mesurier (Dr. Tranter), George Rose (Clarke), Philip Leaver (Music Hall Manager), Barbara Burke (Kitty Knowles), Anne Sharp (Helen), Denis Shaw (Simes), Jack Allen (Asst. Commissioner Hodges), Jane Taylor (Hazel), Dorinda Stevens (Margaret), Hal Osmond (Snakey the pickpocket), George Street (Station Sergeant).

Country: British


Jack the Ripper haunted London's East End red-light district and killed several prostitutes there.  He murdered of at least seven women, all prostitutes, in or near the Whitechapel district of London's East End, from Aug. 7 to Nov. 10, 1888.

They knew so little about serial killers in the Victorian era.  The ripper would slit open his victims as if doing an autopsy and carefully lay the organs around the victim.  Given their ignorance, they thought that the man must be either a surgeon or have some considerable medical training.  Even Queen Victoria's own physician came under scrutiny. But serial killers just have to have a deep fascination with inner organs, not any real medical experience.  It is unlikely that a brutal serial killer, usually a social loser who often is a loner, would ever have the emotional stability to be a physician.  There have been doctors and nurses, however, who have killed their patients "cleanly" via drug injections or the wrong medications.   But drug overdoses are not the stuff of the extreme nightmares the brutal serial killers can think up for their victims.  

There is strong evidence to indicate that Jack the Ripper was an immigrant Polish Jew with a low-level job.  He was arrested and sent to a mental asylum for the rest of his life.  The man fits the modern day profile of the brutal serial killer.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:

Jack The Ripper


31st August  --  Mary Nichols (1845-88) was the first acknowledged Ripper victim, killed at approximately 3.40 am.  Her throat cut and her body mutilated, she was discovered in Bucks Row by PC John Neil.

8th September --  Annie Chapman (1841-88) was found shortly before 6.00 am in the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street. Her throat had been savagely cut and some of her inner organs removed from her abdomen in a manner which at that time people thought suggested that her attacker had anatomical knowledge.

30 September --   Elizabeth Stride's (1843-88) body was discovered at 1:00 am when Louis Diemschutz turned into the yard behind 40 Berner Street. Her throat had been cut so recently, that it was felt that the Ripper had been disturbed during his bloody attack.

30 September  --  Catherine Eddowes's (1842-88) corpse was found less than an hour after Elizabeth Stride's, in Mitre Square. She was savagely cut around the face and abdomen. Like Annie Chapman, some of her internal organs had been removed.

9 November  --  Mary Kelly (1863-88) was murdered in her lodgings at 13 Miller's Court sometime after 4 am. The most savage attack yet, her entire body was horribly mutilated, her face hacked beyond recognition.


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