Pocahontas: The Legend (1955)




Director:     Daniele J. Suissa

Starring:      Sandrine Holt (Pocahontas)., Miles O'Keefe (Captain John Smith), Tony Goldwyn (Sir Edward Wingfield), Gordon Tootoosis, Billy Merasty

Pocohantas saves Captain John Smith



This is a love story between Pocahontas (the Powhatan Confederacy princess) and Captain John Smith (one of the leaders of the Virginia colony).  There is quite a bit of kissing in this movie, which I did not object to since the two stars are very attractive.  The bad guys in the movie are played by Tony Goldwyn (a vain, arrogant character with a disturbing tinge of homosexuality and pedophilia thrown in to make him a bit creepy) and an ambitious medicine man and his warrior son, who attempt to eliminate both Pocahontas and Smith. 

The movie seems a bit amateurish  and can't compare to The New World (2005).    

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



Historical Background:

For historical Background, see The New World (2005)


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