The Pillars of the Earth (2010)







mini-series set in the reigns of Henry I (1100-1135), Stephen of Blois (1135-1141), Matilda (a claimant to the throne during the years known as the Anarchy, 1135-1154) and Henry II (1154-1189)



Episode One:  Anarchy. 

1120 A.D.  "A royal ship carrying the only legitimate heir to the English throne catches fire and sinks off the coast of England.  This event will lead to a long war of succession known as The Anarchy."

King Henry I of England gets the news that his son has perished with the loss of the royal ship.  His daughter, Maude, sees how sad her father is and says that she will marry father and have a baby for him.  The King says that's sweet, but he doesn't thin he will live long enough for the baby to come of age.  "Who will rule once I am gone?" 

Men at court talk of possible future rulers.  The name of Gloucester is brought up, but the clergyman says that the King's bastard will never inherit the throne.  Or what about the legitimate daughter, Maud?  The idea is again dismissed by the clergyman, who says Maud is a child and a female.  The King's nephew, Stephen, says there's him, but he is only the nephew.  The clergyman says, but the nephew is also the grandson of William of the Conqueror.  He adds that the shipwreck puts Stephen in direct line to the throne.  And the clergy will support Stephen holds the Church in high esteem, which is not true of the current King. 

Father Waleran listens to the conversation.  The clergyman says the one drawback is that there's talk of a possible conspiracy behind the recent and convenient destruction of the royal ship.  Father Waleran speaks up and says that was God's will and it is an important opportunity for the Church to increase its influence. 

18 years later, 1138.  A map shows the Kingsbridge Priory north east of the  Bishop Palace,  up north, with the Shiring Castle diagonally southeast of the Bishop Palace, and the Winchester Castle, southwest of the Shiring Castle. 

A young priest named Philip arrives at the Kingsbridge Priory.  The place looks a bit run-down.  He greets his friend Brother Cuthbert.  He asks Cuthbert when did the tower collapse?  The answer is last winter.  Cuthbert says Brother Remigius says they don't have the funds to repair the tower.  Philip asks who is Brother Remigius?  He's the acting prior right now, and soon will become the prior full time because Prior James will not last the week. 

Philip goes to see Prior James, who is really happy to see the young man.  He wants to confess a big sin.  The shipwreck of the royal ship 18 years ago had one eye-witness, a Frenchman.  The man was innocent, but he knew too much.  And Prior James had to condemn the Frenchman for political reasons. 

Shiring Castle, home of Earl Bartholomew.  A man named Percy talks with Bartholomew about the possibility of his son marrying Bartholomew's daughter, Aliena.  Bartholomew says he mad a promise to Aliena's mother that their daughter could choose her own husband.   Percy says that his son would gain a title and Lord Shiring's daughter would get some of the richest farmland around here.

Lord William forcefully kisses Aliena.  She pushes him away, picks up a candle stick holder and hits the royal with it.  The men in the hall laugh at this.  William's mother learns of the disaster and she scolds him saying that all this could have been theirs, if he had just been more tactful. 

An architect/builder supervises the building of a huge church.  He has a wife who is pregnant and a young daughter, Martha.  The daughter shows a boy her father's work tools and says that they are building a grand house for Lord William, who's getting married.  As she is talking, people down the street are diving out of the way of Lord William  and his aide who are riding fast through the streets of town.  Martha sees her pig is in danger of being run over.  She runs into the street, grabs the pig and then dives back to her side of the road, just missing being hit by Lord William's horse.  Lord William stops and returns saying to her father:  "Teach that little bitch to watch where she's stepping!  And pack up while you're at it.  This house is no longer needed."

The builder tells the Lord that he and his men were hired for the year.  He has to pay his men and feed and care for his own family.  The Lord must pay him.  He holds onto William's horse.  William order his aide to chase the builder away.  The aide draws out his sword and rides over to the builder to strike him, if necessary.  The builder's wife yells out that William will burn in hell if he commits this crime.  William thinks about it and then throw his money purse onto the ground in front of the builder's feet.  He and his aide then leave.  

So now the builder and his family, including the young man, his son Alfred, leave the town to go to another job.  They are being watched by a woman and her son who live in the forest.  The builder's wife, Agnes, tells her husband:  "If you'd stayed at Exeter, you might have been master builder."  Husband says it was a dull job.  Agnes says, but it was a job that would have fed them for a lifetime.  And the winter is approaching.  The builder says that they will go to Wells where a cathedral is being built. 

Another man, a thief, jumps out as Martha walks ahead of the family.  He grabs the pig and strikes Martha, knocking her down.  The boy watching the family now tries to use his sling shot to stop the thief, but he misses.  The builder, called Da by his children, manages to catch up with the thief, but then he is jumped on by two more thieves.  The thief with the pig keeps running.  Alfred helps Da defeat the two other thieves.  Then the two victims run back to check on Martha. 

The woman with the boy are already there.  Agnes says that Martha will die, but the other woman says that Martha will awaken, then be sick and then she will recover. 

The woman and her son Jack live in a nearby cave.  She lets the family stay with her until Martha feels better.  She tells Da that her name is Ellen and he tells her that he is called Tom.  She knows him as Tom the Builder.  Ellen says her father was a Saxon knight who brought her to England to improve her education.  He placed her in a convent.  She ran away from the convent when she met Jack's father.  She came across him, a Frenchman, who had survived a fire at sea.  She helped him hide and provided him with food.  They fell in love and had a baby. 

During the night, Alfred looks around the cave and concludes from its contents that Ellen is a witch.  So the whole family starts moving out during the night.  Ellen tells them that she's not a witch.  She makes medicine of the type she just used to cure Agnes's ills.  Agnes says:  "Then medicine is sin."

Ellen tells Tom that there is construction work to be done at Bishop Palace.  It's enough work to see him through winter. Tom thanks her.

Winchester. Henry I has gathered the wealthy men of the society to swear allegiance to his daughter.  His pregnant Maud and her husband are expecting a child soon.  The soothsayers says it will be a boy.  The men must promise the King that until Maud's son comes of age, they will recognize her as their ruler.  The King asks if Gloucester will be loyal to Maud, but before the man can answer, Lord Stephen steps forward and promises his King that he will be loyal to Maud. 

Later, Gloucester man reproaches Lord Stephen saying that Stephen stepped before him.  Stephen says the grandson of William the Conqueror takes precedence over a bastard.   Gloucester says:  "The King's bastard, whom he loves as much as the son who drowned."  The two men start fighting.  Gloucester could have killed Lord Stephen but lets him live. 

Tom's family walks in the snow during the night.  Alfred notices fresh blood on the snow and Tom realizes that it's Agnes who is bleeding.  They lay Agnes down and, just by chance, it's just below the den of the thieves. 

Maude is suffering through child birth.  To her is born a son.  Agnes also gives birth, to a boy.  But Agnes dies soon after giving birth.  Her last words were to Tom, telling him how she wants him to finish the cathedral. 

Ellen senses something is wrong with the family and she sends Jack out to find them. 

Henry I says that he may live to see his grandson become Henry II. 

Tom and the children bury Agnes.  Tom knows he can't feed the baby, so he decides to leave the child in the snow somewhere.  The baby boy will fall to sleep and will freeze during that sleep.  He sends Alfred and Martha ahead of him.  The thief who stole the pig has watched the whole thing.

Suddenly, the King dies at the dinner table (possibly poisoned).  Stephen immediately runs over to the His Eminence, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to say that the King is dying.  He adds that the Archbishop alone can crown the next king.  The Archbishop says:  "You will favor the Church in all your dealings."  Stephen replies:  "I'll give you whatever you want."

The thief go to the gravesite and picks up the baby. 

Tom tells the children to stay put here.  He says he can't leave the baby behind and rushes back to the gravesite. 

The King is dead!

Tom arrives at the grave, but the baby is gone. 

Lord Stephen is crowned King Stephen.  Percy and his wife and son are there at the coronation.  Percy is upset because he Stephen has never helped them and he want he and his son to have a title.  The wife says:  "When Waleran becomes bishop, he'll have more power, and so will we."  Percey says only if Waleran is made a bishop.  Maude does not attend the ceremony.

Gloucester tells Maude that Stephen has broken his oath to her and her father.  Maude responds:  "When kings die, oaths die with them."  Earl Bartholomew promises his loyalty to Maude and Gloucester.  Maude says:  "We'll raise an army together and take Stephen by surprise."

Philip says hello to Brother Francis.  Francis explains to Philip that he is Lord Gloucester's secretary.  And a new king has been crowned, as Philip knows.  Opposed to King Stephen is Maude but Francis says a woman cannot take the throne.  And yet, Maud is secretly raising an army to regain the throne.  Stephen must be told of this, but if Francis tells him the Gloucester would have him hanged.  So, Francis wants Philip to tell Stephen.  He tells Philip that if Maud wins, the Church will be the loser.  Philip replies that he doesn't believe in politics.  Francis reminds Philip that the Church is second to God. 

Bishop's Palace.  Near Shiring.  Tom and his family arrive and see that the castle certain does need some great repairs.  Ellen and Jack are there to greet them.  Martha is very happy to see the woman who saved her life.  She tells Ellen that her mother died.  Ellen says she's sorry. 

Philip comes to see the Bishop.  Since the Bishop is away, he is told to talk to the bishop's assistant, Waleran.  Philip introduces himself to Waleran, who knows the name of Philip of Gwynedd, the Welshman who turned a monastery of lazy monks into a pious and successful business.  Waleran now gives his name:  Father Waleran Bigod.  Philip he has a private message to give to the bishop.  Waleran tells him to take a seat.  He adds that he has the bishop's confidence.  Philip still wants to talk to the bishop himself, but Waleran keeps badgering Philip until Philip tells him.  He tells him that Gloucester and Bartholomew are conspiring to create a rebellion against King Stephen. 

As Waleran digests this news, he sees Ellen with Tom the Builder.  And Ellen sees him too.  He quickly turns his back to Ellen and continues talking to Philip.  He tells Philip that he will inform the bishop of the news.  As soon as Philip leaves, Waleran tells an aide to get rid of those people in the hall.  There are not to be within a mile of the castle.

Tom is mad for being driven away.  He can't understand it because they had plenty to work to be done.  And now they have a cold, bitter winter. 

Tom asks Ellen how she came to be here.  She says that Jacks needs a Master Builder to learn the construction trade.  Ellen says that she will, in turn, find work and food for the group, and will nurse Martha to full health. 

Waleran beats himself on the back with a whip.  He asks God to protect him from Ellen. 

Philip goes to visit Prior James.  Philip sees a new man at the priory and asks Brother Cuthberty who is that man?  That's Johnny Eightpence.  (We know him as the thief, the one who stole the pig and stole Tom's baby boy.)  The thief is now a member of the abbey community and he has turned from thief to wet nurse.  Philip asks why the priory is in such a mess?  Because Prior James is sick and Remigius could care less.  Philip asks then why elect Remigius the new prior?  Because there is only one man qualified for the job, but he's not likely to take the job.  Who is this fellow?, asks Philip.   Cuthbert responds:  "It's you." 

Prior James dies. 

Philip talks with Waleran and tells him the story of the Frenchman who was the only survivor of the infamous shipwreck.  Waleran dismisses the story as a delirium of death.  He asks Philip if he would like to be the Prior of Kingsbridge, and be frank about it.  So, Philips says yes.  Waleran likes that, but wants something from Philip and Philip know what it is:  that he, in turn, help make Waleran the next bishop. 

With the influence of Walertan, Remigius gets no votes to be prior.  Philip gets all the votes.  Remigius complains to Waleran, but Waleran tells him truthfully that Philip was the better man for the job.  And, Philip is actually a good man who believes what he preaches.  (He is referring to acts of sodomy committed by Remigius.)  Waleran wants Remigius to be his spy in the priory. 

In church Waleran says that Philip was elected to be the prior.  He adds: "May St. Adolphus, whose relic sanctifies this church, help guide him."  Waleran has some sad news too.  The bishop died suddenly while saying mass Saturday last.  (Waleran poisoned him.)  The monks will now choose a successor. 

Outside the church, Percy confronts Waleran saying that they are still waiting for their titles.  Percy says that Waleran promised them a title, a claim that Waleran says he does not remember.  But he has some news for Percy.  Bartholomew has sided with Maud against King Stephen.  Percy is excited by the news.  He tells his son in private the they will arrest Bartholomew and the King will give them Shiring.  His wife tells Percy that Bartholomew could deny the charge and the King could have Percy hanged.  The must find proof and they can go that by following Bartholomew.  William can follow suspicious people talking with Bartholomew and catch them and make them talk. 

Now Tom gets employment from Bartholomew to help patch up the castle of Shiring. 

William captures a man carrying a message from Bartholomew to Maud.  William tortures the man in public.  Percy tells the crowd that Bartholomew and Maud are conspiring against King Stephen.  And Maud is heading to France to gather troops.  He then shouts out:  "We will loot Shiring Castle, slaughter the men, and show the women what true soldiers are capable of!"

Tom starts supervising the construction of the repairs.  Martha sees Aliena walking around and calls out to her.  Both Alfred and Jack are taken by her beauty. 

Now William starts the assault on the castle.  Once the men are in the castle they signal for Percy to bring up the bulk of the force.  Ellen sees William running and cutting down a fleeing man.  She yells to Jack and then runs to shout to all the people in the courtyard that they are under attack.  The attackers start killing everyone they come upon. 

William sees Aliena up on the second floor and he runs to go get her.  Jack sees this and throws a rock at William that strikes him.  William stops momentarily to see who did that and then he goes back to chasing Aliena.

Bartholomew goes after Percy and knocks him off his horse.

Tom knocks on one attacker but the next one knocks Tom off the second floor to the ground

Percy's wife tells the King about Gloucester and Bartholomew.

Bartholomew stops fighting in order to save his people.  The fighting stops.  Bartholomew tells Percy that he will tell the King of his guilt, if Percy but spare his people's lives. 

The King announces to his court that Maud's fleeing to France with her son.  He wants Maud brought to him and have the dead child put by his feet. 

Bartholomew is placed in a cage on a horse and paraded around.

Tom is reunited with his children, who are extremely happy that he's alive.  Ellen runs up to him and they hug each other.  They are happy, but Jack wonders about the fate of his Aliena. 



Episode Two:  Master Builder. 

Kingsbridge Priory.  Tom and the family come to Kingsbridge to find work.  Alfred sees the skull of St. Adolphus and asks:  "Who's that?" Philip says it's St. Adolphus.  "It's his cathedral."  Tom comes over and tells Tom that he would like to repair the Prior's church.  Philip says they can't hire him because they don't even have a shilling. 

Martha runs into Johnny Eightpence and she immediately starts screaming.  Tom runs to Martha and recognizes the thief.  He grabs a log to beat the man, but Jack keeps stopping Tom.  Finally Jack utters his first word:  "No!"    Jack then says he saw how the thief took Tom's baby boy.  The baby starts crying and Johnny goes over and picks the baby up.  Tom asks to hold the baby and Johnny lets him take the boy.  Tom starts crying over finding the baby. 

Tom tells Ellen that he won't leave his baby behind for a second time.  He will stay here in Kingsbridge.  He asks Ellen:  "Why can't God give me work just this once?"  Jack listens to the conversation. 

Jack comes into the church.  When everyone leaves, Jack is unknowingly locked in.  He goes upstairs and starts a fire in the church.  But now, Jack can't get out of the church.  The burning  rafters fall into the interior of the church.

The church is unlocked now and people start grabbing things in the church.  Philip runs to save the skull of St. Adolphus.  He grabs the skull, but then trips and the skull goes flying across the floor.  Then some burning rafters fall to the floor and smash the skull into pieces. 

Jack gets out of the church without being noticed.  He stands behind the crowd watching the church.  Ellen rushes over to her son and asks him what happened?  He replies:  "Now we can stay."

And now the entire structure starts collapsing. 

In the morning, Tom tells Jack that he has been waiting for a chance like this, but these folks can't afford to pay him.  Jack tells Tom that they can work for free.  The church will provide the room and board. 

Cuthbert tells Philip to get another skull, one from the ossuary.  At first, Philip rejects the idea.  But a little later he is in the ossuary looking at the different skulls there.  And that's where Tom finds the Prior.  He tells Philip that he will build the cathedral, in return for room and board, and he will defer his payment.

Philip writes to the bishop about asking King Stephen if he might spare them some money for building their new cathedral in Kingsbridge. But Waleran is busy building huge cathedral for himself. 

Tom comes to Jack and asks him to carve a new sculpture of St. Adolphus.  Jack has never sculpted before, but he is an artist, judging from the things he has created like cave carving and a painting of Martha.  He starts feeling the piece of stone Tom saved for him. 

Tom finally kisses Ellen and she responds in kind.  They make love.  (brief nudity) 

Tom draws his conception of the cathedral and then shows it to Philip.  Philip says:  "I think it's extraordinary."

Jack attacks Alfred, accusing him of stealing his special ring.  Tom break up the struggle.  Ellen comes over and asks Alfred for the ring.  Alfred says he doesn't want his bloody ring.  Ellen tells him to look into her eyes.  Alfred refuses, shouting at her:  "You can't witch me!  You killed my ma and you stole my da, but you can't work your charms on me!"  He leaves.  Remigius watches and thinks of how he might use this witch thing one day. 

At Waleran's request, Philip stops at Shiring Castle before going to see the King.  The castle seems almost deserted.  So Philip walks around calling out is anybody here?  A man grabs Philip from behind and puts a knife to the back of his neck.  The attacker wants to know who he is and why he is here.  Philip tells him.  The Aliena comes out and explains who she is.  Then out comes Richard, Aliena's brother.  They asks Philip if he has seen their father?  No, but Philip has heard that he's in prison in Winchester. 

After a brief discussion, Philip says he has to go.  Aliena tells him to demand from the King that he let their father go.  And, they want their castle back.  Philip says that won't be possible. 

Waleran makes an appearance on his horse arriving at Shiring Castle.  He talks to Philip about asking King Stephen to given him land.  There is land here with limestone available to be quarried.  Philip has to think about this idea.

Remigius and the monks talk to Alfred.  They want to know why does he call Ellen a witch?  Alfred spews out his lies and false allegation against Ellen.  He gets backup from Remigius who says he knew her when Ellen was charged with witchcraft.  She escaped from them with her little boy.  "It was she who started the fire.  She must burn!"

Winchester.  Throne of King Stephen.  Waleran goes with Philip to speak to King Stephen.  The King says he has no money.  So Waleran suggests that the King give Shiring and all its land to the diocese of Kingsbridge, and we will give the King a new church.  The King says it's a good idea, but the gave Shiring to Percy Hamleigh less than an hour ago.  But, as of yet, it's not official.  He urges Waleran to give him more reasons why the King should except his idea.  Waleran says they could named the cathedral, St. Stephen.  "Or St. Elmo, the patron saint of sailors lost at sea."  This touches a nerve with the King.  He tells Waleran and Philip to come back tomorrow. 

Cuthbert tells Tom that he needs to send Ellen away because Remigius says she's a witch.  He sent a letter about Ellen to the bishop.  Tom gets mad saying this is worse than gossip.  It's malicious and it dangerous talk.  Cuthbert replies that Remigius has a witness:  Tom's own son Alfred. 

Percy's wife confronts Philip telling him is being stupid because Waleran is using him and his burned down church to get the earldom for  himself.  Waleran asked for the land for the diocese and not the priory.  And he will be the one who rules of Shiring and its land.  He has hired a man to triple the size of his palace.  He will take the limestone from Shiring to build his glorious palace.  In summary, she says for Philip to slide with them and they will make a generous contribution to his building fund.  Philip says no.  Rather he would want the King to divide the earldom equally, with Percy getting the better half.  The ambitious woman is interested in the offer. 

Philip says he wants one more thing.  He wants protection for Aliena and her brother.  And now he foolishly tells them where Aliena and her brother are staying.  Percy's wife says of course. 

Tom slaps Alfred for serving as a  witness for the charge that Ellen is a witch.  Ellen comes by and says it's not entirely a lie. 

Having received the witch letter, Waleran orders that Ellen be immediately arrested. 

Ellen tells the family that she went to her priest and told him about the Frenchman who had a message he will give only to the King.  The very next day the Frenchman was arrested.  He was tortured until he confessed and then his tongue was cut out.  Thrown in prison, he lingered there for three years until he was brought to trial on the false accusation of stealing a precious chalice from the priory.   They burned him at the stake.  Ellen put a curse on the three men responsible for the Frenchman's murder.  She threatens a guard:  "Touch me and you'll be dead by morning."  She then puts separate individual curses on the three conspirers.  Ellen now tells them that she is leaving and Jack is staying with Tom.

King Stephen makes Percy the Earl of Shiring.  Percy shall also have the best choices of the arable.  The rest goes not to the diocese, but to the Priory of Kingsbridge for the building of the new cathedral.  Waleran is stunned.  So is Philip, since the quarry he wants has been given to Percy.  The King does say, however, that Philip can take what stones he needs from the quarry.  After the meeting, Waleran says to Philip:  "I swear by all that's holy, you'll never build your church."

Before Ellen can leave, she is captured by the authorities, helped by Remigius. 

William with two men come to the Shiring castle.  His right-hand man Walter kills the guard.  He starts to rape Aliena.  He tells her to stop struggling or he will have Walter kill her brother.  He gives the order to Walter to cut off Richard's ear and Walter does so.  Aliena stops struggling.  William says to Aliena:  "You see, bitch?  I'm a better man than you deserve."

During the night, Aliena grabs a dagger and a sword and she and Richard sneak out of the castle.  A guard tries to stop Aliena.  He grabs her and tries to rape her, but she drives the dagger into his chest.  Then she makes Richard cut off the man's head with the sword.  Richard complies reluctantly. 

Waleran tells Remigius that tonight they will hold the trial of the witch.  Remigius says they don't have a witness any more, since the boy Alfred will not testify.  Waleran says then he will be the witness. 

Aliena and Richard go to see their father.  Aliena tells Bartholoomew that they have come to see the King to ask him to grant mercy on father.  Dad says that the King will do nothing for him. 

Philip comes to Tom to tell him that if he saves Ellen from burning, Tom must promise to marry the woman and to bring her back to the church. 

Johnny Eightpence visits Ellen in her cell and gives he a short knife. 

In the trial, they condemn Ellen to death.  They ask if she has anything to say.  Ellen cuts away her ropes with the knife.  Waleran sits at the end of a long table.  She gets up on the table and walks over to him.  She squats down, lifts her skirt for everyone to see and then urinates on the table in front of Waleran.  She says:  "Piss on you, Lord Bishop!"  She then stabs him with the short knife.  She gets away, as everyone seems to be afraid of her.  She kisses Tom, gets on a waiting horse and rides off. 

Aliena swears to her father that she will not rest until Richard is made the Earl of Shiring and lord of the land that father once ruled. 

Apparently, there is an incestuous relationship between William and his mother.  In his bath, she scrubs his back, and asks William for the details on the rape of Aliena.  She whispers in his ear, while rubbing his chest, that:  "I swear, no matter where your affections fly, you shall always rule my heart, sweet William."  She reaches her down to the groin area while she caresses William on the side of his head.

Maud puts on her war armor. 

Tom marks the site where the cathedral will be built.



Episode Three:  Redemption.

Winchester.  For thievery a man has his two hands cut off. 

Percy's wife says she hopes that Waleran was not hurt badly by the blade of the witch. 

King Stephen has good news for the crowd below him in the courtyard.  Maud and Gloucester's army has been put to flight.  That brings the resistance and rebellion to an end.  Percy's wife mention to her husband that King Stephen feeds the people what they want to hear.  And that's why only Bartholomew is brought out to be paraded around for the people.  Bartholomew will be executed.  Aliena and Richard are in the crowd and she screams out to the king begging for mercy for her father's life.  Stephen, however, is only interested in inviting Richard to be a part of the King's army.   Aliena looks at her father for guidance.  She gets the message and Aliena tells the King that Richard will join the army as a knight and with a title, that he deserves.  The King tells Richard to report in for duty and then they will decide what they will do with him. 

Now Bartholomew is forced to his knees.  His head is chopped off.  "God save the King!"  The people roar in approval. 

Richard tells his sister that he doesn't want to fight for King Stephen and alongside William.  Aliena says they will get their money from the priest that the father saved for them.  They will then buy him a sword, a horse and a suit of armor, in addition to the purchase of a knighthood for Richard. 

Priory of Kingsbridge.  The construction of the new cathedral continues apace.  Meanwhile, Remigius is bad-mouthing Tom and his efforts to Philip, but Philip can't be swayed by Remigius.  Instead, Philip scolds Remigius for his prideful arrogance and has him serve the monk workers water with the help of Martha. 

Tom rides through the rain to Ellen's cave. He has sex with her.  (Brief nudity.)  Tom wants to marry Ellen, but she despises the actions of the clergy.  Besides, even if they marry, she could still be burned as a witch. 

Stephen confesses to Waleran, saying that God is still punishing him, in spite of the fact that the bishop has forgiven him.  Rumors remain at court that the royal ship was deliberately sunk and that Stephen is not King.   Waleran says that God is on the King's side in this.  Stephen asks:  "Then why hasn't He put down Maud and her bastard brother down?"  They are approaching the town of Lincoln now and, if they take the town, it would cut Stephen's kingdom in half.  Waleran says maybe God is not mad at Stephen, but mad at someone else who is a part of the King's realm.  He suggests the name of Philip, the Prior of Kingsbridge.

Philip says he wishes to turn Kingsbridge into a market town.  This will bring in visitors and increase revenue for all.  Remigius says there will be no visitors because they don't have the relic of St. Adolphus.  Cuthbert says that Philip rescued the skull from the fire.  Philip says yes, he did.  He put the skull in a safe place for the time that they have a sculpture of St. Adolphus to put up.  Tom the Builder's assistant is working on it now. 

Richard and Aliena go to the priest who has their father's money is save-keeping.  The priest says he has no such money and that Richard is a liar.  Richard says that the priest is the one who is a liar.  Aliena grabs her brother's sword and threatens the priest with it.  He falls on the floor and Aliena keeps him there with the sword.  She tells Richard to cut of the man's nose off.  So now the priest says the money is under the altar.  Aliena finds it, but it's only 10 gold pieces.  She asks where's the rest of the money, but the priest has already spent it.   They leave the priest, but Aliena says she might come back and kill the priest one day. 

From the money Philip got from selling the sheep's wool in the market, Tom now hires some real craftsmen.  They all go to the quarry, but William is there and he won't let them have any stones.  He will have Walter and his guards kills the stone masons if they try to take any of the stones.  Tom says if William kills them, he will dance in the fires of hell for defying God and His wish for the Kingsbridge cathedral.  So, William says they will have a duel.  Walter will fight without weapons against one stone mason with a hammer.  Tom doesn't want to fight, but Jack says he does want to fight, because he is not going back to the poor existence he had earlier. 

Walter is a bit too sure of his fighting abilities.  He throws Jack in the muddy pond on the property, but then Jack hits the man on his right arm with the hammer.  He grabs Jack by the neck and pushes him back into the water, but Jack gets up real fast and to hit Walter on his back.  Walter gets the hammer from Jack and then breaks Jack's left hand with it.  The fight is over.

Tom tells Philip about the situation.  In their cave, Ellen bandages her son's left hand.  She says she fears for Jack and asks if he wants to return home to her?

Aliena has a good idea.  The shearer sells his cut fleece in Winchester for a penny per sheep, but he has to go back and forth to Winchester market and that takes them two day.  For 1 penny for every four fleeced sheep, Aliena will transport the fleece to the market and sell it.  She will keep 25% percent of the money and the shearer will keep 75% of the money.  Aliena tells her brother that if they sell the fleece of 50 shearers, they will be on a path to horses and armor. 

Philip has a plan and tells Tom about it.  Tom is to get his workers together and they will go to the quarry during the middle of the night. 

The party of workers and Philip arrive near daylight.  William and Walter are in the little shack.  William has two women now sleeping with him.  (Brief nudity)  The monks light their candles and start singing, while the workers work to the rhythm of the music. 

William gets up, grabs a sword and goes out to tell Philip to shut up or else.  At this time the sun rises a little and shines the light on the Prior and his cross.   Philip tells everyone that this is God's will and God's will.  He also tells the regular workers on the quarry that he will hire them at the standard rate and he will grant the worker plenary indulgences for laboring on our cathedral.  The men all go over to the Prior very willingly.  William is beaten, at least for the present. 

William goes to Shiring castle and pouts.  His mother tells him that occasional defeats must be expected in war.  That will just make their victories all the sweeter.  William says:  "I'll burn, mother."  Mother is shocked at this statement.  He clarifies:  "In hell.  You told me that,"  Now mother says that's nonsense.  "God is on our side."  She now asks her son who does her hate the most?  It's Prior Philip.  And who does her son love the most?  He says his mother. 

Waleran comes to speak with Percy and the family.  He says they could build the new cathedral not in Kingsbridge, put in Shiring.  And if the cathedral is brought to Shiring, then the Kingsbridge land, once belonging to Shiring, returns to Shiring.  Waleran says the feast of St Adolphus is coming up.  He will organize a pilgrimage to Kingsbridge where he can show the King how little progress Tom the Builder has made on the cathedral.

In a dream, King Herny I with a ring on like the one owned by Jack comes to King Stephen to tell him: "You shall rule for ill or good, till saintly skulls weep tears of blood." King Stephen asks when will the war be over? King Henry I says: "Let peace survive and war depart, when arrows pierce my daughter's heart."

Stephen now asks who is his greatest enemy? "Whose hair aflame? An artist boy's. One king he crowns, one king destroys."

Winchester. Fleece Market. Aliena and her brother come to the market to sell their customer's fleece. The man says he will give her a half penny, much below what even inferior fleece has been getting. Aliena ask him why can't he pay her a full penny? Because no one pay the going rate for a male to a woman. Aliena is mad at this discrimination.

Philip and Jack come around with their fleece and says he has 11 sacks of fleece to sell. The vendor's assistant counts the fleece bundles on the cart and shouts out that there are only ten sacks. Philip that he is selling the young woman's sack which make 11 sacks in total. He then buys the fleece sack from Aliena. (Jack is still entranced by Aliena.)

Philip tells Aliena that he asked Percy to watch over Aliena and her brother. Aliena says: "God forgive you for that." Philip apologizes for any misfortune that may have come their way. He then invites Aliena and Richard to come to the festival of St. Adolphus. She can sell some of her wool there.

Aliena asks Jack if they met before? Jack doesn't say anything.

Jack goes outside to see the festival. He draws portraits on wood of some of the festival goers. He happens to hear Percy bragging that when King Stephen comes to the festival at Kingsbridge, he will see how little has been completed. And then he will move the cathedral to Shiring. He and some other men laugh heartily.

Jack tells Tom that he can't finish the sculpture in time for the festival. Tom tells him to do as much as he can, and then perfect the statue later. So Jack takes off his bandages, adjusts his left hand and holds the iron stake in his still healing hand.

Philip goes down to the ossuary again to get another skull. Somebody notices Philip. It's Remigius. He sees Philip carrying the skull back to his offices.

The day of the festival arrives. The King and his entourage are on their way. Aliena and her brother comes to Kingsbridge with their fleece. Aliena talks to Jack saying they have met before. Jack says yes, in Shiring. She remembers him as the artist.

Philip is very worried that none of the villagers will report for work. And he even promised he would give them full dispensation for their sins for one day's work.

Johnny Eightpen starts climbing up a latter together with Tom's son. The priest is very worried about Johnny dropping the baby. He tells Johnny to come down, and when Johnny won't move, Philip starts climbing from the latter.

From Johnny's vantage point he can see the villagers coming in to work on the cathedral. He tells Philip, who is so relieved because the King will be arriving soon.

Tom gets a surprise. Ellen shows up as an old beggar woman asking for money. They seclude themselves and kiss each other.

King Stephen arrives. He immediately asks to see the drawing plans for the cathedral. Then the King takes a look at the construction work. He says: "Very good!" Walaren, of course, asks for the statue of St. Adolphus.

Jack comes to the rescue. He says: "It's here, Your Majesty." He pulls back the curtains and there is a beautifully sculpted and painted statue of St. Adolphus. The crowd is definitely impressed by Jack's work. And Aliena is also very proud of Jack.

The cloak warn by the sculpture is red. In the heat, some of the red color starts dripping onto the skull of the saint. This scares King Stephen because he things this is the coming true the proverb: "You shall rule for ill or good, till saintly skulls weep tears of blood."

King Stephen starts to panic. A messenger arrives to tell the king that Maud and Bloucester have attacked the royal army at Lincoln. And an arrow has pierced Maud's armor. "Let peace survive and war depart, when arrows pierce my daughter's heart."

Maud still lives and her survival was taken as a sign of God's support. Stephen's army has been defeated.

King Stephen starts physically shaking. And then he sees Jack as the red headed artist's boy. He starts foaming at the mouth and falls to the ground. Ellen peeks around the corner. Walaran sees her and wonders why she's here today at the festival.



Episode Four:  Battlefield.

Lincoln Castle. Four years later, the war still continues. King Stephen has besieged Princess Maud in Lincoln castle. Stephen's men are climbing up their wooden ladders to get at Maud's soldiers.

Shiring. Percy is not feeling well. He suffers from ague, but says his doctor says he will be up and about in around a week's time. His wife tells him that the King's army has engaged Maud at Lincoln.  Her half-brother, Gloucester, is still back in France.  Maud has held Lincoln for four years, and now it's time to talk Lincoln back.  Then the wife starts bleeding Percy.  (Funny, the doctor didn't say anything about bleeding Percy.)  What is she up to? 

The wife says either William will have to marry to get a title or inherit a title.  Percy says that he hopes she's not suggesting William get the title from him, who, he says, is still in his prime.  He sees that the bowl is filled with blood and says that's enough.  The wife says, no, it's not enough.  He says she has cut him too deep, but she say, no, it's not enough.  She jumps on him to stop him from taking out the metal tube from his arm. 

The siege on Maud's castle continues.  She doesn't understand why does her brother doesn't join her in Lincoln.

King Stephen praises William's battle achievements.  He now tells his son Eustace that the crown will he his, after all. 

William asks King Stephen to become the new Earl of Shiring.  The King says there's a problem.  There's a new claimant to the throne.  His names is Richard of Kingsbridge, champion of the battlefield.

William's mother is furious and asks Waleran, how did Richard get the money to become a knight?  And up steps the answer.  Waleran sees Aliena enter the room dressed in regal clothes and he tells the new widow that Richard has a wealthy sister. 

William and his mother are desperate to strike back at Kingsbridge, which is now outperforming Shiring, in economic trends.  Waleran asks the desperate couple:  "If I close the market for you, will you close the quarry for me?"  The widow asks how would Waleran accomplish this task?  William says that Waleran should start a fire.  It work for him once (as in, the fired that burned the ship that carried the future King of England).  Waleran agrees, but says this time they'll make it a small fire.

Aliena goes to Kingsbridge with her brother.  They are impressed by the progress Tom and the men have made on the cathedral.   She invites Tom to a diner in honor of the return of Richard.  She then shouts to Jack that he's invited too. 

The boy raised by Johnny Eightpence is getting a lot bigger now.  Alfred and Jack both really like Aliena  Alfred grabs her hand, but she pulls it away from him.  It seems she likes Jack better than Alfred. 

Remigius serves as a spy for Waleran.  He takes out a scroll from the achieves and has a messenger take it to Waleran.  Waleran gets the scroll and he immediately tosses it into the fireplace  --  that's a little fire. 

Waleran says he is near to closing down the Kingsbridge market.  He asks the wicked widow how soon will she close the quarry?  She says that the only way to close the quarry is with bloodshed and innocent lives will be lost.  And William will burn in hell for Waleran's sins.  So, Waleran gives William absolution for his sins of murder in the past and in the future and now tells William to do as he must.   

Waleran brings an order from the sheriff.  He tells Philip:  "You're forbidden to operate a market without a license from the King."  Philip says they have a license.  Waleran asks to see the license. Philip goes through the scrolls, but there is no license.  Philip says someone stole the license.  Waleran says:  "As of next month, the market moves to Shiring."  Waleran is just loving lording it over Philip.  He tells Philip to kneel before him and kiss his ring.  Philip won't do it. 

Now William reigns terror down upon the workers at the quarry.  Upon his return to his mother, she hugs and kisses him on the mouth. 

Waleran looks at all the progress made on the cathedral in Kingsbridge.  He sees also the sculptures made by Jack.  One in particular reminds Waleran of the Jack's father singing in woeful tones while he was about to be burned at the stake.  He asks Jack who told him to make this sculpture?  Jack says nothing.  Waleran leaves the cathedral. 

Philip is very upset about the news of the slaughter at the quarry.  Cuthbert tells him to go see the King and get the quarry and the market back.  Tom says that Richard is going tomorrow to meet with the King.  Philip and Jack will go with Richard to talk to the King. 

Jack goes to find Richard, but only Aliena is at the market.  She invites Jack in to see her weaving room.  While the two talk, Jack grabs Aliena's head and kisses her.  There are interrupted by Alfred who says that Tom wants to see him.  Aliena looks happy for a change. 

Lincoln.  Richard comes in and the King is happy to see him.  He is, however, not happy to see Prior Philip.  Richard asks the King if he would hear the Prior out.  The King goes to the prior and tells him to take off his monk's robes.  After some hesitation, Philip takes his monk's robes off.  The King now walks around the walls of the castle saying that in this monk's outfit it's not likely that they will fire their arrows at him.  It's a different story for Philip, who is now wearing a royal tunic.  Does the King want Philip to be killed by the enemy?  Probably.  The enemy guards start asking if they should kill the royal person (that is, Philip).   One archer fires an arrow at Philip.  Jack saves Philip's life by knocking him down and out of the way of the arrow. 

Now the King gives secret orders to kill the red-headed youth, known as Jack.  He wants Jack dead by morning.

Richard brings bad news to Stephen.  Gloucester's army is coming to free Maud.  They will be here by mid-afternoon.  Stephen says to prepare for battle.  Philip asks the King about the licenses?  The King simply says:  "Denied!"

The two armies meet on the battlefield below Lincoln Castle. 

Jack is jumped from behind by an assassin.  He chokes Jack with a rope until Jack passes out or dies, we don't know which. 

The battle rages on.  Then Gloucester retreats to the forest.  Stephen pursues him.  Richard captures Gloucester.  Then Stephen is captured.  William not takes over and declares that Gloucester has won and the men are now to retreat. 

A messenger tells Maud that they have won the battle.  Maud is extremely happy.  And now Gloucester's troops run wild killing the people of Lincoln.  Philip calls on the troops to stop the killing in the name of Jesus Christ, but another soldier knocks him out cold. 

Waleran, the new widow and William go to speak with Maud.  She asks them why shouldn't they die along with King Stephen as they supported Stephen and not her and Gloucester?  Waleran says that Gloucester is a prison of Richard.  If Stephen is spared then Gloucester most like will also be spared.  The problem is that Maud just doesn't trust the people before her.  And, of course, these people are consummate liars.  They tell one lie after another.  So, Maud, knowing very little about these people, gives them permission to negotiate with Richard for the prisoner exchange.   But William will remain here as collateral. 

Waleran goes to see Stephen.  He tells Stephen that Maud wants him to acknowledge her as queen.  Stephen says that will never happen.  Waleran begs to differ.  Stephen will be tortured until he begs to acknowledge the Queen.  Then he will be hanged and will foul himself.  "Nothing noble in a hanging."  Stepehen tells the priest to do what he must. 

Waleran the liar tells the main torturer that Philip there unconscious on the ground is the one who betrayed Bartholomew of Shiring, the Queen's friend, to Stephen, the usurper.  Make the Queen happy by forcing Philip to confess to his crime.

Alfred brings news to Aliena that the King's army is fallen and Maud now rules.  Philip has been captured.  He then adds that it's Jack that's dead.  Aliena starts crying. 

Jack's body is placed on a cart with other dead bodies.

The torture of Philip begins.  Waleran is there to encourage Philip to confess.  It's easy, he says.  With more torture, Philip says that he told Waleran, and then Waleran betrayed Maud.  Waleran pours water down Philip's mouth so he can't say anything more.  He then tells the torturer that Philip has confessed.  He then tells the torturer:  "See that he's hanged."

Remigius now orders that all work on the cathedral be stopped. 

Tom tells Ellen that Jack is dead.  Ellen says he can't be dead or she would know it.  But then she starts to believe Jack is dead.  She cries. 

Philip is about to be hanged. 

Jack suddenly opens his eyes.  He's alive!



Episode Five:  Legacy.

Philip is about to be hanged.  Priest Francis, Maud's secretary, comes by to say something to each of the men to be hanged.  When the priest gets to Philip, he is shocked to see the Prior of Kingsbridge about to be hanged.

Waleran speaks with William's mother.  He needs to know from her if Stephen is redeemed will the war still be continue?  Undoubtedly, she says.  He insists that William and her be subservient to him.  Mother agrees and says she will be happy to obey any of Waleran's demands.  And he wants her to support his desire to be made the Archbishop of Canterbury once Stephen regains the throne. 

The priest has saved Philip.  Francis helps nurse the prior back to health.  He also tells Philip that Jack has returned from the dead.  Philip looks over at the cot on which Jack now sleeps peacefully. 

Alfred spies on Aliena as she goes for a bath in a pond.  (Brief nudity.)  He suddenly appears before Aliena in the pond.  She's not happy to see him.  He starts to drown as he can barely swim.  Aliena saves him.  He then comes to life and kisses her.  Now she's mad.  On shore, she tells him:  "Don't come near me again."  He shouts out to her as she leaves:  "But I love you."

Waleran meets with Richard to discuss the terms of the prisoner exchange.  Waleran demands that Maud be able to hold Stephen's son Eustace as a hostage.  Stephen will have to stay in France for five years without supporting any war.  Richard says King Stephen will never agree to that.  Waleran says that's not up to Stephen.  He goes over to Richard and makes him kiss his ring.  He then whispers to Richard that nobody at Maud's palace knows what Eustace looks like. 

At Maud's court, William starts wooing a 12 year old girl named Elizabeth.  He says she is very beautiful.  And the two dead men, Philip and Jack, walk into the court and say something to Waleran.  Waleran is shocked. 

Maud comes out and sits on the throne.  Her little boy Henry is with her.  She tells him he will become the emperor, so she wants him to listen to what people ask for from her.  The first to speak is Francis.  He introduces Philip to the Empress.  Philip wants a license for a market to finish the Kingsbridge cathedral.  And he wants to be able to get stones from the quarry.  The Empress gives both Kingsbridge and Shiring a license for a market.  William and his family will still own the quarry.  Then the Empress demand that each party to the disputes give her 100 pounds. 

Martha is overjoyed to tell Aliena that Jack's alive.  Aliena is, of course, happy too.  The people of Kingsbridge welcome the return of Philip and Jack.  Only Remigius hangs back.  At night there is a big celebration at Kingsbridge.  Jack and Martha dance together. 

Philip later asks Aliena to give him the 100 pounds he needs and in the spring he will give her all the wool of the Kingsbridge sheep herders.  Aliena agrees.  She then tells Philip that they should now be able to host their own fleece fair to compete with Shiring.  She says:  "You would make more money in a week than you would in a year of Sunday markets."  And it would break the Hamleighs' back. 

Now Aliena goes over to Jack to welcome him back.  They start dancing.  When the dancing stops, the two start laughing. 

Ellen shows up to hug Jack. 

The exchange of prisoners occurs.  And the fake Eustace is turned over to Maud's court.  Waleran says to the widow:  "So, war begins again and chaos is king."

Another battle takes place between the forces of Maud and Stephen.  Maud is furious when she learns that her hostage Eustace is nothing but an ordinary, average boy.  His name is Charlie and he's missing his pigs.  Maud orders the death of Charlie.  Walter kills the boy. 

Richard writes his sister that in the next spring, Stephen 's forces should be able to finish off Maud's forces.

Philip is in a sour mood.  Not much work is being done for the lack of stones from the quarry.  And he thinks that Maud's forces might very well be vanquished by Stephen.  He is even sour on Jack for carving so many gargoyles. 

Tom tells Alfred that both he and his father won't live to see the completion of the cathedral.  And the same goes for Jack.  It will take another 50 years to complete the cathedral.  He says that both Alfred and Jack are his sons, but the one who will take over from him is the one that best emobodies Tom's dream.  Alfred is furious.  He now goes in and starts breaking Jack's carvings.  As he swings the hammer, he says:  "Jack, you bastard, you are not my brother!" 

Tom and Ellen make love.  (Brief nudity.)  He asks her to marry him, but she says no. 

Jack and Aliena kiss.  He starts to touch her down below.  This brings back images of her rape by William.  She pushes Jack away, slaps him across the face and tells him:  "Don't you ever touch me again!"  She leaves.  Martha comes running up to Jack telling him that Alfred has smashed all of his statues. 

Jack returns to the cathedral and starts fighting with Alfred.  The fight continues of the scaffolding.  The scaffolding gives way and parts of the cathedral collapse, which brings the two young men down to the ground.  They want to continue fighting, but Philip intervenes. 

Philip now lays down the law to Tom:  "I will not have Jack and Alfred working together." 

Tom tells Alfred that he has to pay one month's wages to the prior.  He then tells Alfred to go before he doubles the fee.  Tom now tells Jack that he will have to be the one who leaves.  Jack is really upset.  He tells Tom that the builder wouldn't even have had a job, if it weren't for him.  "I burned the old cathedral so that you would have work."   Tom replies:  "God forgive you.  Get out."  Jack leaves. 

Ellen is upset with Tom when Jack returns to her.  Now she goes to see Philip.  Jack is with her.  Philip says he will give Jack a very important job.  He can be his assistant with many different jobs in one.  But, Philip's assistant must be a monk and to be able to read Latin.  Ellen opposes the idea of Jack being a monk, but Jack agrees to become a monk.  Jack becomes a monk.  This upsets Aliena and she walks out on his ceremony making him a monk. 

The wicked widow tells Waleran that the fleece fair in Kingsbridge will ruin Shiring.  And the fair will happen in just two weeks time. Waleran demands that she give him her fancy ring given to her by her father.  He reminds the widow that Maud will soon be fleeing back to France.  And Stephen thinks she and William and both traitors.  Waleran says Stephen loves a gift and he will give the widow's ring to him to help convince him of the loyalty of her and her son.  She hands her ring to Waleran, who know says that the fair in Kingsbridge will go on as planned, but it will not end as planned, thanks to William. 

Cuthbert's sister Kate comes to the fair on business as a prostitute.  She says to the Prior that she wants to talk to him.  She then flashes her breasts at him.   Philip says that Kate is like in the chest for her brother.

And here comes William and Walter leading their men to attack the fair.  Tom's boy Jonathan climbs up the scaffolding on the cathedral.  Tom goes with him.  Tom is going to tell his son that he is his father.  But Jonathan points out there in the distance and asks what's that?  That's the marauders coming to stop the fair. 

Tom rushes to the ground and tells everyone to get into the priory because William Hamleigh is coming.  The marauders set fire to some of the fleece.  They kill both soldiers and civilians.  They start raping the women.  (Brief nudity.)

Remigius locks the doors of the priory to keep people out.  Philip has to go over there and open the doors.  The crowd rushes in. 

William gives the order to burn everything.  Aliena sees her fleece set on fire.  She rushes outside.  Alfred yells for her to come back.  Now William sees Aliena.  He threatens to set her clothes on fire.  He drops the torch onto her dress as she is helpless on the ground.  Alfred rushes over and puts the fire out.  William now rushes at Tom and knocks him down with his sword.  Jack tries to save Tom, but William knocks him down too.  Now William kills Tom with his sword.  Ellen comes out and sees that Tom is dead.  She start crying. 



Episode 6:  Witchcraft.

Kingsbridge Priory.  Tom is buried along with the many other victims of William. 

Richard comes to Kingsbridge.  His sister tells him how William destroyed the fair and her business.  Peter says William should hang for this.  Aliena asks who is going to arrest William?

Richard tells her that the war is over.  Maud and Gloucester have fled to France and Stephen is king again.  This just makes Aliena feel worse.  She says they are poor again.  Richard no becomes upset and yells he needs money for horses and swords. 

Alfred tells Philip that he will replace his father.  Philip is doubtful, but is finally won over when Alfred says he can build the cathedral cheaper than Da and Philip can pay Alfred less. 

Richard is writing a letter to King Stephen.  He has heard that they are organizing a Crusade and he wants to be part of it.  Alfred knocks on the door and Aliena lets him in.  He tells the brother and sister that he is taking over from his father.  He will have a steady income now.  "So I've come to ask for your hand in marriage."  Aliena starts to say no, but Alfred offers her a way out of poverty for both her and her brother.  He says he will let them think his offer over and will abide by what they decide.  He leaves.

Richard reminds Aliena that she promised their father that she would get Shiring back. 

Aliena cries over her decision.  She remembers the good times she had with Jack.  Then she remembers her promise to her father. 

Waleran wants the Archbishop of Canterbury out of his way.  He invites him to Shiring.  But he tells the Archbishop that he is not looking to succeed him in the post of Archbishop.

Waleran writes a letter to the widow, Lady Regan.  He reminds her that she would help him become Archbishop of Canterbury.  She writes back saying she can bring the Archbishop of Canterbury to Shiring to officiate a wedding.  She knows that Stephen had a hankering for the 12 year old Elizabeth.  Since Stephen is back as king her family is out of favor at court  Her family want to marry their daughter to an ally of Stephen.  And this family has lots of money.  She wants to marry William to Elizabeth.  She speaks to William about marrying the now 13 year old Elizabeth.   

Stephen watches some instruction in swordsmanship for Eustace.  The boy gets hit and cries out in pain.  Stephen says the boy spends too much time with his mother.  Waleran is there and Stephen tells him that God specks to him directly now.  He first appeared to Stephen when he was in prison.  God told him that the sinking of the White Ship was part of His plan.  Waleran supports Stephen in his delusion.  And now Waleran tells him that Lady Regan wants permission for her son to marry Elizabeth of Weymouth.  Stephen says he will ask God and he will probably say yes.  Then Waleran tells the king that the Archbishop of Canterbury's health is failing.  Stephen will soon have to name a successor.  Waleran lays Lady Regan's ring on a plate in front of Stephen as he leaves.

Philip announces the bands of marriages between Alfred and Aliena of Shiring.  In two weeks, they will marry.  Jack gets angry and pushes to the front and says "no".  He says Aliena is his and Alfred cannot take her.  Two men have to escort Jack out.  Philip comes over to him and says Jack must rethink whether he wants to be a monk or not.  Maybe being a monk is not for Jack.  He is free to leaves Kingsbridge, but if he goes, he will not be allowed to come back to Kingsbridge. 

Remigius the spy writes to Waleran that Jack is now being held in a cell until the marriage of Alfred and Aliena are married.  Jack has too close a relationship to Aliena.  Waleran writes back saying Jack's mother is a witch and he's the offspring of the Devil and Ellen.  He give Remigius some poison to get rid of Jack.

Alfred has a kind of bachelor party and he brags about what he is going to do to Aliena, sexually speaking. 

Jack has the food with the poison in it, but he's too upset to eat.  All of a sudden Ellen appears right by his side.  She tells him that this is where Jack was conceived.  She has a flashback to her having sex with the Frenchman.  (Brief nudity.)  She tells her son that it was Prior James who falsely accused Jack's father, but the prior was probably acting under the orders of others.  She now urges Jack to go to Aliena and ask her why she is doing what she's doing.  If there is love there between them, they can both run away from Kingsbridge.  Ellen now tells Jack to eat his food for he will need his strength.

Jack throws some pebbles at the window of Aliena.  She comes down and lets Jack into her house.  The two have sex.  (brief nudity)  Meanwhile, Ellen steals the tools of Alfred. 

Aliena says she has to marry Alfred because she has no money and Jack has no money.  Jack says he can get work in any cathedral.  Jack tells that her real duty is to him.  Just then the poison takes effect on Jack's body. 

Jack runs to his mother's cave to get help.

Today Aliena is to marry Alfred and William to marry Elizabeth.  Both couples marry.  At Aliena's wedding Ellen shows up to curse the wedding.  She curses the marriage with sorrow and impotence, with hatred and regret and bitterness.   She then cuts the throat of a rooster with the blood shooting all over Alfred's face. 

William the sadist will now have his way with poor Elisabeth.   Aliena is as lifeless as a corpse for the sex with Alfred.  He smacks Aliena.  Poor Elizabeth is bloody and bruised and her clothes are all torn up. 

Lady Regan tells the Archbishop of Canterbury that she has been ordered to commit a murder by Bishop Waleran.  He asks who is she to murder?  She gets really close to his ear and whispers:  "You."  She then pushes the Archbishop off the walkways up under the roof of the palace. 

Jack is ready to take off for France in search of his father's family.  His mother sees him off.  Martha runs up to them saying she wants to go with Jack.  Ellen definitely tells her no.  Jack kisses Martha's forehead and takes off. 

Now Lady Regan gives out with a blood-curdling yell.  And now Waleran burns the plans for his palace.  He says to himself that Canterbury has a much better cathedral and it's already built. 

Martha hides Jack's ring.  Aliena has a nasty bruise on the right side of her face.  She sleeps on the floor.

Eight months later.  Lady Regan and William confront Waleran.  They demand to know where's William's title?  Waleran makes excuses, but William puts his sword up to the man's neck.  His mother tells him to slit Waleran's throat.  Of course, now Waleran says he will ask King Stephen at the Kingsbridge ceremony for the vaulting of their cathedral.

Aliena is pregnant.  Martha finds out and Aliena tells her not to tell Alfred. 

It's the day of celebration in Kingsbridge.  Kate comes to see her brother and asks him if it's too late to ask for forgiveness?  She says she wants to serve God like her brother does.  They hug. 

Waleran is now the Archbishop of Canterbury.  And William is confirmed as the Earl of Shiring.  There is a big applause for William and the guards bang their staffs onto the floor of the cathedral.  This great vibration cause the roof of the new cathedral to collapse upon the people in the cathedral.  Many of the people are killed and many are badly wounded.  Alfred stands there looking at the damage done by his roof.  Cuthbert's sister Kate is killed.  Aliena is covered by stone but alright.  She has given birth to her baby.  This is another shocker for Alfred today.  Alfred calls Aliena a whore and leaves the cathedral. 

In all, 79 people died in the cathedral collapse.  Cuthbert says it was Alfred's fault.  He took down the false work before the mortar had properly dried.  Remigius speaks up saying that Prior Philip order Alfred to rush, rush, rush.   Waleran announces that King Stephen has taken the Archbishop of Canterbury away from him.  Waleran now orders Philip to resign as Prior of Kingsbridge, effective immediately.  And now Remigius tells everyone of the false skull of St. Adolphus.  He says it was a hoax launched by Philip and God gave his answer to this deception by collapsing the roof.  Philip admits that the original relic was lost in the fire they had in the cathedral.  He says that the original skull was properly false too.  Waleran says  that this is what comes of Philips's pride.  He has lost his cathedral.

Alfred throws Aliena out of her own house.  She pleads with him that she has no where to go.  It does no good. 

Aliena walks toward Ellen's cave.  Ellen comes to her and says she has heard that she (Ellen) has a grandson.  Yes.  Ellen holds the baby.  She says to Aliena:  "You have to find him, Aliena.  My grandson needs his father."  Aliena asks how can she find Jack if he's in France.  Ellen tells her that if she loves Jack, she will find him. 

Remigius is now the new Prior of Kingsbridge. 

Aliena with her baby sets out for France. 

Saint Denis, near Paris.  Jack goes to the cathedral to find work. 


Episode 7:  New Beginnings.

Saint Denis.  Jack is working carving pieces for the cathedral.  He tells the architect that the walls are so high here.  How to they bear that weight?  The architect asks if Jack knows Euclid, the father of geometry?  No.  The architects dismisses Jack with:  "Then you know nothing."  Jack notices that the architect has a book of geometry on his desk. 

Late at night Jack comes into the cathedral and reads parts of the book. 

Bayeux, France, northwest of Paris.   Aliena walks up to a cathedral in search of Jack.  She asks the workers if they have seen an English mason with red hair?  A worker says that he was here about a year ago, but he doesn't know where he went.  Aliena sees a carving that looks like Jack's work. 

Philip has been demoted.  He now rings the church bells.  Waleran speaks with Philip and, of course, has to rub the fact of Philip's fall into his face.  He does add, however, that perhaps God is driving Philip in a different direction, towards Waleran.  He wants to make Philip his archdeacon.  He is going to Rome for awhile, and he needs to have someone he can trust to watch over the diocese.  And, one day, Philip perhaps can take Waleran's post as Bishop of Kingsbridge.   As bishop, Philip could build his cathedral or even punish the Hamleighs.  Waleran says he will give Philip some time to think it over, but in two weeks he needs Philip to step into the new job. 

One day Aliena walks into the Saint Denis Cathedral.  Jack sees her first and runs over to her.  They kiss.  Jack looks at the baby and sees the red hair.  He asks if the baby is his?  She shakes her head, yes.  And now they name the baby boy Tom.  At night, the couple have sex.  (Brief nudity.)  Later Aliena tells Jack about the vault of the Kingsbridge Cathedral falling in and about Remigius replacing Philip as prior.   And now:  "Philip isn't Philip.  He's lost his spirit."

Now Jack goes back into the cathedral, still at night, and steals the geometry book and a rock that is said to weep at night.  In the morning the couple walk to the Port of Cherbourg, France, northwest of Bayeux.  The book passage on a ship.  While waiting a woman looks at Jack and is taken aback.  She says that Jack looks just like her brother when he was Jack's present age.  His name was Jacques Cherbourg, who was a jongleur, an itinerant minstrel, who died at sea.  And now the Cherbourg family welcomes Jack and his family into their family.  Jack and Aliena have dinner with the Cherbourg extended family.  The family members tell what they know about the White Ship disaster.  Jack says his father survived the disaster and later fell in love with his mother Ellen. 

Philip now tells Waleran that his moral mortar is corrupt and the walls of his church will crumble and the roof will fall.  "I would sooner live out the rest of my days feeding pigs at the monastery than feeding your ravenous ambition."  He gets up and starts leaving.  Waleran tells him:  "You're damned."

Stephen's forces with Richard are back on the battlefield killing their opponents.  Richard and Gloucester fight each other.  Richard wounds Gloucester and then cuts off his head. The head is placed on the end of a spike and Stephen exhibits it before others. 

Maud cries over her brother's body.  She turns to her son Henry and tells him that she swears that one day Henry will be king. 

Stephen expresses his gratitude to Richard, but says he has no title to give him.  What he does need, however, are volunteers for the crusade. He will give Richard armor and a horse or two, along with two squires, if Richard will kill Saracens for him.  When Richard returns, they will see about Richard getting his father's title back.  Stephen then tells his son Eustace that he swears that one day Eustace will be king. 

Kingsbridge.  Jack and his family reach Kingsbridge.  They go inside the cathedral.  Jack puts up a statue of the Virgin Mary in the cathedral.  Nothing has been done on the cathedral since the terrible accident.  Jack then place in the head of the statue a piece of the white stone that weeps.  The stone serves as the eyes for the Virgin Mary. 

Johnny Eightpence brings great news for Philip and the monks.  Jack has come back home to Kingsbridge!  Alfred picks up his head off the table upon hearing the news.  Martha is also very glad to hear the news.  The monks and others come to the cathedral to welcome Jack and Aliena back home.  Philip gives Jack a big hug.  The spy Remigius spoils the welcome by saying that Jack is living with Aliena in sin and he must leave the whore or leave Kingsbridge.  Jack just says he's come to finish the cathedral.  Remigius counters by saying the cathedral is dead.  There are no relics anymore.  Jacks says he knows that and that's why he has brought this relic statue from France for Kingsbridge. 

The church door is wide open and the sun is clearing over the hills in the area.  The sun shines on the statue.  When the sky becomes cloudy a "tear" falls down from the eyes of the Virgin Mary. 

Remigius, forever the spy, tells Waleran that the tears of the Virgin Mary statue are just a gimmick.  But people have been cured by praying to the statue, but witchcraft can produce similar effects.  But one thing is for sure, more and more pilgrims keep coming to the Kingsbridge Cathedral. 

Jack and Aliena returns to see Ellen.  Jack tells his mother that he met his father's family.  Now that pricks up Ellen's attention.  Jack says that his father was with the English prince.  He knew him.  And now wants to know the other two men who with Prior James condemned his father to burn at the stake.  One of the two was Percy Hamleigh.  The other man was Waleran. 

Waleran comes to see the famous statue.  He sees the tears and kneels before the statue. 

Alfred comes to see Jack.  Jack asks Alfred to apply for an annulment from his marriage to Aliena.  Alfred wants to know why should he have his marriage annulled?  Because Alfred can't marry another woman without the annulment.    The problem is that Alfred still has his terrible temper and he is still harboring a lot go grievances against Jack.  He still says Jack took his Da from him and Jack killed his mother.  And he love Aliena and Jack knew that very well.  And his mother cursed him and his marriage.  Moreover, it made him sexually impotent.  With the coming of the baby, everyone started laughing at him.  Ellen collapsed the cathedral roof and took his work from him. 

Jack says Alfred took his biological father's ring from him and he wants it back.  Alfred says he doesn't have Jack's ring.  And if he did, he would melt it down and piss on it. 

Waleran conspires with Lady Regan and William.  William says let's kill both Jack and Aliena, along with their bastard child.  Lady Regan says she will make sure that Jack and Aliena are in Kingsbridge and then Waleran's monk can stab Jack with a dagger dipped in poison.  Elizabeth wonders at the evil of these people in her family. 

Lady Regan and Elizabeth go to see the weeping Madonna.  Elizabeth tell Philip that her husband will attack Kingsbridge in two days.  They want to kill someone named Jack.  There's a spy who will assassinate him during the attack.  They didn't say who the spy was. 

Jack tells Philip that the spy is Remigius, because he's always been Waleran's ally.  Philip asks if Jack knows any ways in which the town can defend against William.  Jack takes Philip over to see Richard who is visiting his sister.  The guys come up with the idea of building a temporary wall around the town.  The villagers and soldiers help the monks build the walls. Meanwhile, William is partying with some men and women.  (Brief nudity.)  After awhile, he goes in to force his wife to have brutal sex with him.  Lady Regan hears her daughter-in-law's screams. 

It's the next morning and here comes William and his men.  Jonathan is up on the top floor of the cathedral and he sees the men coming.  The killers lose some men, some by arrows, some by thrown rocks.   William retreats a little ways back and regroups.  They get a primitive ladder and now on foot they all attack the wall.  Lifes are lost on both sides.  Richard shouts to William to come get him.  William takes the bait and Richard kicks him down to the ground.  William gets up, but now Jack hits William with a stone right in the forehead and the man goes down again.  Walter rushes over to save William and orders a retreat.  Those killers who can get on their horses, do so and ride away from the  town. 

A big cheers comes up from the residents of Kingsbridge.  Jack and Richard are the great heroes of the day.  Remigius, however, is still going to try and assassinate Jack.  Rlichard sees a knife coming out and he thrusts his blade into where the holder of the knife would be.  It turns out that the fellow with the knife was Cuthbert.  He was going to kill Jack for Waleran so his sister Kate could be buried in holy ground and go to heaven.  Waleran also gave Cuthbert dispensation for killing Jack because this is what God wanted anyway.  Cuthbert dies.

Now the monks turn on Remigius.  Johnny Eightpence scolds him in their meeting saying that Remigius knew the attack was coming and never told any in the monk community.  Philip thinks that Waleran ordered Remuigius to coerce Cuthbert into trying to murder Jack.  He asks Remigius if this is true?  Remigius says that was the doing of Waleran, not him.  And now the monks want Remigius out and Philip back. 

Back in Shiring, mother scolds William very harshly calling him weak like his father.  William gets really upset about this, so Lady Regan tries to soothe him.  He roughs her up a bit and she starts crawling away from him.  William now turns his anger on Elizabeth.  He is about to strike her very hard when he sees a small doll in her hand.  He takes the doll from her, goes over and grabs his mother and uses the doll to help him cover Lady Regan's mouth and nose until she dies.  William and Walter throw her body into the moat. 

Philip tells Remigius that he betrayed the whole monk community here.  Therefore, they cast Remigius out.  Remigius tries to make himself feel better by making a false comparison of Philip to Waleran.  Remigius leaves.  Philip now makes Jack his Master Builder. 

Richard prepares to go off on the crusade.  He says his victory in battle will get their father's title back to the family.  Aliena, Ellen, Jack and the baby see him off. 

Waleran is very upset at the turn of events.  He moans:  "Philip in power, Regan dead, the cathedral to be finished.  Ever your patient general, Lord God, when will I see our victory? . . . God, why hast thou forsaken me?"



Episode 8:  The Work of Angels.

Kingsbridge Priory.  10 years later, A.D. 1156.  Jack says the vaults are all finished now.  They will next start building the towers.

Winchester.  Eustace tells his father that he's afraid.  He's afraid he will make a bad decision.  Stephen assures him that even if Prince Eustace makes a mistake, it won't be big enough to really harm England.  Today Eustace is to hear the line of petitioners and their wants and desires.  He will decide these matters now.  The first man up is Richard.  He is back from the crusade and now he wants his father's title, land and castle back.  Eustace says:  "Very well, it's yours."  Eustace then asks his father if that's alright.  Dad says it's Eustace's decision. 

Then a voice in the dark is heard:  "There's just one tiny problem."  It's the voice of now Cardinal Waleran.  Waleran has just recently returned from Rome where he served the Pope well for eight years.  Richard comments: "Your Eminence is well rewarded for your service, I see."  Stephen asks Waleran what is the problem?  In order to get the Shiring castle, Richard would have to take it by force.  And the castle is well-defended.  "So, Richard has to raise his own army . . ."

Aliena complains to Jack that with him it's the cathedral first and the family second.  She is so very tried of him coming home from the cathedral and having almost no energy for anything besides sleep.  She says she's treat like a neglected mistress.  And she isn't even his wife.

Jack fires back at Aliena saying that Aliena is not his wife because she chose to marry Alfred, to get the money to give to Richard, to get Shiring Castle, title and land back.  And that's all that Aliena cares about.  Aliena is speechless after that. 

A secret message comes to Waleran:  "Your secret will out, your time has come.  I have the proof. "  Signed by the Ghost of Jack Shareburg.  This really puts a bit of fear in Cardinal Waleran. 

Jack checks the cathedral during a big storm to checks for cracks and leaks.  Coming home, Aliena and her son run into poor Elizabeth, thoroughly wet and bloodied in the rain. 

Remigius grabs Ellen in her cave from behind and puts a knife to her throat.  He asks for her help and she says she can't help him if he kills her.  He starts crying saying he doesn't want to hurt anybody.  He lets the knife go.  He says:  "I've no one to turn to."

Aliena takes Elizabeth into her home.  She asks her who hurt her like this?  William, of course.  Elizabeth says:  "He does it often, but this was the worst."  Aliena hugs Elizabeth in solidarity with her. 

Remigius reveals that he is a homosexual.  He says he was in love with a young man who hanged himself. 

Elizabeth tells Aliena that she was only 13 when William married her.  On her wedding night, he hurt her so badly that she was unable to bear children after that. 

Remigius also reveal that it was his confessor who made him denounce his love and his lover.  He adds about the priest:  "But I sent him a letter from the ghost of Jack Shareburg threatening to expose his secret."  Ellen asks Remigius what would he do to see justice done?  The answer is:  "Anything."

Aliena asks Elizabeth what she would do to see justice done?  The answer is:  "Anything."

Waleran says to God that he would do anything for the church.

Jack tells Philip that there are cracks in the ceiling.  Philip demands to know why, but Jack has to insist, as of this minute, he does not know why. 

Richard goes home to his sister.  They hug each other very tightly.  Richard tells her that she is now holding in her arms the new Earl of Shiring.  Aliena says:  "Father, we did it!"

Richard explains to Aliena that castles are virtually never taken by frontal assault.  "They're taken by cowardice, treachery and deception.  We need to find a way in without William knowing it."  Aliena glances at Elizabeth, and tells her brother:  "We have a way in."

Aliena brings Jack his lunch.  She tells him Richard his back and he has won his title back too.  She simply walks away after that. 

Richard starts making speeches to help raise and army to take Shiring Castle.  He tells the crowds to remember how many people from Kingsbridge William is responsible for murdering.

Philip sees Jack down in the dumps.  He comes over to try and cheer him up.  Philip tells him that he is a better overall builder than Tom ever was.  He says:  "And you have determination instead of faith."  And, he says, Aliena believes more in Jack than Jack believes in Jack.  Jack laughs a little.  He now asks Jack:  "How much faith do you have in her?"  Jack asks what does Philip mean by that?  Philip says:  "She left an hour ago with Richard and an army of men to retake Shiring."

Alone, Aliena escorts Elizabeth back to Shiring Castle.  They walk right up to the gate and the guard lets them in because he knows Elizabeth.  Once inside, Elizabeth tells him to leave the gate open.  She is lucky today, for William is off looking for Elizabeth.  She has everyone gather in the courtyard.  She tells them that she has come to say goodbye for her and William.  William is no longer the Earl of Shiring.  King Stephen has awarded that title to Richard, whose father once ruled over Shiring.  She is now surrendering the castle to the rightful Earl of Shiring.  She tells the men to lay down their weapons for there will be no bloodshed. 

Walter goes to investigate and runs right into Richard and his men.  Jack arrives and stands by the side of Aliena, holding her hand.  Richard tells Walter that the castle has been taken.  Walter shouts out:  "But I' not [taken]!"  He pulls out his sword.  He and Richard start to fight with their swords.  Walter has some early success, but Richard is too nimble for him.  Richard knocks the big man down and now with his knife, Richard removes Walter's left ear in revenge for Walter taking part of Richard's ear.  Walter says now we're even, but he tries to stab Richard.  Richard slits the man's throat.

Waleran speaks with William, who can't believe his own wife tricked him.  Waleran says:  "If you kick a dog, it may someday bite you."  He adds:  "Your mother never learned that and now she burns in eternal fire."  And rumor has it that William is the one who put his mother in hell.

Now Waleran suggests that he appoint William the district sheriff.  His motive for this is that he is laying a trap for a certain witch.  Someone will be murdered and the witch will be arrested for it.

Jack sees his mother at night in the cathedral.  He asks her what's she doing?  She says:  "I'm retrieving an old letter for a new friend."  Ellen says for Jack to trust her.  She's laying a trap for a bishop. 

Cardinal Waleran comes to see Alfred.  Waleran wants Alfred to goad Jack into a fight.  He wants Jack to spill some of Alfred's blood so that Waleran can have Jack arrested.  If Alfred will do this, the Cardinal will dissolve Alfred's marriage and make Alfred a free man.

Anjou, France.  Henry says to his mother that he has decided to return to England and fight for his right to be the King of England.  He says he will get the support of the soldiers just returning from the crusade.  Maud says that's good, but Brother Francis here believes the crown be won with ink, rather than blood.  But Henry rejects the very idea.  He says that's the way for cowards.  He's raising an army!

Jack figures out that there are cracks in the vault because of the wind smashing into the sides of the very high vaulted ceilings.

Alfred decides that an attack on Aliena will surely bring Jack into a fight with him. 

Jack says he will raise half arches (winged buttresses) to support the sides of the vault walls. 

Alfred starts his attack.  Martha comes to Jack saying that Alfred is drunk again and he attacked Aliena. She has some wound on her arm and face. 

Jack comes looking for Alfred.  He starts fighting with Alfred.  Alfred retreats, then sneaks around the building and surprises Jack at the corner of the building.  Alfred hits Jack and knocks him down.  He gets out his knife and makes like he is going to stab Jack.  But he turns the knife on himself and stabs his chest a little.  Now Alfred starts acting like he is the innocent and that:  "Jack Bastard stabbed him unprovoked!"  Jack says that Alfred scratched himself with his own knife.

All of a sudden Alfred falls to the ground in terrible pain.  He tells Jack:  "He tricked me!  It was poisoned!"  Alfred dies and Martha cries over him. 

A funeral is held for Alfred. 

Henry's army now fights Stephen's army.  Henry kills cousin Eustace. 

When Stephen learns that Eustace has been killed in battle, he falls apart.

And now Sheriff William comes to arrest Jack.  Of course, Waleran is right there to watch the arrest.  Jack starts screaming that Waleran killed his father because he knew something about the White Ship.  He demands to know what his father knew that so scared Waleran that he would have the man burned at the stake.  Waleran tells the lawmen to gag Jack and sent for the executioner. 

There is a trial of sorts run by Waleran.  And, of course, Waleran probably never spoke the truth and he is up to his old tricks again.  Before Aliena can tell the whole story and cast doubt on the idea that Jack killed Alfred, Waleran declares that what she's saying is mere quibbling and the guards should remove her.  They remove her.  The whole think is a farce and Waleran declares that Jack is guilty and for the executioner to hang him immediately.  Ellen show up saying that she has evidence of the murder of a future king  --  of regicide. Waleran says that the woman is a witch and should hang.  William wants to have two hangings today. 

The people, however, want to hear from Ellen.  The chalice was planted on Jacques Cherbourg at the request of Prior James.  An innocent man was tortured and then burned.  Again Waleran calls for the hanging of Ellen.  Prior Philip now comes forward to tell Waleran that he is on priory land within priory walls.  "Let this woman speak."

Ellen gets to tell her full story.  She then reads the account of the killing of the future king on the White Ship.  Waleran killed the Prince by stabbing him.  He then threw the Prince overboard.  Then Percy tried to kill the Princess, but couldn't kill her with his knife.  So Lady Regan slit the throat of the Princess. Her body was then thrown overboard.  He tried to save the future king, but he was too late.  The only thing he retrieved from the Prince was the ring which slipped off his ring finger and into Jacques's hand.  Now the people start shouting for the hanging of the bishop/cardinal. 

Waleran says the story is a fabrication, a hoax.  Ellen says that the letter is authenticated by the fact that Jacques use the dead prince's ring as a seal to imprint the hot wax on the letter.  Waleran asks where is the ring?  Alfred stole it from Jack.  Waleran is happy about this for no ring can be produced.  But now Martha steps forward.  She wears the ring around her neck.  She took it from Jack because at the time he said it was worthless. 

William says that this proves nothing.  Aliena steps up and says:  "It proves, once again, that the citizens of Kingsbridge have been used unlawfully by Bishop Waleran and William Hamleigh.  You've attacked this town twice, killing our husbands, our wives, our children!  And now you attack again by murdering the one man that has brought this town back to life."  William draws his sword and lunges at Aliena.  The people stop William.  And now they are going to hang William.  William starts talking says that it was Waleran who set him on to it.  Philip asks the people to be quiet so William can finish.  Waleran told Stephen that he could become king if he would back Waleran in a plan to kill the future king.  Waleran then go his parents to help him in the regicide.  Together they scuttled the ship and murdered the Prince and his wife.  William starts struggling to get away and falls off the platform.  

Waleran has the nerve to scold the citizens of Kingsbridge for doing the wrong thing.  But Jack speaks up and says because of Waleran's treachery, England was steeped in blood for 16 years.  Waleran starts running for his life.  The people start chasing after him.  He runs into the cathedral.  He locks the doors behind him and starts climbing upwards.  The people break the locks and rush into the cathedral.  Waleran climbs up until he reaches the roof.  He starts walking on a ledge to get away.   Waleran looses his balance when his beads get caught on something and he falls.  He manages to grab onto one of Jack's gargoyles.  Jack comes over and offers the bishop his hand, but the bishop lets go and falls to the ground. 

Philip tries to give the bishop the last rites, but the bishop just spits blood into his face.  The wicked man dies. 

Jack and Aliena marry in a nice ceremony with Philip as the officiating priest. 

Philip talks to his parish saying that now Maud's son is the King of England, King Henry II. 

The cathedral is beautiful. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

Historical Background:


House of Normandy (1066-1135)

1066  --  William the Conqueror from Normandy defeats the English under monarch Edgar the ∆theling.

1066-1087  --  reign of William I, William the Conqueror.

1087-1100  --  reign of William II, son of William the Conqueror.

1092 or 1096  --  birth of Stephen of Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror via his mother Adela of England, the daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders.  Stephen was born in Blois in France.

1100-1135  --  reign of Henry I, son of William the Conqueror. 

1101  --  during the Crusades, Stephen's father  is killed in the Battle of Ramlah. 

1106   --Henry I invades and captures the Duchy of Normandy, controlled by his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, defeating Robert's army at the battle of Tinchebray.

1113 or 1115  --  Stephen probably first visits England as part of Henry I's court.

1120  --  three hundred passengers embarked on the White Ship to travel from Barfleur in Normandy to England, including the heir to the throne, William Adelin. The ship sinks and William Adelin and all but two of the passengers die.  Now Henry had only one legitimate child, Matilda.  He looked to Matilda as his intended heir. Matilda had been married to Henry V, the Holy Roman Emperor.

1125  --  Matilda's husband dies.

1125  --  Henry I  arranges for Stephen to marry a different Matilda, the daughter of the Count of Boulogne, who owned both the important continental port of Boulogne and vast estates in the north-west and south-east of England.

1127, 1128 and 1131  -  Henry I's courts take oaths to recognize Matilda as his immediate successor and recognize her descendants as the rightful ruler after her.

 1128  --  Matilda remarries to Geoffrey, the Count of Anjou, whose lands border the Duchy of Normandy.

1135  --  death of King Henry I.  Stephen starts to grab the power, which is helped by his being the first major player for the succession to leave France and land in England.  Support starts coming for Stephen becoming the next King. 


House of Blois (1135-1154)

1135-1154  -- reign of Stephen of Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror. Stephen was bothered by a rebellion in Scotland and then a rebellion in Wales. 

Matilda landed in England to challenge Stephen and was declared "Lady of the English" which resulted in a civil war called the Anarchy. When Matilda was forced to release Stephen in a hostage exchange for her half-brother Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester, Stephen was re-crowned.  Matilda was never crowned as the English conflict continued inconclusively. 

1141  --  Matilda was a de facto ruler for a few months, but she was never crowned and is rarely listed as a monarch of England.

1152  --  Matilda's son, the future Henry II, by marrying Eleanor of Aquitaine, acquires the Duchy of Aquitaine.

Stephen recognizes Henry as his heir.


House of Angevin (11545-1216)

1154  --  Henry, son of Matilda of the Anarchy, becomes King Henry II.

1154-1189  --  reign of Henry II. 

By 1172  --  Henry II controlled England, large parts of Wales, the eastern half of Ireland and the western half of France, an area that would later come to be called the Angevin Empire.

1189  --  Richard I, the Lionheart becomes the King.

1189-1199  --  reign of Richard I.




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