One Million Years B.C. (1966)





Director:     Don Chaffey

Starring:     Raquel Welch, John Richardson, Percy Herbert, Robert Brown, Martine Beswick




Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film.

"This the story of long, long ago, when the world was just beginning. A young world, a world early in the morning of time, a hard, unfriendly world."

Men trap a wild boar.

"There are not many men yet, just a few tribes scattered across the wilderness, never venturing far, unaware that other tribes exist even, too busy with their own lives to be curious, too frightened of the unknown to wander."

Ahoba is the leader of the Rock Tribe. He has two sons, Sakana and the younger Tumak. The two brothers oppose each other fiercely. Sakana wants to jump into the pit to kill the boar, but Ahoba gives the honor to Tumak. Tumak jumps in, the battle begins with the boar and Kumak kills it.

An old man is left behind after he falls and becomes disabled.

The men push the women around.

First to eat is Ahoba, followed by Sakana and then Tumak. After that it's everyone for himself. Father grabs the food out of Tumak's hand and Tumak opposes this. The two men fight and Ahoba knocks his son off the cliff. Luckily for Tumak he lands on some bushes.

But now he is in the desert. He can't climb up the mountain because it is too steep. So he starts wandering. He is chased by a giant dragon lizard. The lizard wraps his tongue around Tumak's left leg. Tumak grabs a large rock and brings it down on the lizard's tongue. The lizard quickly withdraws its tongue and Tumak scurries out of there.

Tumak finds a cave with some water. He certainly is thirsty. He grabs some fruit off a tree. Inside the cave are creatures that are something between a man and a beast. Tumak gets himself out of the cave.

Tumak hears various noises up on the mountain top. He investigates some of them.

Sakana and his father almost come to blows, but this time father backs down.

Tumak sees some dinosaur footprints. A Brontosaurus makes an appearance. The next animal he sees is a huge tarantula spider.

Tumak starts running for his life. He is in the middle of a desert and he has no water. The sun beats down on him and his movements become slower and slower.

He finally comes to what looks like an ocean. He faints and falls into the sand.

A group of women come running down to the beach. Some of them start fishing. After a while, the very pretty, blonde Loana and the other women spot the hairy, brunette Tumak. Tumak tries to get up but drops back onto the sand.  Loana runs over to him, but at this moment a giant turtle makes an appearance. Loana blows a call for help on a modified sea shell.

The men of the village hear the distress call and come running down toward the beach. The men arrive just in the knick of time as there was only Loana to try to drive the turtle way from her and the unconscious man. The men throw rocks and spears at the giant turtle. The turtle starts chasing the pesky human men. The turtle finally escapes from the humans by getting into the water.

Now the men take Tumak to their caves. They put him inside the main cave and Loana only seems to be interested in the survival of the stranger.

A hunting party is being led by Ahoba. He decides to leave his stick behind and climbs up the mountain after some type of large goat. He climbs up to the top of a pinnacle to grab the goat, but the goat escapes from him and Ahoba loses his footing. He calls out for his son Sanaka. Sanaka comes over but instead of giving his father a helping hand, he pushes over the rock Ahoba is hanging onto. The rock and Ahoba fall two or three stories to a hard landing.

And now Sanaka takes over the hunting party with the use of force. The men follow Sanaka.

Tumak awakens to find the men attaching sharpened rocks onto the ends of long sticks. Quite a few of the women are sewing different hides together. He stares at Loana. Tumak has a rival. One of the blonde men likes Loana too and considers her to belong to him.

Loana grabs some food and takes it over to Tumak. He eats like a savage and consumes the food quickly.

One night the Rock Tribe is shocked to see a badly hurt Ahoba slowly making his way into the cave. He, however, will not present any challenge for Sanaka.

In the morning when Tumak arises he takes a close look at the hides being sewn together. He goes outside and tries to take a spear from his rival for Loana. Loana comes walking over with a big smile on her face. She immediately starts teaching Tumak some of the words of their primitive language. She pats the rival on the shoulder and says the man's name: "Ahot." She now says her name is Loana. She now motions for Tumak to tell them his name. It doesn't take Tumak very long to figure out what she wants him to say and he tells her his name.

Loana takes him by the hand and pulls him over to a garden where she picks up something that looks like a turnip. She then shows him how they catch fish in the river nearby. The tribes people can easily catch fish, but Tumak is too clumsy to catch any and the people laugh at his antics. Tumak doesn't understand why they are all "laughing" for he is not familiar with this.

Just then a small Tyrannosaurus rex comes over and sends the tribal people running for their lives. He grabs and kills one of the tribesmen. A young girl is crying in an apple tree and Tumak comes to the rescue. Single-handedly he prevents the girl from being grabbed by the monster. A little later more tribesmen rush out with their spears to try and chase the monster away. The dinosaur recovers and sends most of the men running. Tumak and Ahot are now the only ones fighting the dinosaur. They throw their spears into the dinosaur but he knocks the spears off his skin.

The dinosaur comes now after Tumak, who grabs a heavy pole. When the dinosaur keeps coming at Tumak, the man falls backward while keeping the pole pointed at the monster. The dinosaur impales himself upon the pole. The dinosaur falls over and Tumak is there to spear it over and over again with his spear. And now Tumak is a hero to the tribes people.

Tumak wants to keep the spear he used, but Loana makes him give it back to its rightful owner Ahot. Tumak doesn't seem to know why Loana did this.

The tribe has a burial ceremony for the man that died. So Tumak uses the opportunity to go into the cave, grab Ahot's spear and try to hide it under his bedding. Ahot sees this and rushes over to grab his spear. And so now a fight starts. It looks as though Tumak wants to kill Ahot. Other men start grabbing Tumak to hold him down, so he won't be able to kill Ahot.

The men drag Tumak out of the cave and put him on the ground. The leader of the tribe makes a leave sign and the whole tribe waits for Tumak to leave. Loana decides to go with him.

Tumak goes back to the cave with the curious beasts. The beasts come out to have a drink of water and the two have to hide in a tree. When the monsters leave, the pair climb up and out an opening.

A triceratops fights a Tyrannosaurus rex. Loana and Tumak gets separated. Loana runs across the area and runs into Sanaka. He wants this beautiful woman as his. Loana blows on her shell horn and Tumak comes running. He fights with Sanaka and wounds him with his spear. So now Tumak is the chief of the rock people.

The woman of the tribe that liked Tumak the most, Nupondi, now fights with Loana. Loana has a rough time of it but she comes out on top. Loana and Tumak start teaching new things to the rock people. One of those things is enjoying wading or swimming in a pond or lake. As the tribes people are enjoying this new entertainment, a pterodactyl swoops down on Loana, grabs her and flies with her to the nest to feed her baby birds.

Tumak and his buddy start immediately to chase after the bird. The buddy sprains his ankle and can't go on, so Tumak has to leave him behind.

Another pterodactyl attacks the one with the food. Loana is dropped into the ocean. She is able to get back onto the beach but faints there from all the exertion.

The victor of the fight between the two pterodactyls now flies over and eats the baby pterodactyls.

Tumak sees this, but he can't seem to find Loana.

Sanaka has his little group of followers and he uses them to start asserting his power in the tribe. They capture some of the other tribesmen and hold them as virtual prisoners.

Tumak goes back to pick up his buddy he had to leave behind. He helps hold the man up so he can walk.

Meanwhile, Loana has made it back to her own tribe. She tells her tribes people that she was attacked by a sarin, their word for the giant dinosaur bird. Loana wants her people to go find Tumak. Ahot and some of the braves go in search of Tumak.

One of the prisoners of Sanaka sneaks away and goes to find Tumak.

Tumak hears the blowing of the shell horn. He runs to the top of the ridge and sees Loana and her people coming for him. The two run to each other. His friend shows up a little later. Now the escaped prisoner arrives to tell Tumak about Sanaka. Tumak asks the men of the other tribe to help him against Sanaka. The men agree and go with Tumak.

Sanaka awakens and goes ballistic when he see one of the prisoners has escaped. He gets all the men up and they all take off running.

Both Tumak and Sanaka heading for the rock tribe's caves. Sanaka gets there first and calls out in challenge to Tumak. At this time Tumak and the sea people are behind Sanaka's men. A fight starts between the two groups.

From behind Tumak is knocked to the ground. Loana goes to check on him as the others start battling each other. The women from both groups get involved in the fighting. Sanaka grabs Loana and runs away with her.

Tumak runs after Sanaka and the two start fighting again. Tumak is just about to crush Sanaka's head with a rock, when the local volcano erupts. As everyone starts running away from the volcano, Sanaka again grabs Loana and forces her to come with him.

Tons of rocks start falling down on many of the people who are the closest to the volcano. Tumak finds Sanaka and stabs him with his spear. Sanaka rolls down the slope.

The hot lava starts flowing down the hillsides. [It seems the writers threw in earth quakes with the volcanic eruptions, because mountain cliffs start falling apart and the earth moves apart.] More people are killed by the effects of the earthquakes than the volcanic explosions.

There are some survivors, among them Loana and Tumak. Tumak leads the way and the others follow behind him.



Don't these movie makers realize that human-like beings are only about 4 or 5 million years old?  They love to combine cavemen and dinosaurs.  But the dinosaurs past away in a monstrous dust covering following the huge boom of a meteor that struck our planet off the coast of Guatemala some 64 million years ago.

This is a Hammer film, so that tells you a lot about the film: pretty girls and fantasy.  Raquel Welch wears a fur-bikini (which helped her become a Hollywood star).

I guess the best reason to watch this film is Raquel Welch. History as presented in the film is all wrong. See below. These are basic dates that anyone should know.

The universe is about 14.6 billion years old.

The earth is around 4.54 billion years old.

 And the dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago. So there would be no giant dinosaurs in one million BC.

Human beings and human-like beings (hominids) are around 4 million years old.

Humans, Neanderthals, homo erectus, and their direct ancestors were around 2.5 millions years ago.

Homo ergaster lived 1.8 million to 1.3 millions years ago. It is believed that this species was the first to use language. So, 1 million years ago, the humans were probably better spoken than in the film.

Humans used fire about one million years ago.

Homo sapiens developed half a million years ago.

Modern human beings (Homo sapiens sapiens) did not arise until about 200,000 years ago. So the predecessors of human beings were not exactly like modern man. There would never have been a woman like Raquel Welch one million years ago. The humans back 1 million years ago were surprisingly small.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D



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