My Darling Clementine (1946)





Director:    John Ford.

Starring:    Henry Fonda (Wyatt Earp), Linda Darnell (Chihuahua), Victor Mature (Doc Holliday), Walter Brennan (Old Man Clanton), Tim Holt (Virgil Earp), Cathy Downs (Clementine), Ward Bond (Morgan Earp), Alan Mowbray (Granville Thorndyke), John Ireland (Billy Clanton), Roy Roberts (Mayor), Jane Darwell (Kate), Grant Withers (Ike Clanton), J. Farrell MacDonald (bartemder Mac), Russell Simpson (John Simpson), Don Garner (James Earp), Francis Ford (Town Drunk), Ben Hall (Barber), Arthur Walsh (Hotel Clerk), Louis Mercier (Francois), Mickey Simpson (Sam Clanton), Fred Libby (Phin Clanton).

The basic background of the conflict between the Earps and the cattle rustlers is captured well enough, but the gun fight itself is imaginary.  The movie has the shoot out taking place in a corral setting, when the real fight took place at the junction of the alley leading down to the O. K. Corral and the street. 



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Historical Background: 

See Wyatt Earp (1994)




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