Mrs. Brown (1997)




Director:    John Madden.

Starring:    Judi Dench (Queen Victoria) , Billy Connolly (John Brown) , Geoffrey Palmer Henry Ponsonby), Antony Sher (Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli), Gerald Butler (Archie Brown), Richard Pasco, David Westhead (Doctor Jenner), David Westhead (Prince of Wales, Bertie).

Country: British-US-Irish film



Judi Dench plays Queen Victoria who has been in mourning way too long for her deceased husband Albert.  Her husband's trusted Highland horseman, John Brown (Billy Connolly), helps bring the Queen out of her depression by refusing to treat her gingerly.  But the question arises as to whether he is now taking advantage and overstepping his bounds in his newfound position as the friend of the queen.  And will the Queen recognize that others are legitimately worried about her relationship with Mr. Brown?   Anthony Sher plays the role of  Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.  

Very good film.  My wife and I especially enjoyed the performances of Judi Dench and that of Billy Connolly.  Connolly comes to the rescue of Queen Victoria who is in a great depression.  But along the way, he alienates just about everybody else.  He justifies this by saying he does not care what others think of him, that his duty is to serve the Queen totally and faithfully.  In a sense, power goes to his head a bit, but at least he has a good heart.  But does his concern go too far and he becomes an enabler, defending too vigorously the Queen's decision to remain isolated from British politics?  Will he help her now move back into politics so she can perform her expected duties?   

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 





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