Montana Belle (1952)




Director:     Allan Dwan

Starring:     Jane Russell (Belle Starr), George Brent (Tom Bradfield), Scott Brady (Bob Dalton), Forrest Tucker(Mac), Andy Devine (Pete Bivins), Jack Lambert (Ringo), John Litel (Matt Towner), Ray Teal (Emmett Dalton), Rory Mallinson (Grat Dalton), Holly Bane (Ben Dalton), Roy Barcroft (Jim Clark), Ned Davenport (Bank Clerk),Dick Elliott (Jeptha Rideout - Banker), Gene Roth (Marshal Ripple), Stanley Andrews (Marshal Combs).





Complete fiction.  Not worth it.  This time it is not Gene Tierney who plays the part of outlaw Belle Starr, but, just as worse, it's Jane Russell. And they have Belle hanging out with the Dalton gang. Belle was dead by early 1889 and the Daltons in those days of the late 1880s were still working as lawmen. Jane sings several songs, but not very well.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 







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