Meek's Cutoff (2010)





Director:     .

Starring:     Michelle Williams (Emily Tetherow), Bruce Greenwood (Stephen Meek), Will Patton (Soloman Tetherow), Zoe Kazan (Millie Gately), Paul Dano (Thomas Gately), Shirley Henderson (Glory White), Neal Huff (William White), Tommy Nelson (Jimmy White), Rod Rondeaux (The Indian).

1845 wagon train travel on the Oregon Trail where they  lose their way on a supposed short-cut







A very brooding film about a group of people on the Oregon Trail that let themselves be talked into taking a supposed short-cut by a somewhat charismatic guide.  But as they continue their trip doubts keep growing about the abilities and honesty of the guide.  Does the guide really know what he's doing?  Or is he just a big braggart who has led them into serious trouble?   The tension mounts with the growing danger of their ever worsening situation.  Michelle Williams was particularly good in the film. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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