The Great Locomotive Chase (1956)



Director:    Francis D. Lyon

Starring:     Fess Parker (James J. Andrews), Jeffrey Hunter (William A. Fuller), Jeff York (William Campbell), John Lupton (William Pittenger), Eddie Firestone (Robert Buffum), Kenneth Tobey (Anthony Murphy), Don Megowan (Marion A. Ross), Claude Jarman Jr. (Jacob Parrott), Harry Carey Jr. (William Bensinger), Leonard P. Geer (J.A. Wilson), George Robotham (William Knight), Stan Jones (Wilson Brown), Marc Hamilton (John Wollam), John Wiley (John M. Scott), Slim Pickens (Pete Bracken.

made by Disney



A true and good film about Union spy James Andrews and 20 men who converge on the railway station at Big Shanty, northwest of Atlanta and capture the locomotive "The General" right under the noses of 4,000 Confederate troops.

They were chased by an unrelenting conductor named Fuller.  Andrews was unaware at first of the chase after him.  He told station heads that he was on a special expedition to Gen. Bureaugard.  One time, Fuller was just 4 minutes behind him after an hour-and-a-half enforced delay at one of the stations.

Fuller changed locomotives to the "Texas," which they had to run backwards after Andrews. Andrews cut off box cars and sent them against the chasing locomotive, but to no avail.  

Andrews runs out of fuel.  Yankees run into the woods.  Andrews and eight of his men caught and executed.  

The U.S. struck a new medal, the Congressional Medal of Honor, to memorialize the bravery of the men.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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