Little Big Horn (1951)




Director:    Charles Marquis Warren (later produces television programs such as "Gunsmoke" and "Rawhide").

Starring:     Lloyd Bridges (Capt. Phillip Donlin), John Ireland (Lt. John Haywood), Marie Windsor (Celia Donlin), Reed Hadley (Sgt. Maj. Peter Grierson), Jim Davis (Cpl. Doan Moylan), Wally Cassell (Pvt. Danny Zecca), Hugh O'Brian (Pvt. Al DeWalt), King Donovan (Pvt. James Corbo), Richard Emory (Pvt. Mitch Shovels), John Pickard (Sgt. "Vet" McCloud), Robert Sherwood (Pvt. David Mason), Sheb Wooley (Quince), Larry Stewart (bugler Stevie Williams), Rodd Redwing (Cpl. Arika), Dick Paxton (Pvt. Ralph Hall), Gordon Wynne (Pvt. Arndst Hofstetter), Ted Avery (Pvt. Tim Harvey), Barbara Woodell (Mrs. Owens), Anne Warren (Little Girl).


This story is not really about the massacre of troops of the Seventh Calvary under General Custer.  Rather it deals with a group of men trying to catch up with Custer and warn him of a probable Sioux ambush. The story is improbable from the start given that no one knew of the massive number of native Americans gathered on the banks of the Little Big Horn River in Montana.

The men trying to warn Custer face death themselves and this provides the continued suspense in the movie.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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