Lincoln (2012)





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Starring:     Daniel Day-Lewis (Abraham Lincoln), Sally Field (Mary Todd Lincoln), David Strathairn (William Seward), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Robert Lincoln), James Spader (W.N. Bilbo), Hal Holbrook (Preston Blair), Tommy Lee Jones (Thaddeus Stevens), John Hawkes (Robert Latham), Jackie Earle Haley (Alexander Stephens), Bruce McGill (Edwin Stanton), Tim Blake Nelson (Richard Schell), Joseph Cross (John Hay), Jared Harris (Ulysses S. Grant), Lee Pace (Fernando Wood), Peter McRobbie (George Pendleton).





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Very good film.  It is especially good because it presents the concerns and plans of the Radical Republicans in the United States.  I don't know about the views of others, but I am much more in sync with the views of the Radical Republicans.  Benefiting from hindsight, many of Lincoln's comments about the future seem shallow and mis-guided.  By compromising so much with the South, Lincoln helped the South keeps its original structure complete with its unabated racism.  This allowed the South to establish a new type of slavery on the blacks.  In fact, the South came out of the Civil War with more power than before the war.  The South was rewarded by now counting blacks politically as full-human beings instead of only a fraction of a human being.  And the whites of the North were just not that interested in black freedom and wouldn't support a continued fight for Reconstruction.  As a result, we are still cursed with civil war in the United States with the South acting as it always has acted, racist and backward. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.






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