Last Days of Pompeii  (1984)




Director:   Peter R. Hunt.

Starring:   Ned Beatty (Diomed), Brian Blessed (Olinthus), Ernest Borgnine (Marcus), Nicholas Clay (Glaucus), Lesley-Anne Down (Chloe), Olivia Hussey (Ione), Siobhan McKenna (Fortunata), Franco Nero (Arbaces), Linda Purl (Nydia), Anthony Quayle (Quintus), Duncan Regehr (Lydon), Laurence Olivier (Gaius).

Made for TV movie.

Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. and covered the village of Pompeii



Spoiler Warning:



Historical Background:


See Ultimi giorni di Pompei, Gli (Last Days of Pompeii) (1960).


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