Den sidste Viking (The Last Viking) (1997)



Director:     Jesper W. Nielsen.

Starring:      Holger Thaarup (Harald),  Ren Hansen (Bjarke),  Moa Lagercrantz (Eisa),  Marika Lagercrantz (Frej),  Bjrn Floberg (Thorgrim),  Kim Bodnia (Sigbard),  Erik Wederse (Agne),  Per Oscarsson (Skrlling),  Ricky Danielsson (Gunga).

Danish movie from boy Harald's perspective about a mad king out to confiscate all the ships of his village


This film is not really an historical film.  The makers of the movie say that it is not historically accurate or true.  It was actually inspired more by the Bosnian War.  They were intrigued at how a civilized society can suddenly go "beserk" and be torn apart by civil war.  And they, lovers of children's stories, were concerned with the effect of civil war on children.  But the film is rather gloomy.  The boy Harald does not have happy adventures, but sad adventures, one after another.  So the film really isn't appropriate for younger children.  The film is interesting, but it's not really for people seeking historical films. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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