Kidnapped (1960)





Director:     Robert Stevenson. 

Starring:     Peter Finch (Alan Breck Stewart),  James MacArthur (David Balfour),  Bernard Lee (Captain Hoseason),   John Laurie (Ebenezer Balfour),  Niall MacGinnis (Mr. Shaun),  Finlay Currie (Cluny MacPherson),  Miles Malleson (Mr. Rankeillor),  Duncan Macrae (The Highlander),  Andrew Cruickshank (Colin Campbell),  Peter O'Toole (Robin MacGregor),  Alex Mackenzie (The Ferryman),  Oliver Johnston (Mr. Campbell),  Norman Macowan (Tinker),  Eileen Way (Jennet Clouston),  Jack Stewart,  Edie Martin (Woman on the bridge),  Abe Barker (Donald Dhu MacLaren),  John Pike (Cabin Boy).

a young man cheated out of his inheritance joins forces with Alan Breck, just escaping from the defeat at Culloden, to get the inheritance back; Disney movie




Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film. 





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