Juana la loca (2001)




Director:  Vincente Aranda.

Starring:  Pilar Lopez de Ayala (Juana of Castile), Daniele Liotti (Felipe), Rosana Pastor (Elvira), Giuliano Gemma (De Veyre), Roberto lvarez (Admiral), Eloy Azorn (lvaro de EstZiga), Guillermo Toledo (Capitn Corrales), Susi Snchez (Reina Isabel), Chema de Miguel (Don Juan Manuel), Andrs Lima (Marqus de Villena), Cipriano Lodosa (Marliano), Manuela Arcuri (Aixa-Beatriz), Carolina Bona (Ins), Jorge Monje (Hernn), Sol Abad (Mucama).

Awards:  Pilar Lopez de Ayala won a Goya for her role.


This is the story of Juana of Castile given in an arranged marriage. She soon not only falls in love with her husband but becomes madly obsessive about him.

I thought it was a very good movie.  I was fascinated with Pilar Lopez de Ayala's performance.  She was so obsessed with her husband that one has to question whether her feelings really were ones of love.  (Abusive or distorted relationships cannot be considered love in the strict sense, but something else, such as obsession or madness.)   

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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