Jodha Akbar (2008)



Director:     Ashutosh Gowariker. 

Starring:     Aishwarya Rai (Jodhaa Bai), Amitabh Bachchan (Narrator), Hrithik Roshan (Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar), Sonu Sood (Sujamal), Kulbhushan Kharbanda (Raja Bharmal), Raza Murad (Shamsuddin Atka Khan), Suhasini Mulay (Padmavati), Nikitin Dheer (Sharifuddin Hussain), Ila Arun (Maham Anga), Rajesh Vivek (Chughtai Khan), Yuri Suri (Bairam Khan), Pramod Muthu (Todar Mal), Disha Vakani (Madhavi), Parth Dave (Young Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar), Rucha Vaidya (Young Jodhaa), Chetana Das, Mrs. Punam S. Sinha (Hamida Banu), Vishwa S. Badola (Saadir Adaasi), Surendra Pal (Rana Uday Singh), Dilnaz Irani (Salima), Tejpal Singh Rawat (Ni'mat), Pramatesh Mehta (Chandrabhan Singh), Jassi Singh (Raja Bhadra), Digvijay Purohit (Bhagwan Das), Idrajit Sarkar (Mahesh Das / Birbal).

Akbar the Great (ruled 1556-1619) and his Hindu wife Jodhabai


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film. 


First Half of the Movie. 

1.  Prologue. 

"Historians agree that the 16th century marriage of Alliance between the Mughal Emperor Akbar and the Daughter of King Bharmal of Amer (Jaipur) was a recorded chapter in history, but there is speculation till today that her name was not Jodhaa . . . But over centuries her name reached the common man as Jodhaa Bai.  This is just one version of the historical events. . . ."

"Hindustan. . . . Since 1011 AD, countless invaders have ravaged and plundered this land.  And then came, the Mughals.  . . . Founded by Babur, the Mughal Dynasty passed from Humayun to his son, Akbar.  among all the Mughal Emperors, Akbar achieved the greatest heights.  Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar!  The first Mughal Emperor to be born on Indian soil. . . . Akbar was born in a Hindu Rajput home."

Princess Jodhaa was also born in Rajputana in Amer.  She was the daughter of King Bharmal  and Queen Padmavati.  As a young girl she was betrothed to Prince Ratan Singh of Ajabgarh. 

The Rajputs were taught the art of combat from childhood.  A boy flips over the paints onto Jodhaa's painting.  She calls on her cousin Prince Sujamal, who is like a brother to her.  Bharmal was crowned King, following the demise of Sujamal's father.  This left Sujamal isolated.  His destiny would take him far from Amer.  The same would apply to Jodhaa. 


2.  The Battle of Panipat. 

1555.  The Mughal dynasty had almost ended after the accidental death of Emperor Humayun.  King Hemu seized the Delhi throne. 

There was a great battle in Panipat.  King Hemu had an army twice the size of the Mughal army.  Bairam Khan led the forces of Emperor Humayun.  He was the trainer of the 13 year old Jalaluddin to take over his father's position.  As Bairam places the crown of Jalaluddin's head, he tells Jalaluddin that he must unite Hindustan, which was the dream of his father.  Bairam shouts:  "Long live Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad!" 

Bairam wants a specially chosen archer to put an arrow through one of King Hemu's eyes.  Hemu gives the command to charge.  In a flat valley, both sides run at each other.    Then he gives the elephants crew the command to charge.  The elephants steps on many of the enemy.  Bairam's archer is protected by a circle of fighters.  As King Hemu on an elephant gets closer, he shoots a number of arrows at him.  As he gets within a hundred yards or so the archer puts an arrow into the right eye of the King. 

King Hemu is taken captive.  Bairam tells Jalaluddin to behead the King.  Jalaluddin says the King is already worse than a dead man.  He does not want to kill him.  Bairam says the army will interpret this as weakness, as Jalaluddin not being a true Ghazi.  Jalaluddin just drops the sword.  Bairam picks it up, runs at the King and cuts his head off. 


3.  Consolidation of the Mughal Empire

Bairam Khan regained the Delhi throne for the young Emperor.  For six years he strove to consolidate Hindustan.  He would send emissaries to neighboring provinces.  Kingdom of Virat.  Bairam sends an emissary to this kingdom to align itself within a month to the Mughal Empire. Magadhpur.  Sumit and pay the Jaziya tax and other taxes. Pankot.  If you do not submit you face Jalaluddin's wrath.  UdaygarhAmer.  Offenders and their kingdoms will be annihilated.  ShundiBhadrapur. Mankeshwar.  A few accept, but most do not. 


4.  The Battle of Mankeshwar. 

Jalal is a young man now.  He prepares for the attack on a disobedient province. Mankeshwar.  A battle begins.  Both sides fire their cannons.  The the armies engage each other.  Mankeshwar is defeated.  Bairam goes to cut the head off of the King of Mankeshwar, but Jalal stops him.  He says from now on he will make his own decisions.  And from now on after a battle mercy will be shown to the prisoners of war.  Nor shall they be enslaved.  Jalal says he will rule, but with compassion.  After this presentation, the King of Mankeshwar says if he had know about this before, he would have submitted to his rule.  Jalal now tells Bairam Khan to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and devote his life to Allah. 

Jalal asks about the province of Rajputana.  He is told that they have rejected the proclamation outright. 


5.  Princess Jodhaa of Amer. 

The Princess and her cousin are practicing their sword fighting against each other.  A messenger boy interrupts to tell the Princess that the Queen awaits her.  Walking to put their swords away cousin says that soon she will be marrying and go away.  The Princess says that she will not marry until her father appoints him as the Crown Prince. 

At a ceremony the King says the reins of Amer will be entrusted to Bhagwan Das.  Cousin Sujamal will be subordinate to Bhagwan.  The Princes and her cousin are shocked.  And within a year, say the King, Princess will marry Prince Ratan Singh.  The Princess runs to change some clothes with a young woman who will now pretend she is the Princess.  She runs to cousin to say how sorry she is that he was not named first.  Sujamal is very angry.  He gets on his horse and rides away. 


6.  Sumamal Joins Sharifuddin. 

Mughal Subhedar's Fort Ajmer.  Sujamal arrives to ask Sharifuddin Hussain for assistance.  Hussain says at an opportune time, he will ask King Bharmal to give Sujamal a share of the Amer throne.  But Hussain wants something in return: to invade Delhi.  Sujamal asks:  "Aren't you the Emperor's brother in law?"  Yes, he did marry Jalaluddin's sister, Bakshi Banu Begum.  Because of the connection he was appointed Governor of Ajmer, Nagor and Mewat.  But now he wants all of Hindustan.  Sujamal agrees to the arrangement. 

King Bharmal is upset.  He has learned that Sujamal has asked Sharifuddin for help in annexing his throne.  If war comes, his kingdom will be ruined.  So he decides to turn to Jalaluddin. 

Rahputana border of three kingdoms.  King Bharmal tells the conference of the province kings that he will accept the Mughal treaty.  They are not happy about this.  They says it is a betray of all the other.  One king says to Bharmal that there will be no alliances between their two families.  And Rajhputana will cut all ties with Bharmal.  All the other kings stand up to promise the same. 


7.  Taming of an Elephant. 

Sanganer.  The King of Bharmal is welcomed to Sanganer.  King Bharmal is taken to watch the elephant training.  With the elephant trainer is the Mughal Emperor himself who loves to tame wild elephants and horses..  The trainer is hit and knocked down by the elephant.  The elephant is just about to smash him with his foot when the Emperor pulls him away.  The elephants keeps coming and Jalal has to pull the trainer inside the building.  He then returns to tame the elephant.  The elephant knocks Jalal down but he recovers and jumps onto the elephant's back by using one of the shields on the walls as a stepping stone up. Jalal is now introduced to King Bharmal.  He invites the King to his royal tent. 


8.  The Marriage of Alliance.

After changing his clothes, Jalal enter his royal tent.  King Bharmal tells him that he wishes to include the kingdom of Amer under Mughal sovereignty.  Jalal accepts.  The King says there's another matter that he wants to speak to the Emperor about in private.  The others are told to leave.  Jalal must accept the hand of his daughter in marriage as a marriage of alliance between the Mughals and Amer.  Jalal asks for some time to think about it.  He wants first to visit the shrine olf Saint Moinuddin Chisti.  He will decide and send him his response.   


9.  Jalaluddin Decides.

Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisit's Dargah, Ajmer.  Jalal asks Khwaja to help him.  He then speaks with Sharifuddin and Khan Baba.  Khan Baba tells Jala that there was almost a riot on his way to Ajmer.  Some Hindu Rajputs stopped Muslim pilgrims from coming to this very shrine. Religious riots are spreading.  And Amjer is under the control of King Bharmal.  The Emperor tells Khan Baba to tells King Bharmal that he will marry his daughter.  And also tell him to ensure peace and security in the province.  The two men are shocked.  The daughter is a Hindu Rajput and he is a Muslim.  Jalal thanks Allah for showing him the way to conquer all of Hindustan.  He will make marital alliances with other provinces.

Princess Jodhaa is none to pleased.  She yells that the man is a Mughal!  Jodhaa cries on her mother's shoulder. 

Jalal's sister learns from her husband that the woman Jalal is marrying is a Hindu.  Sharifuddin says he will not attend this impure ceremony and neither will she. 


10.  The Vial of Poison. 

Jodhaa writes to her cousin asking for his help.  She wants him to rescue her.  Mother comes in with an idea.  She could send a companion to the Mughal Emperor in her place to marry him.  Jodhaa refuses this idea because if Jalal ever find out he would bring vengeance down on Amer.  So her mother gives her a vial of poison just in case.


11.  Mann Mohanaa  --  Song One Part I. 

Jodhaa sings a song to her beloved Krishna wondering how she can ever live without the God when she goes to a Muslim household.  She travels in a great ;procession. 


12.  Jodhaa's Conditions. 

Jodhaa has decided to meet the Emperor before she consent to marry.  And she has certain conditions.  When Jalal hears her conditions he looks very angry indeed.  And he must go to her tent from his royal tent.  Jalal immediately starts fast marching over to this impudent princess.  He asks her father what are these conditions, but Jodhaa refuses to tell even her father.  Jalal marches into the tent.  The two talk separated by a some-what see-through white curtain. 

The first condition is that she be allowed to keep her religion, traditions and customs.  The second is that she be allowed to bring an idol of her God with her and have a temple built for it in her chamber.  Jalal leaves the tent and tells everyone outside what the two conditions are.  Instead of being mad at her, he says he salutes her fearless courage and candor.  Then he says that the marriage is acceptable to him.  He leaves. 


13.  Khwaja Mere Khwaja  --  Song Two.

The song is presented as part of the wedding ceremony. 


14.  The Wedding Night.

Jalal comes into the tent and sits down on the bed where Jodhaa sits.  When he tries to touch her she moves away, so Jalal asks her if this marriage displeases her?  According to his faith, she can dissolve the marriage is she wishes.  But she says in her religion marriage binds the two people for seven lifetimes.  And yet her heart won't let her get close to him.  Jalal says he respects her and her feelings.  He will not force himself on her.  He leaves.

In the morning Jodhaa asks where's the Emperor?.  He is leaving for Malwa on urgent business. 


15.  A Different World.

Jodhaa is brought to the palace in the  Mughal fort.  She is introduced to her Muslim family.  She meets the Empress Hamida Banu Begum, her mother-in-law.  Then the Empress introduces her to Maham Anga, Jalal's wet nurse who is like a mother to him.  The staring woman does not look pleased to see a Hindu.  The Empress tells Jodhaa that Jalal is closer to her son than she.  She was away from her son for fifteen years.  As Jodhaa is taken to her royal chambers of five sections, Maham Anga tells her staff to watch Jodhaa's every step. 


16.  The Mughal Royal Court. 

Jalal hears the news that his brother-in-law Sharifuddin Hussain has taken over Ajmer.  It is said he did this because he is upset at the Emperor's marriage to a Hindu.  The man even doubts Jalal's abilities and intelligence.  Moreover, the man says that the marriage will ruin the Mughal Empire.  One of the men at court asks Jalal why did he marry a Hindu?  Was it the only way to consolidate the empire?  The one-time wet nurse answers that the decision was made for the best interests of all the people.  But many don't like a Hindu temple being constructed in the fort. 


17.  Mann Mohanaa  --  Song One Part II. 

The royal court goes quiet as they hear Jodhaa singing her song about Krishna.  Jalal follows the sound of the music.  He dismisses the royal court.  He keeps following the song to Jodhaa's chambers.  He walks slowly up behind her as she kneels before Krishna.  As he gets close to her she suddenly stops singing. 


18.  Love at First Sight.

She gets up and stands before him with a candle on a tray together with various colored dyes.  She takes some vermillion and marks her forehead.  Jodhaa leaves. 


19.  Adham Khan's Ambition. 

Adham Khan asks Jalal why was Shamsuddin Atka Khan appointed Prime Minister and not he?  He answers his own question by saying it's because Jalal considers the man as a father.  Jalal denies this.  He says he just respects the man's political abilities.  Jodhaa hears all the commotion and asks who is that man shouting at the Emperor?  He is Adham Khan, the Emperor's foster and older brother.  Jalal says that Adham has committed inhuman and shameful crimes: he plundered Malwa and raped women!  He forcefully has converted people to Islam and enslaved prisoners.  The man has brought disgrace to the Mughals! 

Adham criticizes Jalal's marriage to a Hindu.  But Jalal says he will not stand for any disrespect shown to the Empress of Hindustan.  Hearing this, Jodhaa is very touched. 

Ajabgarh.  Since Sujamal was unable to get Sharifuddin's help, he turned to Prince Ratan Singh of Ajabgarh.  The Prince offered him help.   So too did King Rana Uday Singh of Udaygarh.  But the two allies agree they will have to wait for the right time. 


20.  Jashn-e-Bahaaraa  --  Song Three.

Jalal speaks with members of the clergy.  When they finish he watches Jodhaa playing with some bunny rabbits. 

Rebels must be dealt with severely says Maham Anga.  (But she notices that Jalal is staring at Jodhaa.)  She says to deal with Sharifuddin, Jalal will have to act with caution. 


21.  To Jodhaa with Love. 

Jalal practices his sword fighting.  He looks very handsome practicing without his shirt on and Johdaa definitely takes notice.  He notices that she is watching him.  He keeps on practicing but then looks straight at her.  She hides behind a curtain.


22.  The Mughal Kitchen. 

In her chambers Jodhaa relaxes while her staff plays a game.  They talk of love and being in love.  Jodhaa says that she is not sure what love is.  Good news arrives.  The Emperor has ordered a Rajput feast in her honor.  And he has also sent her a very expensive necklace.  One of the women says this means that he's trying to woo her.  To show her appreciation Jodhaa decides to cook something for the Emperor.  The women tell her as Empress of Hindustan she cannot do it. 


23.  The Rajasthani Meal.

Jodhaa says she'll cook for her husband, not the emperor.  She then goes with the head eunuch to visit the Royal Kitchen. 

Maham Anga sees the cooks loafing around and she wants to know why?  Because the Empress is going to to prepare a vegetarian Rajput meal.  Maham Anga goes to see what is going on.  She sends the others away and tells the Empress that she must never forget that the marriage was for the alliance.  The older woman really hits Jodhaa hard when she says a marriage is not a marriage when it has not been consummated.  She adds that a marriage is never complete until there is an heir.  Maham Anga says for Jodhaa to enjoy the world of the Mughal, but don't try to be a part of it.  Jodhaa is very hurt and she asks the Mughal woman how can she say this to her when she claims to be a mother to Jalal?   Maham Anga replies that she will destroy anyone who tries to get in between her and Jalal. 

The Empress, accompanied by many women, comes to the dinner.  The menu for the day is read off and Jalal thanks his head chef.  But the head chef has to explain that it was the Rajput Empress that has prepared the feast today, not him.  Maham Anga says that since Jodhaa fixed the food she must taste all of it before the Emperor eats it.  When Jodhaa finishes, Maham Anga says the Emperor may now eat. But the Emperor makes a fine gesture by saying:  "Bring me the dishes the Empress has tasted.  I wish to eat from the same plate!"  Maham Anga grimaces, but the women have big smiles on their faces. 

The Emperor comments that the food is exquisite.  He now says at every annual feast of Pir, he will eat vegetarian food fixed by the Empress. 

The Empress has to go on tour.  She says goodbye to Jodhaa. 


24.  Maham Anga Schemes

A woman takes a document from the chambers of Jodhaa and gives it to Maham Angas, who is very pleased with the woman.  She says that she will now trap Jodhaa with the document. Another woman objects saying that Jodhaa wrote this letter before she was married.  The older woman warns her to stay quiet or else.  The letter is the one Jodhaa wrote asking for her cousin to come to her rescue from the marriage to Jalal. 

Sujamal receives the letter.  He is very touched.  He wants to do his brotherly duty, but Ranaji warns Sujamal that this is a trap.  Entering the Agra fort surely means death.   Sujamal says he will go.  Ranaji gets angry at him and tells him to admire the dungeons of the fort. 


25.  A Father and a Brother Killed. 

Adham tells Sharifuddin that he is sensing trouble.   He thinks he's in danger of being found out.  Prime Minister Shamsuddin Atka Khan (aks Khan Baba) has found out that he has embezzled tax money.  Sharifuddin says he must stop the Prime Minister. 

Khan Baba tells another man that taxes have been embezzled in the province of Malwa.  And Malwa is administered by Adham.  Adham shows up and tells Khan Baba that he will have to ignore certain of the figures.  Khan Baba absolutely refuses this request.  In response Adham stabs Khan Baba to death.  The word goes out immediately and the women start panicking.   Jalal goes to meet Adham.  They battle against one another.  Jalal knocks Adham's head into a pillar knocking him down.  Jalal says how dare he kill a man who was like a father to him!  He then announces that Adham's punishment will be to be thrown down head first.  The guards throw Adham head first to the floor below, but Adham does not die.  So Jalal tells them to do it again.  They repeat the process and this time Adham dies. 


26.  Jalaluddin Asks for Forgiveness.

Jalal tells Maham Angas that justice demanded that Adham be killed.  She says she forgives him.  Nothing must stand between Jalal and the throne.  And, she adds, that applies to Jodhaa too.  Jalal asks Elder Mother why she mentions Jodhaa?  Maham Angas shows him a vial of poison found in Jodhaa's belongings.  She says that Jodhaa is an assassin sent by the Rajputs.  Jalal asks if Jodhaa sent a message to the Prince of Ajabgarh?  She's saying more than that.  She says Jodhaa is still in love with the Rajput Prince of Ajabgarh.  Elder Mother adds that a messenger is being sent to Jodhaa. 


27.  The Misunderstanding. 

Sujamal meets with Jodhaa in secret.  He says he read her letter and came at once.  Sujamal shows her the letter.  She admits she wrote it, but she never sent it.  Jodhaa says she is happy here.  She says she's sorry for all the trouble he went through.  At this time Jalal makes his appearance.  He shouts to arrest that man!  Sujamal now thinks that this whole thing was a trap set up by Jodhaa.  Jodhaa says she had nothing to do with the letter being sent, but he doesn't believe her. 

Soldiers chase Sujamal as he rides away.  Then soldiers surround Her Majesty.  Now she must face the Emperor.  He shouts that the head eunuch for his part in the treachery is to be arrested.  The man is taken away.  And now Jalal demands to know what was so important that she had to sneak out in the middle of the night to meet someone and not tell her husband about it.  He asks if it was the Prince of Ajabgarh?  Jodhaa is surprised that he would mention that name.  He tells her that she has betrayed him.  She denies that saying it is Elder Mother who has betrayed him.  Jodhaa tells him that Elder Mother has tried to keep them apart by planting doubts in his mind against his wife.  She asks about her punishment.  She will be sent back to her family.  Jodhaa says since love must be based on trust, and there is no trust, she may as well go.  Jalal gives the order to prepare her departure immediately.


Second Half of the Movie.

28.  Longing. 

Jodhaa back in Amer is feeling despondent.  Jalal in Agra thinks about his wife.  They both long for each other. 


29.  Hamida Banu Exposes Maham Anga. 

Jalal's biological mother, Hamida Banu, accuses Maham Anga of trying to wreck her son's marriage.  Jodhaa's secret visitor was Sujamal, not the prince of Ajabgarh.  And the letter in question was written before she married Jalal.  Maham Anga used the letter to poison his mind against Jodhaa.  Elder Mother says it's all a lie, that she has been unjustly accused.  But biological mother calls in Salima, who Elder Mother had forced into silence.  She tells what happened and Jalal feels so bad, saying he has made a terrible mistake.  He tells Maham Anga that he will never see her face again.  He turns his back on her and Maham Anga leaves. 

Now how does Jalal face Jodhaa?  Wise mother says admitting he was wrong will only make love grow deeper. 


30.  The Mughal Emperor Enter Amer

Jalal comes to Amer.  Jodhaa tells her women no matter what he says, she is not going back.  There is a custom that when the son-in-law comes for his first visit, he must pick out his wife from all the women in the palace.  Jalal is able to pick out his wife.  He asks if she will come back with him and she says no. 


31.  The Argument. 

Alone she says that he sent her away without ever listening to her side of the story.  Jodhaa says he has to develop more empathy and sympathy for others.  She closes her eyes pretending to sleep.  Jalal asks her to forgive him. 


32.  The Sword Play. 

When Jalal awakens in the morning, Jodhaa has already arisen.  She is already practicing her sword fighting.  He comes down and says if she defeats him, he will gladly let her stay in Amer.  But if he defeats her she will come with him to Agra.  He is able to take her turban off her head and finds himself awestruck by her beauty.  He falls down on a bed and she thinks she has him now, but he knocks her sword out of her hands.  He says he won and she says her servant Gira interrupted her.  Even though she lost she says she still will not go.  He tells her that as Empress of Hindustan she cannot go back on her word.  Jodhaa still refuses.  Jalal tells her he will not force her.  She will come to him of her own accord, because he by then will have won her heart.


33.  Jalaluddin Goes Incognito. 

Agra Bazaar.  Jalal roams around the bazaar without guards.  Echoing what Jodhaa told him, he says he wants to win the hearts of the people and to do so one must look into their minds. He learns that the Hindus call the Mughals foreigners and outsiders.  And they do not believe that the Emperor is a Hindustani.  A man accompanying the Emperor says that their Emperor was born in Hindustan and is not a foreigner.  Then, they say, why doesn't he abolish the pilgrim tax on the Hindus?  The common man can't pay such taxes.

Jalal proceeds on but tells his two companions that there should not be a tax on praying to God.  


34.  Pilgrim Tax Abolished.

Jalal announces to his court that he will no longer charge the Hindus to pay a tax when they go on pilgrimage.  Saadir Adaasi asks why were his advisors not consulted?  He says this is a matter on which he decides.  Jalal says he has done no injustice to Islam.  It is an administrative decision rather than a religious one.  Jalal wants all the people in the Mughal Empire to know that, regardless of their religion, he is their emperor.  


35.  Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah  --  Song Four.

The grateful people now literally sing the praises of the Emperor wishing him a long life.  Amidst the celebration, Jodhaa returns to her husband.  Jalal welcomes her warmly.  The people are so happy with him that they bestow on him the title of  "Akbar".  He tells the people that he is very pleased with the title.  Now he gets on his horse and rides through the palace surrounded by the people.   


36.  The Assassination Attempt.

Amongst the celebrating people a man shoots an arrow into Jalal.  He then tries to make a run for it, but is captured.  He bites a poison capsule and dies.

Jalal is put on a bed and his wound is dressed.  Jodhaa and Hamida Banu watch intently. 

A messenger brings a note to Sujamal from Saadir Adaaasi saying that he is very pleased with his work.  "Delhi is within our reach now." 

The arrow's poison is spreading in Jalal's body. 

Sujamal asks who could have attempted to kill Jalal?   But Ranaji is more worried about what the Mughal army will do if Jalal survives.  And if he dies, the Afghans and Uzbeks will move in.  They would have helped Sujamal, but now they have to guard their own provinces.  He will have to work on his own to regain part of the Amer throne

Jodhaa rushes in to see her husband again, the her worried mother-in-law tells her that his conditioning is worsening.  She runs out again and goes to pray to Lord Krishna.  She prays all night. 


37.  The Emperor Recovers. 

The next morning Jalal regains consciousness. 


38.  The Love of Calligraphy. 

Soon he is walking around with Jodhaa.  Jodhaa shows him how she has been learning calligraphy.  She wrote her husband's name.  She tells him to read it himself, but Jalal says that he never learned to read or write.  So she tells him what it says and he is very pleased.  He asks her to come with him. 


39.  Inn Lamhon Ke  --  Song Six. 

He takes her to another room and waits until the sun shines through the large window and is reflected onto many mirrors.  The room lights up.  Now he asks her if she loves him?  Yes.  She asks him the same question and he says yes, deeply.  They sing a love song.  He kisses her. 


40.  Sharifuddin's Rebellion. 

Sharifuddin shouts that because of that incompetent marksman, they missed their last chance to kill Jalal.  It was he who sent the assassin.  He tells Sujamal that he wants to see him on the throne of Amer and himself on the throne of Delhi.  And to do this they must attack Amer at once. 

Jalal finds out that the assassin was sent by Sharifuddin, his brother-in-law.  The army is called out. 

Saadir Adaasi Sahib tells Sharifuddin that Jalal has found out!  The army is coming after them!  Sharifuddin tells the adviser to Jalal that they must attack Amer first.  Then they will finish Sujamal.  Jalal's sister hears the conversation and is very worried. 

Jodhaa's father comes to tell Jalal that Sharifuddin and Sujamal are going to attack Amer.  Jalal tells his father-in-law to give Sujamal ihs share of the throne.  They will stop Sharifuddin in Merta, before he reaches Amer. 


41.  Bakshi Begum Meets Jodhaa. 

Jodhaa's sister-in-law comes to tell Jodhaa that her husband can kill Sujamal anytime.  She asks Jodhaa to stop this battle or else three families will drown in their own blood.  The two sisters-in-law mount their horses and ride for the battlefield.  

At about three miles distance the two armies can see each other.  When they are very close Jalal asks Chughtai Khan to raise the peace flag.  Chughtai says that will make Sharifuddin think that they are weak.  Jalal says that's exactly what he wants the man to think.  He will then make a mistake.  Sharifuddin raises his peace flag.  Both armies will now set camp. 


42.  Two Armies Set Camp. 

Jalal says a lot of his men were lured onto Shariffuddin and they must bring them back. 

The two sisters-in-law with a lot of men are still riding to the battle site. 


43.  Sharifuddin's New Plan. 

Sujamal hears Sharifuddin tell an assassin to infiltrate the enemy's camp, enter the emperor's tent and kill him.  He also says that Jalal has told Bharmal to grant Sujamal his rights to Amer's throne.  The assassin is to make sure Sujamal learns nothing of this.  They will get rid of the emperor, then Sujamal.   Sujamal hurries to tell his men to transfer sides and fight alongside Jalal's army. 


44.  Sujamal Escapes. 

Sharifuddin's men burst into Sujamal's tent.  Sujamal's messenger is thrown into the tent and then Sharifuddin enters.  He knows what Sujamal is planning to do.  He starts beating Sujamal, but Sujamal is able to throw him off, throw off another guard, grab the man's sword and fight his way out of the tent.  He knocks a man off his horse, jumps on it and rides to Jalal's camp.  He is chased by four archers who hit him in the back with many arrows. 

Sujamal makes it to the other camp.  He tells a man to tell the Emperor. 


45.  The Death of Sujamal. 

The Emperor comes and Sujamal tells him about the assassin.  The assassin makes a rush toward the Emperor but he is stopped and taken into custody.  Before Sujamal dies, Jalal tells him that Jodhaa did not betray him.  At this moment Jodhaa arrives.  When she goes to see Sujamal he begs her to forgive him for thinking she betrayed him.  He dies.  Jodhaa cries over his body. 

Jalal turns to his sister and says that her husband is a traitor and the punishment for that is death.  She begs him to let his decision be guided by forgiveness. 


46.  The Negotiation.

The Emperor meets face to face with Sharifuddin, who wants them to fight it out.  If Sharifuddin wins, he will have all of Hindustan and if he loses, he leaves the country forever. Jalal agrees to this. 


47.  The Combat. 

They meet and fight.  Jalal wins, but does not kill Sharifuddin.  He strips him of his lands.  Sharifuddin agrees to the punishment.   


48.  Last Orders. 

Jalal speaks with Saadir Adaasi Sahib in front of the entire court.  He says that he is a Muslim but he bows his head in respect for every religion.  But Saadir failed to understand his Emperor.  Now Saadir will travel to Holy Mecca and devote himself to Allah.  Saadir leaves the court.

Jalal calls for Jodhaa to stand with him before the court.  He tells everyone that Queen Jodhaa is a Hindu Rajput, his wife and the Empress of Hindustan.  Any attack on her is an attack on the entire Mughal Empire.  Respect and tolerance of every religion will make the future of Hindustan glorious.     


Good movie.  Big epic picture.  Very nice love story with two very good looking people:  Aishwarya Rai as Jodhaa Bai and Hrithik Roshan as Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar.  Their performances were also very good.  I enjoyed the love story.  Too bad those Indians have to be so puritanical, eh?  Of course, in real life, Akbar had many Rajput princesses as his wives.  But that doesn't detract from the love story itself. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:


1526 Babur, a Timurid descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan, came through the Khyber Pass and established the Mughal Empire. The empire lasted for over 200 years.

1540-1555 reign of Babur's son, Humayun

1556-1605 reign of Akbar the Great (born 1542).  He was descended from Turks, Mongols, and Iranians.

1556 (November 5) Second Battle of Panipat.  Akbar defeated Hindu King Hemu.  He solidified his rule by courting the powerful Rajput caste and by admitting Rajput princesses into his harem

1600 the Mughal Dynasty ruled most of the Indian subcontinent by this time.

after 1707 the Mughal Empire went into a slow decline.

1739 Nader Shah defeated the Mughal army at the Battle of Karnal. He then captured and sacked Delhi.

1857 the Mughal Empire defeated during the 1857 war of independence (aka the Indian rebellion of 1857).




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