Joan of Arc (1948)



Director:     Victor Fleming

Starring:     Ingrid Bergmanv(Joan of Arc),  Jose Ferrer (The Dauphin; Charles VII, later King of France),  Francis L. Sullivan (Pierre Cauchon, Count-Bishop of Beauvais),  J. Carrol Naish (John, Count of Luxembourg, Joan's captor),  Ward Bond (La Hire),  Shepperd Strudwick (Father Massieu (Joan's bailiff),  Hurd Hatfield (Father Pasquerel, Joan's chaplain),  Gene Lockhart (Georges de la Trémouille),  John Emery (Jean - Duke d'Alencon),  Cecil Kellaway (Jean le Maistre (Inquisitor of Rouen),  George Coulouris (Sir Robert de Baudricourt - governor of Vaucouleurs)  John Ireland (Capt. Jean de la Boussac (St. Severe).

Based on Maxwell's Anderson's play and so it is understandable that it is a bit too long and too talky.  



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The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)



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