Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)




Director:     William Dieterle

Starring:      Charles Laughton (The Hunchback / Quasimodo), Cedric Hardwicke (Frollo), Thomas Mitchell (Clopin), Maureen O'Hara (Esmeralda), Edmond O'Brien (Gringoire), Alan Marshal (Phoebus), Walter Hampden (Archdeacon), Harry Davenport (King Louis XI), Katharine Alexander (Madame de Lys), George Zucco (Procurator), Fritz Leiber (Old Nobleman), Etienne Girardot (Doctor), Helene Whitney (Fleur de Lys), Minna Gombell (Queen of Beggars), Arthur Hohl (Olivier).

1483 Louis XI Notre Dame de Paris; ; a gypsy girl is framed for murder by the infatuated Chief Justice



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