The Great Sioux Massacre (1965)





Director:    Sidney Salkow. 

Starring:    Joseph Cotten (Maj. Reno),  Darren McGavin (Capt. Benton), Philip Carey (Col. Custer), Julie Sommars (Caroline Reno), Nancy Kovack (Libbie Custer), John Matthews (Dakota), Michael Pate (Sitting Bull), Don Haggerty (Sen. Blaine), Frank Ferguson (Gen. Terry), Stacy Harris (Mr. Turner), Iron Eyes Cody (Crazy Horse), House Peters Jr. (reporter), John Napier (Tom Custer).

This tale of the Battle of Little Big Horn, like so many others, sees Custer as a man whose overweening ambition led to his destruction. It has him considering running for the presidency of the United States, but his ambition takes over and he decides to win all the glory for himself by upstaging Gen. Terry in the pursuit of the Sioux.  

In truth, Custer most wanted to be commandant of West Point.  He was chosen to chase down the Indians because he was absolutely fearless and brash and could be most counted on to find the Sioux.  No one knew that so many Indian tribes had gathered in one place.  From experience, Custer felt absolutely confident that he could defeat the Indians if he could just find them.  Unfortunately for him, when he found them, he found way too many of them. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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