The Great Missouri Raid (1950)




Director:  Gordon Douglas.

Starring:  Wendell Corey (Frank James), Macdonald Carey (Jessie James), Ward Bond (Major Trowbridge), Ellen Drew (Bee Moore), Bruce Bennett (Cole Younger), Bill Williams (Jim Younger), Anne Revere (Mrs. Samuels), Edgar Buchanan (Dr. Samuels), Lois Chartrand (Mary Bauer), Louis Jean Heydt (Charles Ford), Barry Kelley (Mr. Bauer), James Millican (Sgt. Trowbridge), Paul Lees (Bob Younger), Guy Wilkerson (Clell Miller), Ethan Laidlaw (Jim Cummings), Tom Tyler (Allen Parmer), Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton (Arch Clement), Robert Bray (Charlie Pitts), Paul Fix (Sgt. Brill), James Griffith (Jack Ladd), Robert Osterloh (August), Alan Wells (Dick Liddil), Whit Bissell  (Bob Ford).




Spoiler Warning:



For the Historical Background, see review for Jesse James (1939).





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