Glory Guys (1965) 





Director:     .

Starring:     Tom Tryon (Captain Demas Harrod), Harve Presnell (Sol Rogers),  (Senta Berger (Lou Woddard), James Caan (Pvt. Anthony Dugan), Andrew Duggan (Gen. Frederick McCabe), Slim Pickens (Sgt. James Gregory), Peter Breck (Lt. Bunny Hodges), Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Rachael McCabe), Michael Anderson Jr. (Pvt. Martin Hale), Laurel Goodwin (Beth Poole), Adam Williams (Pvt. Lucas Crain), Erik Holland (Pvt. Clark Gentry), Robert McQueeney (Maj. Oliver Marcus), Wayne Rogers (Lt. Mike Moran), William Meigs (Capt. Rand Treadway).

thinly veiled Custer Story




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