Geronimo (1939)





Director:    Paul Sloane. 

Starring::    Preston Foster (Capt. Starrett), Ellen Drew (Alice Hamilton), Andy Devine (Sneezer), William Henry (Lt. Steele), Ralph Morgan (Gen. Steele), Gene Lockhart (Gillespie), Marjorie Gateson (Mrs. Steele), Kitty Kelly Daisy (Devine), Monte Blue (Interpreter), Addison Richards (Frederick Allison), Pierre Watkin (Col. White), Joseph Crehan (President U.S. Grant), Chief Thundercloud (Geronimo), Joe Domingues (Pedro), William Haade (Cherrycow), Ivan Miller (Hamilton Fish), Frank M. Thomas (Politician), Syd Saylor (Sergeant), Richard Denning (Lt. Lamed), Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton (Pvt. Young ).

A good western, but as regards history it is probably the worst of the Geronimo movies, portraying Geronimo as a blood thirsty savage (although at times he did act that way, especially toward Mexicans, who had killed his family).  They even use stock footage.  




Spoilers Warning:



Historical Background:


See Geronimo: An American Legend (1993)  




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