First Knight (1995)




Director:     Jerry Zucker

Starring:     Sean Connery (King Arthur),  Richard Gere (Lancelot),  Julia Ormond (Guinevere),  Ben Cross (Prince Malagant),  Liam Cunningham (Agravaine),  Christopher Villiers (Sir Kay),  Valentine Pelka (Sir Patrise),  Colin McCormack (Sir Mador), Ralph Ineson (Ralf),  John Gielgud (Oswald), Stuart Bunce (Peter, King's Stableman), Jane Robbins (Elise), Jean Marie Coffey (Petronella), Paul Kynman (Mark), Tom Lucy (Sir Sagramore).

Country:      USA.

Language:   English.

Probably the best version of the Arthurian legend of the many movies on this theme.




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